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#FreeTommy: The Writing on the Wall in the Queen's English

Above image - British free-speech activist Tommy Robinson on an IDF Merkava IV tank in the Golan Heights during a 2016 visit to Israel - Photo: Brian of London

Everybody - the British media, the British government, even Wikipedia - are trying to convince the world that free-speech advocate Tommy Robinson is a far-right fascist. A Jew today in the UK would no sooner come out in public support for Tommy than he would demonstrate in Piccadilly Circus for unlimited Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. The vast majority of our UK brethren would rather lower their heads in utter denial than admit that the ground is burning under the feet of British Jews.

Tommy Robinson is a true British patriot and a free-Speech advocate, who contrary to what the leftist Jews and media want to tell you, is starkly pro-Israel. Tommy Robinson has been fighting -single-handed - a battle against the rampant gangs of Islamic immigrants in the UK that go around pillaging and raping. For fear of political correctness, neither the police nor the government challenge these thugs. So what's the outcome?

Tommy Robinson is currently serving a prison sentence of 13 months in Hull Prison for, accused for committing contempt of court while reporting on a child rape gang case via Facebook Live outside Leeds Crown Court. Jolly good British justice, eh mate? The magistrate was a kangaroo...

Tommy Robinson was sent to prison in a whirlwind move by British authorities for one reason and one reason only, to silence him. The bloke rocked the British boat.  

Do you know what that means, Golder's Green and Stamford Hill? Do you think for a moment that your Royal British Police and Government will protect you? When the Muslim gangs start molesting Jews, like they've been doing all over England in recent years, no one will lift a finger. The media certainly won't. When a gang of 18 lowlifes were caught after molesting over 700 victims, The Independent didn't mention a single word that they were all Muslims.

Tommy Robinson has been calling the monster by its real name. That's why he's in a British prison. But yesterday, thousands of Brits came out in favor of Tommy, angrily demonstrating in Trafalgar Square. Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders attended, to praise Tommy Robinson's courage and call for his release.

We too at the Beams call the British Government to #FreeTommy.

We have a second call, too, to our brothers and sisters in the UK. Hashem's writing on your wall is now in the Queen's English. Make plans for Aliya, now, while you still can, and start praying for it. Don't stay behind in the Egypt of the UK. 


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Tommy Robinson was warned by the court not to record the court proceedings. He was on parole and had a suspended sentence. He was in contemp of court. He broke the law and was punished for it.


Excellent post Rav Brody, but is it being followed up with action? There needs to be a concerted government programme to bring European Jews to Israel. Unfortunately, many (French Jews in particular) have tried to make aliya and failed. Several times even. With all the hardships of mass aliya in previous generations, in some ways it was easier than today. With the north African and Ethiopian aliyas, the government brought whole communities. Today it is every man for himself. That means that it is almost impossible for Jews in vulnerable situations to make aliya, and even those whose circumstances are more robust have difficulty. Much more needs to be done with respect to providing housing and recognition of professional qualifications (the latter especially for the French). Also immigrant youth are at much higher risk than their Israeli counterparts for dropping out of school. They need to have mother tongue education so that they can successfully complete their studies. These are just some of the issues. There are many more.

Please talk to the key people in the government here and to community leaders in Europe to make this happen.


What a pleasure to see a REAL jewish leader. Where are the others???


Shlomo, I couldn't have said it better. TG there's a true Jewish leader with a true love of his Land and People Israel.
Eli, the Ministry of Absorption has made so many programs to absorb Europe's Jews, but they just turn up their noses. The days are over when they deserve praise for Aliya, for the noose of Islam is tightening around the necks of every Jew in France, Belguim, Germany, Ukraine, Scandinavia and the UK. Don't wait for housing and the job of your choice. Get over here while you still can.
Richard, are you by any chance a British Jew?
Pick your heads up, my brothers. Come home and stop cowering in diaspora where you don't belong.


Please read this post below - and the two other embedded in it - which I wrote about this very topic today. We have a serious and acute crisis in Israel which mirrors the situation in England, and we need to address it pronto. It is simply unforgivable and affects us all, and we need everybody's help to deal with it ASAP. Thank you.


