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Israel Destroys Iranian Targets in Syria

Early this morning, the Golan was hit with a barrage of about 30 rockets, fired from pro-Iran Shiite militias in Syria. Israel responded with an attack that included over two dozen fighter planes as well as surface to surface missiles and destroyed a significant number of Iranian targets in Syria, including the rocket launchers that fired at Israel. There are conflicting reports of Syrian-Iranian casualties, at least 8 Iranian Guardsman and 10 Syrian soldiers were killed. Baruch Hashem, our 

With the US now backed out of the unfortunate nuclear deal engineered by the previous administration, the Iranian currency is falling steeply with no end in sight. From our sources within Iran, the Iranian people are disgruntled and panicking, selling their own currency for gold and dollars. Inflation is spiraling high and food is not so readily available. The man on the street in Tehran is disgusted that the regime is spending so much money supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon and Assad in Syria, while citizens are experiencing big difficulties in making a living and putting food on their tables. In short, Iran - domestically - is in big trouble. According to our esteemed friend, Mideast expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar, this could lead to a domestic revolt that would topple the Humeini/Ayatollah regime from within.

Meanwhile, the north of Israel is on super-high alert and much of the Golan is closed to traffic. One thing is for sure - Hashem is doing everything for the best.


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