When All Seems Lost
Garden of Wisdom Lesson #72: Decline of the Clever One

A Bouquet from Above

Insult Bouquet
Did someone insult you today? How lucky you are. If you forgive them, then by Divine law, Hashem must forgive you. What a fantastic way to enter Rosh Hashanah! Read all about it in Forgiveness in Five, my feature article in this week's stimulating new issue of Breslev Israel magazine.

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Yehudit Channen - You Gotta Have Faith

Lori Steiner - Labor of Love

Eliyahu Neyman - Miracle vs. MRI - a must-read!


Pidyon Nefesh is a very special and powerful prayer and blessing that has the spiritual strength of a sacrifice in the Bet Hamikdash to atone for sin and to mitigate severe judgments. The bigger and more pious the tzaddik, the more effective the "pidyon", which literally means "redemption", where one's money is literally a sacrifice for one's body and soul. The pidyon money "redeems" the nefesh, or soul, in other words, "Pidyon Nefesh." This is used when a major salvation is needed, such as in the case of a dangerous illness, a severe court case, or as a rescue from trouble or danger. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev says that Pidyon Nefesh is the "sweetening", or mitigation of harsh decrees and serves as a salvation from any trouble, for the main cure and solution of sickness is the pidyon (see Likutei Moharan II:3).

We strongly recommend sending a A Pidyon Nefesh to Rav Shalom Arush via Emuna Outreach, who'll pray for you in Uman on Erev Rosh Hashana.

Have a lovely week and we hope to see you in Uman!


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Yesterday my daughter and wife let me have it but thanks to the teachings of Rabbi Brody I was quick to thank Hashem and not argue back as I immediately realized a harsh judgment was going on and sure enough today I found out one of my clients lied on a court document which could have caused serious issues but thanks to getting yelled at yesterday this document shows my firm followed proper procedures SO BH ALL GOOD

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