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Geula and Finance: Best Advice for Investors

Broker and Gold
The world stock markets continue to tumble and people are looking for "safe" havens for investment. Who can they trust for advice?

At the time of this writing, Wall Street seems to be rallying. Loads of financial correspondents are calming the American public, "Don't panic - stay in the market; everything will be OK!"

Do the big investment bankers believe that everything will be OK on Wall Street? If so, why are they all hoarding gold as fast as they can?

According to securities attorney Avery Goodman, Goldman Sachs and HSBC took major positions in  physical-hold-in-your-hand gold last week, while continuing to recommend against buying gold to their clients! The gold bars were not purchased for bank clients. They were  purchased for the banks themselves. How do we know this? They are  designated by the exchange as being for delivery to the bank’s “house”  accounts at COMEX, not to client accounts.

As of August 6, before the stock-market bubble began its nose-dive, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and HSBC (NYSE:HSBC) took delivery of a sum total of 7.1 tons of physical gold. Goodman writes, "No, I have not made any typographical errors. And no, I am not talking about electronic paper claims. I am talking about shiny yellow metal stuff that you can touch and feel."

Many people had a fit when a gave a straightforward spiritual analysis of where the market is going, both major investment banks Goldman Sachs and HSBC seem to be listening to what I wrote 9 weeks ago.

The conclusion one might make is not to do what your broker says, do what he does.

A better conclusion is not to listen to your broker at all; listen to your spiritual guide. If you don't have one, then search for one. Pick a spiritual guide who totally walks the walk and not simply talks the talk.

So what do you do with your money? Don't invest in the USDollar or in the Euro, for they are simply printed currency with no backing. Gold - solid gold - is better.

Yet, better than solid gold is real estate in Israel. The best is to buy yourself a flat (apartment in our local jargon) in Israel, make aliya and come live here. Hashem is creating all the difficulties around the world to bring His beloved children home to Israel when they wouldn't get up and do it on their own, so that they won't hold up the Geula process.

The historical pattern of financial difficulties is always followed by blaming the Jews. Don't wait for that to happen. Come home now, cherished brothers and sisters.

A tip of the kipa to Dr. Harry Hamburger for his contribution to today's post 

Eretz Yisrael - to come or not to come?

Dove Kotel 580
Dear Rabbi Lazer,

Is it safe to move to Israel? I want to make Aliya, but I'm afraid of the security situation. Thanks for your kind attention, MT, Teaneck, NJ

Dear MT,

The Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a holds that Eretz Yisrael is the safest place in the world for a shomer shabbat (a Sabbath-observant Jew), but the most dangerous place in the world for a mechallel shabbat (one who desecrates the Sabbath).

In all fairness, I have to be candid and tell you that even for a shomer shabbat, the Rebbe says you must be prepared to come down the ladder 10 pegs in standard of living, in order to go up the ladder 100 pegs in ruchniut (spirituality). As a general rule, ruchniut and gashmiut (materialism) don't mix (see Maor VaShemesh, parshas Behar). If a person's goal is Torah, mitzvot, and raising his family in an atmosphere of purity and holiness, then the Rebbe says yes, by all means, come right away with his blessing.

Note also that even if a person is a shomer shabbat, but Torah and Kedusha are not that person's highest priority, the Rebbe says to remember what the Gemara says - Torah, Eretz Yisrael, and Olam Haba (the world to come) all come with yissurim (tribulations). In this case, the Rebbe says that there are a myriad of individual considerations, especially since each case has its own merits. As such, he can't give a general answer. He reminds us though, that Eretz Yisrael is the palace of The King, and one must be prepared to live by the palace rules.

Summary: For those who are looking for Torah and kedusha, the Rebbe says to come right away, for Eretz Yisrael is the best place place in the world. For those who don't intend to observe Torah and mitzvot, the Rebbe shlit'a warns that E"Y is the most dangerous place in the world. For those in the middle, ask your local Rabbi, for each case has its own merits. Blessings always, LB

Aliya - Why So Hard?

Aliya Why So Hard
Why is Aliya so hard? Why do so many problems arise, especially with adolescents, once a family makes Aliya? How does a person succeed in Aliya?

Today's shiur, entitled "Aliya - Why so Hard?" will provide us with one clear answer for all these probing questions. It will take this evening (Wednesday), G-d willing, at 7:00 PM local time at our Chut Shel Chessed Yeshiva, 13 Shmuel Hanavi Street, Jerusalem, in the main sanctuary. You can see today's lesson here - the broadcast, as well as our lessons posted from now on - are Mac and iPod compatible. If you tune in too early to the live broadcast link, you'll be sent to the main page of the Breslev Israel website, so try to tune in on time

As always, the live shiur is open to the public - both men and women are welcome - so if you're anywhere near Jerusalem, come on by! If you are not able to view today's broadcast live, then G-d willing, you'll be able to see the video tape of it on this coming Sunday's Lazer Beams.

No Place Else to Go

Less than 48 hours ago, we posted the Riminover Rebbe's call for all Jews to make aliya.

There is now another prominent voice telling Jews that Israel is the only place that can guarantee a Jew's safety.

Here's the quiz of the month: who said the following recently?

"Folks,” he continued, “there is no place else to go, and you understand that in your bones. You understand in your bones that no matter how hospitable, no matter how consequential, no matter how engaged, no matter how deeply involved you are in the United States … there’s only one guarantee. There is really only one absolute guarantee, and that’s the state of Israel.”

a. Bibi Netanyahu

b. Rabbi Yehoshua Fass (head of Nefesh B'Nefesh)

c. Naftali Bennett

d. Joe Biden

The correct answer is "d". Incredible? See for your yourself.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Vice President Biden was prompted by his boss. In the world of the lie-laden lexicon, "anti-Bibi" is really "anti-Israel", and "anti-Israel" is none other than anti-Semitism. Notice that the more Obama continues with his hate campaign, the more swastikas are appearing all over America. The Obama regime has made anti-Semitism now fashionable in the USA.

Brothers and sisters, it's time to contact Nefesh B'Nefesh. Don't waste any time, for this is the time to leave your Egypt and start a new life in the Land of Emuna.

The Martyrs Come Home

Yesterday, the bodies of our four French martyrs - Philippe Braham, 40; Yohan Cohen, 22; Yoav Hattab, 21; and Francois-Michel Saada, in his 60s - victims of the terrorist attack on the Kosher supermarket in Paris, finally came home to Israel to be laid in internal rest (see clip below, courtesy of AP).

Losing beloved brothers and brave martyrs is always a heartbreak. Yet, the fact that they come home to Israel as brave martyrs rather than live beloved brothers is also a tragedy.

The Land of Israel is the only place in the world that a Jew can call home. Sure, A Jew might live in comfort outside of Israel's boundaries, but that comfort is ever so temporary, as history's timeless slaps in the face always remind us Jews.

Brothers and Sisters, it's time to come home - alive and healthy, with your whole family.

Aliya, or Not?

Avraham and Racheli have four children. He lives in the New York City area, learns in Kollel and manages with a part-time job and his wife's babysitting. He sees that America is a terrible influence on his children, even though they live in a religious neighborhood, but he's afraid that if he comes to Israel, he won't have an income and therefore won't be able to learn. He asks me whether he should make aliya or not. Here's my 6-minute answer, which hopefully dispels a lot of the myths that are going around: