Moses's Rock, Miriam's Well, the 3 Weeks and the Recent Earthquakes
The Adventures of Princess and Cray-Cray

Three Weeks, Three Repairs

During the Three Weeks, which culminate on Tisha B'Av (this year, Saturday night and Sunday, July 21-22, 2018), we lament the horrific tragedies that befell our people.

If you ever listen to a Jewish ethics lesson delivered by a rabbi versed in esoteric Jewish thought, or Kabbalah, he'll almost surely mention the need we all have to correct Adam and Eve's sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge, for that is the root of our troubles...

Say what, bro?

People say, "C'mon rabbis, let's get real! What does the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples have to do with Adam and Eve? Why so much lamentation on things that happened thousands of years ago? Can't we just move forward?"

You deserve a good answer...

With Hashem's loving grace, I've prepared one for you, which G-d willing, you'll hear today.

Join us us for today's emuna lesson and live broadcast from Jerusalem entitled "Three Weeks, Three Repairs", which will take place, G-d willing, on the ground-floor main sanctuary of the Chut Shel Chessed Yeshiva on 13 Shmuel Hanavi Street in Jerusalem at 7 PM Israel time; the shiur is open to the public - both men and women are invited. You can see today's lesson here - the broadcast, as well as our lessons posted from now on - are Mac and iPod compatible. If you tune in too early to the live broadcast link, you'll be sent to the main page of the Breslev Israel website, so try to tune in on time.  If you are not able to view today's broadcast live, then G-d willing, you'll be able to see the video tape of it later this coming week on Lazer Beams. 


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