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We Protest!

We, the undersigned Jewish bloggers, hereby protest – in the strongest terms possible – the parading and glorification of an “alternative lifestyle”, one that is classified in the Holy Torah as an abomination, especially through the streets of the holy city of Jerusalem. 

The Torah demands that we live by a certain code of sexual morality, and as such, we are forbidden from certain relationships that a moral society cannot tolerate.  These include incest, adultery, bestiality, and homosexuality.  All these are considered grave sins in Judaism and incur the punishment of Karet, or excision from the Jewish people.  An act performed with witnesses during the time of the Sanhedrin would incur an even worse consequence – namely, capital punishment. 

And this is only on an individual level.  When the sin is committed on a societal level, it is much worse.  The Torah and our sages record how these acts were catalysts for both the Great Flood during Noah’s lifetime and the destruction of the Five Cities of the Plain.

As such, we consider any attempt to glorify acts that the Torah vehemently forbids by parading any such lifestyle through the streets with horror and utter disdain.  Such parades in New York and San Francisco would be bad enough, but through the streets of the Holy Land of Israel is a thousand-fold worse.  The Torah specifically warns us not to act in sexually abominable ways lest we be vomited out of the land.  One can only imagine how it is viewed in Heaven when people brazenly display to G-d how abominable one can be.  And if the Land of Israel cannot tolerate such acts of utter gall, all the more so in the holy city of Jerusalem, a city that is overwhelmingly religious. 

We in no way wish to minimize the struggles in temptation some may have in this area and view with positivity those who have such inclinations and bravely overcome them.  But those are not the people irreverently parading through the streets with rainbow flags, who show utter contempt for the Holy Torah and all we hold dear.

We therefore vehemently protest the “Pride” Parade in Jerusalem and everywhere else in the world where they may occur.  We hope and pray that those who take part in such parades do a complete Teshuva for their actions, and may we see a rebuilt Jerusalem, speedily in our days, Amen.


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Chazaq, Chazaq!

Chazaq.org is a wonderful organization that does so much in bringing Jewish souls closer to Hashem. Rav Shalom Arush and I are delighted to endorse their superb work. Yet, if there's no flour, there's no Torah. Today, Chazaq is kicking off the Give Strong, Give Chazaq Campaign - it's a tremendous mitzva to donate to them. We want to convey our blessings to Rabbi Ilan Meirov and Rabbi Yaniv Meirov, Chazaq's directors, and pray for their success. Here's a taste of what they do:

You're Invited - Tonight in Israel!

This week is not only the week of Lag B'Omer and the yahrtzeit of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai (this coming Wednesday night Hilula 2 and Thursday), it's also the week of Pesach Sheni and the yahrtzeit of Rebbe Meir Baal Haness (Sunday). Rav Shalom Arush invites you personally to a gala celebration of both yarhtzeits as well as a celebration of completing the learning of the entire Gemara tonight at 7:30 PM at the Doria Halls located on Route 35 east of Ashkelon. There will be a lavish meal and live entertainment with some of Israel's leading performers. If you're in Israel, we hope to see you there!

Arrange ahead of time for tickets by calling 02-5323339. The map below will show you how to get there:



Seder Night in Afghanistan

Emuna Outreach stays in contact with Jewish soldiers around the world. We just now received photos from our good friend, US Army Major Yoni, who is the Brigade Chaplain of the US Army base in Bagram, Afghanistan. Here's what the Seder Table looked like there:


And here's Major Yoni in Bagram, Afghanistan:

Maj. Yoni Bagram  Afg

Breslev Israel and Emuna Outreach just yesterday sent a care package of emuna books, CDs, inspirational pamphlets of glatt-kosher chocolates to US soldiers in a small outpost in Afghanistan, not far from Taliban country. Here's our shipping manager, Inon, preparing it - look at the smile on his face! That's how delighted we are to encourage our soldiers, wherever they are.

Inon Emuna Outreach

If you have soldier you care about serving overseas or in Israel, send us his name and address. Nothing is so encouraging to soldiers as a dose of emuna.

Rav Shalom Arush: The Dedicated Twin

Dedicated Twin
Here's a story that my esteemed and beloved teacher Rav Shalom Arush told me

There were two twins – a brother and sister – who really loved one another and were each other's best friend. One wintry evening when the winds howled outside and torrents of rain pounded on their windows, the little girl started crying. Her brother asked her why she's crying. "I'm soooooo afraid," she sobbed.

