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Rav Yehuda Zev Leibowitz's Third Prediction

If I were running for office or attempting to win a popularity contest, I wouldn't be writing this post. Many of our readers outside of Israel are not going to like this. But what can a person do if he doesn't like the weather? Bury his head in the ground? Close the curtains and say that there's no hurricane with killer winds outside? Once a person's house becomes flooded, the closed windows and curtains don't help anymore. There comes a time when one cannot escape the storm outside. Yet, once the storm is predicted, he doesn't sit with folded arms until it washes him away. He can get in the car or on a plane and move to a more amenable climate.

Don't forget that the inclement weather, as well as the inclement political climate, all come from Hashem and for a reason.

Be patient, I'm getting to the point. But first, I must preface and ask a question: Why are we so happy on Passover Seder night? Any 7-year-old will laugh and say, "What a dumb question! That's when Hashem took us out of slavery in Egypt!"

Is it such a dumb question when I show little 7-year-old Chaimk'e and his parents that in the three days that preceded our Exodus from Egypt in the Hebrew year of 2448 (1282 BCE), eight million Jews died, and that's according to the conservative figure. Some say it was 10 million. Rashi explains that only 1 out of 5 Jews left Egypt in the Exodus; the other 4 died during the three days of darkness. Since a minimum of 2 million left, that means that at least 8 million perished!

Why, therefore, do we not mourn during the three days that precede Pesach, and declare them as national Holocaust Days, when 33% more Jews died than during the entire six years of the Nazi Holocaust? Not only do we not mourn, we rejoice! What's going on?

Our sages rule that we do not mourn anyone who denies the Redemption and refuses to be a part of it, just as we don't mourn a heretic who denies the veracity of Moses's prophecy and the Torah (Rambam, Laws of Teshuva, 3:8, and other places). This notion is even anchored in The Code of Jewish Law (see Shulchan Oruch, Yora Deah 345:5; Mishna Berura on Orach Chaim 126:1, letter b). Moses, in the Name of Hashem, told the Children of Israel to arise, we must quickly leave Egypt. 80% didn't listen to him. They paid a steep price but we don't mourn for them. They had become used to Egypt and had no desire - despite what Hashem wanted - to leave Egypt. Even though they were slaves, they liked the Egyptian culture, music, pastimes and food. Moses said no, we must go to our Promised Land. Egypt is not our home.

Moses's voice saying, "We must go to our Promised Land", echoes through all of our history.

The periodic "Golden Ages" of our Diaspora have always been followed by calamity. The Golden Age of Jewry in the Iberian Peninsula culminated in 1492, when the horrendous Inquisition began. Jews were either killed, exiled or forcefully converted to Catholicism. The Golden Age of German and Eastern European Jewry ended in Hitler's Holocaust.

There is only one, true Golden Age in Judaism, and that's when our exiles return home, Moshiach comes and our Holy Temple is rebuilt.

Hashem wants to redeem His people but in the meanwhile, He won't until they come home. The sand of that "meanwhile" keeps is emptying out from the top of that 2,000 year hourglass. When a certain date comes according to Hashem's timeline, He won't wait anymore and Moshiach will come whether we like it or not or whether we're here in Israel or not.

Rav Yehuda Zev, of saintly and blessed memory, lived through the Nazi Holocaust. He witnessed the slaughter of his parents, his siblings and his fiance. He never had children because of the torture that the satanic Nazis did to his body. He did not take the word "Holocaust" lightly - he lived through it and experienced it on his own flesh and in his own heart in the most excruciatingly painful way. Though scarred, completely, inside and out, he was a tzaddik of perfect emuna and not bitter in the slightest. He knew that everything was from Hashem. Yet, with all his heart, he did everything to prevent another Holocaust. He didn't want Moshiach to come if the price would be tragic.

A tzaddik of Rav Yehuda Zev's caliber has 20/20 spiritual vision because nothing in this world can fool, sway or tempt him. No wonder he was so accurate in predicting the Arab Spring and Bibi's inability to attack Iran as we wrote on our No Go post from this past Friday.

