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The Person Who Most Influenced You

Caring commander
If I ask you who is the person who most influenced your life, can you answer immediately or do you have to think twice? If you can answer immediately, then the influence must have been powerful. Truly great leaders are not necessarily people in the limelight, but they are individuals who leave a prodigious positive imprint on the lives they touch.

Maybe it was a teacher, a relative, a grandparent, a spiritual guide, an athletic coach or a military commander. Notice that this particular person with the awesome influence on your life had certain qualities that you adored, even though he or she wasn't always easy on you. Let's reconstruct those qualities and put them down on paper:

1. You had no doubt that this person categorically cared about you and only wanted the best for you.

2. This person believed in you completely, even when you failed to believe in yourself.

3. This person always seemed to know how you feel.

4. This person was a great listener.

5. This person always saw your good points.

Amazingly, the above five points are a commendable definition for the word “compassion” -- caring about others, wanting the best for them, believing in them, knowing how they feel and listening to them, homing in on their good points and therefore helping to maximize their potential.

Now that we've clarified our thoughts on the subject of the person who must greatly influenced our lives, we can easily learn to be great leaders and profoundly influence other people's lives. How? See Great Leadership in Five, my feature article in this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Enjoy, and bright Beams blessings for a beautiful week!\


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