Garden of Wisdom Lesson #72: Decline of the Clever One
Strengthening our Soldiers

Moshiach and Mount Zion

Har Tzion Mezuza
And saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the Mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be Hashem's
(Ovadiah 1:21).

Our sages elaborate on the above prophecy and say that Moshiach and his colleagues will exact retribution from the descendants of Esau, Zion's arch-enemy. Then, everyone will acknowledge Hashem.

Before this happens, Moshiach will enter Mount Zion. With this in mind, I want you to keep a very special image in front of your eyes - the mezuzah on the Zion Gate (image, above), at the entrance to Mount Zion. I was there yesterday, when I visited King David's holy gravesite atop Mount Zion. This is the mezuzah that Moshiach, King David's descendant, will place his hand on and kiss when he comes to fulfill the above prophecy. Some people say that they can see an image of Moshiach wearing tefillin on this mezuzah - can you?

May we all soon greet our holy Moshiach, this year, amen!


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Lazer, that prophecy was fulfilled on Feb 4, 2002. Publically witnessed by rabbi's from every normative sect of Judaism. Since the messiah's arrival is any day now according to Jewish sources and since the messiah will be revealed, concealed and revealed again, we must there fore be in the concealed stage. With the judgment of Esav being the first revealing. I hope we get it right!! Shabbat Shalom


the image is clear, a wise man with very thick curly gray hair; a broad straight nose, deep set eyes - one eye brown/one eye blue; the bone structure of the face indicates a man who is very tall [6' 4"] and husky, strong jaw and large teeth. He is so unusual looking and with a powerful presence, that people would step aside, gasp, glance and say who is that? Definitely wearing tefillin which is ancient - an original crafted and approved at Sinai.

The photo itself reveals a number of other images as well. Very spiritual and intriguing.

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