A movie clip has now become public, where Rabbi Aharon Stern shlit'a from Bnai Brak, who was Rabbi Yehuda Zev's personal attendant, reveals the tzaddik's third prediction and says: "Before his death, Rav Leibowitz told me that the anti-Semitism in the United States is only going to continue to grow, until it gets to the point where the Jews will be forced to flee. They must come to Israel soon; if they wait too long, they'll be lucky to exit with the shirt on their backs...come soon, the Redemption will be here in the Land of Israel, not anywhere else." In case anyone doubts the veracity and authenticity of the quote, at the bottom of this post is the vid in Hebrew where you can see Rav Stern saying this (see minutes 2:48-3:40).

Hashem wants to redeem us, so He wants us all here. But what about those who for any number of reasons can't come now? What about those with joint custody on children from a previous marriage or those with an elderly parent? (Plug in your own reason...)

Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a says that even if you can't come now, you can do 2 things:

1) Pray daily for Aliya, so that you too can come home to the Land of Israel;

2) Spread emuna far and wide, in any way you can. This will protect you in the meanwhile, because the spread of emuna is also needed to expedite Geula, the full redemption of our people, speedily and in our days, amen!


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What about the Jews of Europe? The Jews of France are under siege, and the UK is on a knife edge. The rest of Europe is not looking great either.

Yakov Butterfield

Actually will there be a next Jewish generation in America or the Diaspora? The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) study shows that among all non-Orthodox Jews in the 25-54 age group, just 15% were married to a Jewish spouse and had Jewish children. It is time to come home to Israel where your children can marry someone Jewish.


I truly believe the writing is on the wall for Jews in the USA, Canada, the Uk and certainly France.
Aliyah is not easy though, and there is no certainty it will be successful.
I know from first hand experience of a failed Aliyah.
Personally I believe the key to a successful Aliyah is having the skills and experience to match the Israeli job market.
To this end, the most expedient thing Israel can do is to train Disapora Jews in these skills.


To LondonMale,

It's not just on the wall, it's shouting out in neon lights.

Thank Gd I live in Israel and have a nice life, but I agree that it is not necessarily easy to make aliya. There are so many variables. One option I would suggest is to set up a stream of parnasa, online, that does not depend on the Israeli job market. Just for example, teaching English online to China. This will also help with housing, as then you can live in cheaper areas of the countries, as you will not have to commute to commercial centres for work. It takes time to learn Hebrew sufficiently well to be able to work professionally in it, so my suggestion could be an initial solution.

I am in favour of all Jews making aliya (i.e. all approximately 8 million), but cannot see how this will happen without a major government plan for this. Many are vulnerable people, sick, old, in nursing homes, poor, in prison, and unable to organise their aliya themselves, or their relatives who will not leave them alone.
But even if just a fraction of them come, let's say 1 million able-bodied people, it is going to need some central planning. Where exactly are they all going to live?

I have been following the situation in Europe closely and am very concerned. It's like the 1930s all over again and then some: a huge rise in violent antisemitism, imams calling for death to the Jews, anti-Jewish laws, political uncertainty (the disintegration of the EU with Brexit, Italy, Visegrad countries etc), together with the potential collapse of the euro, mass migration, terror is the new normal, troops on the streets, a huge rise in violent crime in general, the erosion of civil liberties, and the possibility of martial law (in the UK anyway).

This does not look good for the Jews.


Thanks for answering my previous question. But, now, could you explain or quote something that explain why the jews will be under a terrible persecution, such like says that third prediction? If not convenient to answer publishing a post, then, email me ... Anyway, I beg you to answer, please, why? My soul needs to know ... why?
A good friend ...

Yaakov Shalom Lehrfeld

Anyone who wants to be added to an english jobs in Israel group please send me your telephone number and your name to YSlehrfeld(AT)

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