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Israel Channel 12's Unprecedented Desecration Of Hashem's Name

Chilul Hashem Channel 12

As I'm writing this, jet fighters are screaming overhead, on the way to one of Israel's hotspots, which today includes every single border. We need unbelievable Divine compassion at this time. Desecrating Hashem's Name is not the way to get it...

Imagine what a worldwide uprising there would be if Israeli television made fun of the Koran or any one of the rituals that Islam holds as holy. But no, that would never happen.

Imagine if Iran or Syria ever ridiculed the Torah or one of its mitzvoth. Jews around the world would be yelling "Anti-Semitism!" and bloody murder. But no, even the murderers of Damascus and Tehran would not do such a thing.

Why is the self-degrading, self hating, secular leftist media in Israel allowed to desecrate and defame the very Torah and mitzvoth that give them their only right to be here in the holy Land of Israel? Normally, we hear at the Beams ignore their ignorance, but this time, they went too far.

The Torah prohibits the desecration of Hashem's Name, what's known as chilul Hashem. If a person witnesses the desecration of Hashem's Name, yet fails to protest, it is tantamount to actively violating this prohibition. We hate to say anything bad about anyone, but leftist-controlled Israel Channel 12 and their disgusting satirical program Eretz Nehederet leave us no choice. During a program two nights ago, they crossed every red line of self-hatred in a way that surpasses the worst antisemitism. As you see in the image above, they mocked the sacred mitzva of tefillin and Jewish Home Chairman and Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, a Sabbath-observant Jew and an former officer in IDF Special Forces. Look how the Nazis laugh at tefillin in the juxtaposed image from the Holocaust. Israel's Channel 12 has outdone them. Democracy or no democracy, if the Israeli Government doesn't shut them down, then they too are guilty of desecrating Hashem's Name.

When the Romans burned the holy martyr Hanina ben Tardion in a Torah scroll, he said, "He Who will avenge the holy Torah will avenge me as well." Naftali, happy are you that you have been ridiculed together with tefillin; He Who avenges the honor of tefillin shall avenge yours as well.

We don't watch TV. But the tax money we pay here in Israel keeps such monsters as Channel 12 on the air. We demand that the Israeli Government shut them down immediately. There is no teshuva for Chilul Hashem, only Kiddush Hashem. The only way Chennel 12 can save itself from stern judgments above is if it becomes a Jewish Outreach TV station. Anything less than that won't work. And, whoever keeps them on the air cannot say that they are clean of this heinous transgression. May Hashem help us.


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Yehudis Schamroth

This creep needs to suffer in this world as well as in the next- And, he needs to fix his teeth in this world- Ugly inside and out!


It's too heartbreaking to bare. and all this right before Shavuot when we said Naase venishma. These erev rav, i cannot wait until moshiach who the midrash says will take good care of them as they rise up against him.


This psychological sickness of self hate is another symptom of a galus which has gone on too long! The sick ideas of our enemies have become too internalized. This is not unlike a battered and abused child who begins to internalize the messages of his/her abusers with very devastating results. The victim acting out in self hate is ultimately the fault of the abusers. As the Lubavitcher Rebbe taught blame the golus not the Jew. Our oppressors have gone, with their own free choice as given to those commanded to uphold seven laws, much further than their divinely allotted permission do what may have been absolutely and minimally necessary to persuade us to T'shuvah. And self hate is actually evidence of this. These people need Baal Shem Tov therapy. And we all need Moshiach!


Erev Rav media being erev rav media.

Efraim Yocnanan ben Avraham

harsh judgments arranged
from the only One
the Almighty G-d
the G-d of Israel
the blessed Creator
the Lord of all powers

for all the haters and enemies of His truth and justice
for all the enemies and haters of His divine Law-the Holy Torah
for all the enemies and haters of His people Israel
for every nation who wants to extend their exile
for all the peoples who bring their impurities into the Holy Land
and the Holy City of the King Mashiach -the son of David His servant.

Everyone tremble with awe, turn to himself ,correct his life,
because He is the merciful G-d ,doesn't pleased in the destruction of His works and the death of the sinner.


In the spirit of Rav Levi Yitchak M'Berditchev:

BH! At least he's heard of tefillin!!

Thank You Hashem for showing me this belittling of tefillin and chillul Hashem! Now I can examine my own deeds to see where on my level have I either belittled a mitzvah or desecrated Your name by my behavior. Please help me see my mistake and correct it for the future.


Thanks, Rav Brody, for this post.

I just sent an email to the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee in the Keneset ( that deals with broadcasting to protest the outright chillul HaShem and demand that the channel be closed.

As your pre-Shavuot post today says "One Nation, One Heart". Teshuvah is both national and private. In addition to the email, I am taking @Pinney's advice to heart and looking within myself. There must be some area in me that has the same problem, otherwise I would not have seen such news.


I don't watch TV, but I think this TV show was more mocking the hairstyle of singer Netta (who has 2 buns on her head and always makes funny faces), than mocking the tefillin.
Well, I hope so...

Shabbat Shalom

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