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It's Here! The Garden of Emuna for Young People

What could possibly uplift us from the exile and suffering that we lament on Tisha B'Av? The answer is more emuna. In that case, there's great news...

Freshly off the presses is the book that will excite the entire family - The Garden of Emuna for Young People, by Rabbi Shalom Arush, this generation's beacon of emuna. As the book's translator, I can't begin to tell you how fantastic this book is in both strengthening emuna and bringing it down to a practical, readily applicable level. You and your children will love this book. It's a pleasure to read and beautifully illustrated in color. The book is in hardback and contains 190 lovely chromo pages. Click here to order. Blessings for a wonderful Shabbat and an easy fast on Sunday.

Reminder: For those who have been asking, this Saturday night, Havdala is performed with a blessing over the candle and no wine or spices. Sunday night, we say the "second half" of havdala with a cup of wine and the hamavdil prayer.

Who's the Groom?

Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus osb"m used to tell a parable about a waiter at a wedding, who instead of serving the groom, thinks that the wedding should be revolving around him. This is the secret behind our troubles. Enjoy this week's 44-minute emuna shiur, which will explain what the Three Weeks and our national difficulties are all about:

The Sabbath of Consolation

Garden of PurityIn honor of Shabbat Nachamu, we're delighted to announce the release of Rav Shalom Arush's new book in English, which Hashem gave me the privilege of translating, The Garden of Purity. This book is phenomenal: it will elevate men to an entirely new level in their relationship both with Hashem and with their wives. Even more, it will invoke an abundance of blessings in your life. 

What's the connection between Shabbat Nachamu, the Sabbath of Consolation, and this week's Torah portion? There's only one case in history when Hashem told someone to stop praying...

Have a lovely Shabbat and enjoy this week's mini-lesson:

Newly Released: Six Days to the Top

I guarantee you that you can attain much more than you ever dreamed of. You have no idea of your phenomenal personal potential. What's more, you can already change your life dramatically for the better within six short days. Other people have, so you can too! Don't wait until you're 95 years old to find out that you could have achieved so much more - you could have reached the top. How?

My brand new motivational and inspirational book, Six Days to the Top, is a delightful, easy-to-read book that will surely become your best friend. It's short, concise and pocket-size, the type of book you can finish on a flight from New York to Los Angeles. It's also very inexpensive. You'll want to carry this book around in your purse or your jacket pocket, wherever you go.

The time has come for you to rise to the top. Don't let another day go by without this book. To order, click on the book-cover image, below:

6 Days 660

Newly Released - The Garden of Knowledge

GoKAlmost all of us have driving licenses, but few of us can explain how a car’s engine works. We all see, but few of us realize how the human eye operates. So if we can’t understand how our own car or eyes function, how can we possibly understand the secrets of creation?

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches that we must observe the wisdom that The Creator instilled in every creation, for by doing so, we connect to The Creator, for all wisdom comes from Him.

The Book of Genesis, in its description of creation, contains inner secrets of life which are subtly alluded to within each of its words. My beloved rabbi and spiritual guide Rabbi Shalom Arush has not merely written another elaboration of Torah, but has taken the light of Genesis, showing us how its inner messages can illuminate our daily lives. As such, The Garden of Knowledge is a guidebook to personal growth and spiritual well-being. No truth-seeker should be without this book. !!

Translated by yours truly, 317 pages, deluxe softcover. Available online here.

Sex, Religion, and the Middle East

I just completed a great read - provocative, stimulating, and fast moving. This is Dovber Halevi's Srme copynew book, "Sex, Religion, and the Middle East."

This is a book on the positive effect of a sexually moral lifestyle by someone who transformed himself from a singles "player" to happily married man who now lives by teachings of "personal holiness." Dovber has been writing for Breslev Israel for the past three years. His book has personal stories, tons of history, and insights from Jewish Sages about the link between the safety of the Jewish People, our personal satisfaction in life, and our commitment to a sexually moral standard of conduct.

Dovber discusses how he hit rock bottom and what he needed to do in order to free himself from the chains of a cruel master. He illustrates the steps he took to clean himself up and reach heights in his life he never imagined possible. It was very insightful to discover how changes in pharmaceuticals, media, and culture – very recent changes, transformed the common attitude about sex from a special intimacy between husband and wife into an obsession that has entrapped our generation. It is inspiring to learn how this is also a pitfall that can be overcome.

Finally, he devotes an entire section to our guarding the covenant and the impact we make on events happening in the Middle East. This book is not judgmental. It starts with the conviction that we are all good people living in the most challenging times ever. It encourages us to rely on our strongest attributes to overcome lusts that are destroying everything we cherish most. We have it in our ability to elevate mankind to the next level and usher in an era of everlasting and eternal peace.

I highly recommend this book!

It's Here! The Universal Garden of Emuna

It's no rumor - it's true: there now a Universal Garden of Emuna, completely non-denominational, for all of mankind. If we want to save planet Earth of ours, then we should spread this book far and wide.

There's no bigger mitzva than spreading emuna in the world. We say thrice daily in the "Aleinu" prayer, that we await the day when all living flesh will call Hashem's Name. Let's invoke Divine compassion by hastening that day. You can use you maaser (tithe) money to buy these books and distribute them among your non-Jewish neighbors. One of the Arab judges in the Jerusalem Municipal Court read this book and told Rav Shalom that he should translate it into Arabic too. True emuna has the power to bring peace to mankind. There's no other solution.

Universal GoE