Shotgun, I don't think that it's helpful to blame people who desperately want to live in Israel, and who have attempted aliya several times, for their failure to succeed. Veteran olim have to get off their high horse and acknowledge that it is only by Hashem's grace that they live in Israel. I have encountered too many times the attitudes of some veteran olim, and it often smacks of "by the strength of my hand". I agree that the need is urgent, but what is your solution? 8 million Jews from abroad living in the streets? Because currently there is not enough housing for all of them.

The Israeli government is the first to send aid to every disaster zone in the world, to third world countries, to give free tertiary education to terrorists in jail and provide benefits to all sorts of people who shouldn't even be in Israel. As a priority resources should be used to assist the largest number of olim as much as possible.


Eli, you are so right! What a powerful observation, I never thought about it that way. Thanks for pointing this out to us. Do you have any say in the matter? Any channels to people who do?


DS, thank you for your comment, but I'm just a lone keyboard warrior without access to anyone at all. In the past, I worked with homeless immigrant youth (mainly Russians and Americans, yes Americans). These days, French youth can be added to the list of youth at risk in Israel. I speak French and speak to many French people in Israel, those who have made aliya and those just visiting. I ask them about their plans and their experience of Israel. I also follow the French Jewish media. So I have an idea of the challenges they face. French Jews probably more than any others are under no illusions about the dire situation they face. Personally, I think that they should be treated by the Israeli government as a community at risk.


Richard, TR did have a suspended sentence, but was not on parole. He was not recording the court proceedings, he was not even on the court property. Every regime has laws, and sends people to prison/camps based on them, but the hallmark of a genuine democracy is the rule of law, not the application of an arbitrary set of laws. And some of the tenets of the rule of law are due process, fairness and lack of arbitrariness, equality before the law, including in sentencing, etc, etc, etc.

The judge witnessed the alleged offense, and was therefore not competent to try TR. The whole process took place at unheard of lightening speed (five hours from arrest to prison), indicating a lack of due process. TR was given an unconscionably long sentence, completely disproportionate to his alleged offense.

Personally, I would encourage all Jews to make aliya, and not get involved in this issue. But if you are planning on staying in the UK you should learn some English law, especially criminal law and constitutional and administrative law, and you should read George Orwell, both his novels and political writing. Orwell actually predicted the UK becoming a totalitarian country. Or to put it another way, Auschwitz didn't happen overnight. It was a process that started with some people being imprisoned for holding the wrong kind of political opinions (after being processed through a court of law), and other people being indifferent or too afraid to speak out (aka first they came for the communists...).


This whole thing is a grey area.

One the one hand, Tommy Robinson is correct to point out one of the many UK based paedophile gangs made up of Muslims, mainly those of Pakistani and Somalian descent.
The UK social services often turned a blind eye to these, fearful of being branded racist.
And we face a nasty anti-Israel Labour pArty led by Jeremy Corbyn.

On the other hand, a core of Tommy's supporters are from the BNP and are outright racist, they hate Jews and are happy about the Holocaust having happened.
and there have been a number of high profile white English paedophiles of late, public figures.
So it is an evil which does not discriminate.
P.S. Pedantic I know but there is no apostrophe in Golders Green.
P.P.S Eli, you are right, there are those of us who made Aliyah but it failed, and are now trying to understand how to try again and be successful.


To londonmale,

Not just the social services, the police too. It is claimed that this involved tens of thousands of underage girls. Many went missing from home for days on end, and if their relatives found them and called the police, the police arrested the father, or the girl. It's not just a "blind eye", it's institutionalised criminal omission.

TR has been smeared as being far-right but if you listen to his interviews (on youtube with jeremy paxman, david rubin (the long version) amongst others, although you might want to be careful as your internet use is being monitored) he comes across most credibly as someone who is fighting for democracy. He is also very knowledgeable, but the classist UK won't be having any of that from a working class man. He claims that the BNP hate him, and that he left the EDL on account of the racist bent it was taking. Again he comes across as a man of integrity. As for white paedos, you are missing the point. Unfortunately, criminals can be found in pretty much every society, but the question is what are the society's values. Are there laws against it, are they enforced? Or is the rape of kufir females a religious commandment, as it is in Islam. This is a fundamental difference. The same applies to the horrific treatment of their own women.

But it's not just about TR, he's the big fish, but not the only target (A fireman of 22 years was fired for posting a message of support for TR on FB.) It's about the erosion of civil liberties in the UK. If I were you, I would keep my head down, never talk to a policeman or a social worker, and get out of the UK, pronto.

Be"D your next aliya will be successful.

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