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Holland Tunnel, Hamas Style

Underwater Tunnel
Hashem's unfathomable loving-kindness doesn't stop for a split second.

Earlier today, we received word from the IDF spokesman that the IDF has neutralized, for the first time, a naval terror tunnel belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization. The tunnel would have enabled Hamas terrorist frogmen to leave land and head out to sea undetected, resulting in total-surprise assaults on Israel's southern shores.

Defense sources presume that there are likely to be additional underwater assault tunnels.

This is only a temporary victory for the IDF. No sooner does one Hamas scheme get foiled and the terrorists come up with new ploys. As we wrote last week in the Kite-Kid Commandos, we cannot depend on our super-sophisticated military, because if Hashem so desires, our $multi-billion defense systems don't have an adequate answer to the terrorist incendiary kites that 14-year-olds construct for less that a dollar.

As far as national defense goes, only teshuva and emuna will help. As King David says in Psalm 127:1, "If Hashem won't guard a city, the watchman guards in vain." Thank You, Hashem, for giving us much more than we deserve.


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From above it resembles the letter nun! Or a short dalet.

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