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Mazal Tov! I got out of Bet Shemesh again. 

David had the genius idea (don't tell him I said that) to take the family to the Kotel for Rosh Chodesh Sivan. OMG I just remembered as I wrote this! It's Rosh Chodesh!! Chodesh Tov, yo!

I'm super excited because that means my birthday is coming up!! I plan to remember my birthday this year, just like I remembered it last year. Super proud of myself.

Today was a beautiful experience. Not just because I got to leave my four cubic feet of space. No. It was beautiful for a, um, beautiful reason.

First of all, let's all give me props for taking this awesome picture. It's so spiritual-looking, right? Sure, the subject of the picture happens to be super spiritual, but let's focus on my photography skills. See how I caught that ray of sunlight at just the right angle? And see that bird that I got to pose so nicely in his little rock nest? 

Let's give credit where credit is due.

Being at the Kotel is such a special experience. To stand there, knowing that Hashem's Divine Presence is there, floating all around the wall, covering everyone with her spiritual protection, it's awe-inspiring. And to be able to stand there, at the holiest site in the world, a site that was fought over throughout our history (and is still fought over) is just incredible.

People get very emotional at the Kotel. It's like their souls can feel this unique closeness to Hashem that is unattainable anywhere else in the world. Because there is such a strong connection, it is easier for the soul to express her feelings and her longing to reconnect with Hashem. 

The prayers a person prays at the Kotel are probably one of the most real prayers he/she will ever pray. Since we can feel the spiritual longing that our souls have, we are instinctively more aware of the fact that we are praying in front of G-d and not just into a prayer book. 

This was all very beautiful, but the most beautiful thing for me was when I looked around at the other women praying. There were all types of women: young religious girls, women with different types of hair covering, women with no hair covering, old women, middle-aged women - all had a single goal in mind. 

To connect with Hashem.

It sounds silly, but I imagined Hashem looking down at us, His children, like little ants here on Earth, asking Him way up in shamayim for whatever we need. And when I thought about it this way, I really saw us as one big dysfunctional family. 

We all have our different opinions, different ways of doing things, and different paths that we use to connect with Hashem. But in the big picture, we all want the same thing. We all want to be close to Him. We want to feel His love for us and to know that He cares about us.

Even though we may be so different on the outside, we really are the same on the inside. We all want the same things from life: health, money, spirituality, healthy children, a happy marriage, a condo on the beach, etc. 

I hope that this realization somehow makes its way from my head to my heart (and yours too!) The next time we find ourselves about to get into it with someone, let's do our best to step back and realize that the other person is not much different from us. Hopefully this realization will prevent much unnecessary hurt and suffering. 

In the merit of Rosh Chodesh Sivan (and my upcoming birthday) let's do our best to not argue. Because above everything else, being kind to others, giving in to others (without being taken advantage of, please!), and respecting the other's perspective is what will bring the Mashiach. 

I wish you all a happy, healthy Rosh Chodesh and a wonderful, dairy-infested Shavuot! 


p.s.- Don't miss Rav Brody's weekly Emuna Class tonight! Check out his post below for details! 


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Beautiful post, my friend, and beautiful photo. 馃槉 鉂わ笍

Happy early birthday. 馃槈

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