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Does He/She Really Love Me?

Flower and Bfly
According to the questions I get in the month of June, this is international matchmaking month. In the Jewish World, it's like rush season for the shadchanim, the matchmakers. People are trying to find a mate before everyone disappears in different directions for the summer. What's more, if they don't get engaged really soon, they'll have to delay the wedding until after the High Holidays, a minimum of four months from now. Not everyone is willing to wait that long...

Recently, many young people as well as those in their second go-around, have been telling me about prospective matches that they've been dating, yet they don't yet have "clarity," the famous term for not knowing if this is their bashert (intended) or not. The other side is pressing to tie the knot, even declaring that they love you. How do you know if this is true or not? Maybe it's just Hollywood-style infatuation, which is not love but mere lust? How do you get clarity?

Clarity is only five minutes away. Read my feature article in this week's fresh issue of Breslev Israel web magazine, 5-Minute Test of True Love. Don't forget to invite me to the wedding...

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Enjoy, and have a lovely new week!


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