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The Kite and Balloon Terror from Gaza: Beware of your Backyard

Kite and Balloon Terror
It doesn't take much explosives to create an anti-personnel mine that's strong enough to blow off a soldier's foot, boot and all, Heaven-forbid. The smallest US Army anti-personnel mine that we're familiar with is the US M14 mine, which uses one ounce (29 grams) of a deadly explosive known as tetryl. If you remove the battery, you can fit that much in the cavity of a pocket flashlight.

It shudders one to think of such a device - land mine/pocket flashlight - falling in a person's backyard. A zillion times Heaven-forbid that a child should step on such a monstrous thing.

Guess what - these demonic little death devices are the latest aerial regards from Gaza to the south of Israel. Just this morning, one landed 20km northeast of the Gaza border, carried by a balloon that caught a long ride from the prevailing wings (see chart above and image below).

As the summer broils on with progressively more dryness, heat and prevailing winds, the kite and balloon terror from Gaza is only getting worse. Israel's Government and Defense establishment, despite their multi-$billion high-tech resources, has found no solution. How is it that they are being outsmarted by chemistry and physics student-terrorists in Hamas high schools?

It's not the Gaza high-schoolers that are putting incendiary kites and explosive-device balloons together. It's Hashem. King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said: "There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against Hashem" (Proverbs 21:30). In other words, try all you want, but you can't outsmart Hashem.

Everyone has the right of choice to live their lives as they wish, behind closed doors. At any rate, we are all ultimately accountable - no one has ever circumvented Divine justice when the final whistle blows. But, the Israeli Government has no right to make trampling of the Torah official government policy, especially when the so-called democratic policies are called abominations by the Torah. Government-sanctioned trampling of the Sabbath and of our holy places, the mixed gender units in the army and the public officially-sanctioned displays of debauchery are not the way to appease the King in His holy palace of the Land of Israel.

The only effective fire-extinguisher and terror-neutralizer is teshuva. One can't make teshuva until he or she believes in Hashem and realizes, as the Rambam teaches us in the first of our Thirteen Principles of Faith, that everything is from Him. That's why Emuna must be our first national priority. My Hashem let a prevailing wind of emuna and teshuva blow all across Israel soon, amen!

Balloon explosive device



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