Her brother held her hand and soothed her. "Don't be afraid; I'm your brother – I'll always protect you."

Days passed. The twins, merely 5 years old, fell ill with a rare disease. Miraculously, the brother recuperated; his body developed antibodies against the invasive microbes. The sister wasn't as fortunate. Barely alive, she needed urgent blood donations. Because of their rare blood type and the disease antibodies, the twin brother was the only suitable donor.

The attending physician asked the parents for permission to perform the needed blood transfusions. They agreed, hoping to save their daughter's life. Then, the physician asked the twin brother, "Are you willing to donate blood in order to save your sister's life?"

The little boy broke out crying. But, true to his word that he'd protect his sister, he calmed himself and said, "Yes, doctor – I'll do anything for my sister."

Lying in bed next to his sedated, unconscious sister, the brother looked at her while a tear trickled down his cheek. The nurse came and put the needle in his arm. The little boy seemed really upset, alarmed by the needle. " Doctor, isn't it true that I'm going to die soon?"

The doctor was shocked. The little boy was sure that he'd need to donate all his blood to save his sister. He thought that the doctor and his parents were asking him to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his sister, yet he agreed.


Our reality is like that of children in the story. Some of our brethren cannot shoulder the burden of Passover expenses. That means that they won't be able to fulfill the mitzvoth of our holiday, let alone enjoy it. How can a family that can't afford matza think about wine or meat? New shoes for the children are not even an option. These families are wondering if they'll have food on their tables this Passover.

With Passover almost here, this is a golden opportunity for you to participate in Emuna Outreach's annual Kimcha D'Pischa project.

Like the little boy who gave blood to his sister, the body produces new blood to replace that which was donated. In like manner, the Almighty not only returns that which one person contributes, but He adds big dividends too! Hashem says, "If you make others happy, I'll make yours happy."Our Kimcha D'Pischa Project enables hundreds of needy Jewish families in the Land of Israel to celebrate the Passover holiday with joy.

Rabbi Arush personally seeks out the needy families, many of whom are ashamed to ask for the help they so badly need. Unfortunately, we don't have to search very hard, for the needy families are many. Your generous donation to the Kimcha D'Pischa Project will provide needy families all over Israel with all their holiday needs, including meat and poultry, wine, matzoth, dry goods, fruits and vegetables.

You can make your generous tax-deductable donation to Emuna Outreach's Kimcha D'Pischa Fund by clicking here. May Hashem bless you and yours with a truly happy and kosher Passover, amen!

Back to Life

A young man was once walking along the beach when he suddenly saw an old man trying to push one of a dozen or so errant dolphins back into the ocean. The dolphins had made a navigational mistake and ended up getting stuck on the shore, quivering between life and death.  "Hey, Granddad, it doesn't matter how hard you try – you simply won't be able to save all those dolphins. It's impossible – you won't be able to make a difference."

With a deep breath and a huge effort, the old man managed to push one of the dolphins back into the ocean and back to life. The ocean water and the movement of the waves revived the dolphin and he began swimming. "You see that dolphin, young man? For him," the old man panted, "I certainly made a difference."

The young man smiled bashfully and began to help the old man. A third passerby joined them as well, and the three succeeded in saving all the dolphins.

What do we learn from this story? Sometimes we look around us and we see all the deficiency in the world. There's so much to do and so many people to help that our hearts become filled with a sense of futility. We ask ourselves, "How can I possibly deal with all of this. With my sorely limited assets, how can I possibly make a change in anything?"

As soon as we ask ourselves the above question, we must remember: we must do what we are capable of doing and leave the impossible to Hashem. Just like the old man who refused to surrender to the fear that he won't be able to make a difference, he did what he could with no hesitation, summoning up as much power as he could. Then suddenly, as if with a magic wand, others joined him and he saved an entire school of dolphins from imminent death.

We're just like the people in the above story. Passover is almost here; this is a wonderful opportunity to partner in our annual Emuna Outreach Kimcha D'Pischa Project. The heavy expenses of the holiday make it ever so difficult for many families to fulfill the mitzvoth of Passover, much less enjoy the holiday. It's difficult to think about replacing the children's torn and tight shoes with new ones when there's no food on the table and no matzoth or wine for Passover. These are families whose struggle for survival is daily. This very moment, they are wondering if there will be any food to put on the table during Passover…

Emuna Outreach's Kimcha D'Pischa Project enables hundreds of needy Jewish families in the Land of Israel to celebrate the Passover holiday with joy. Since we buy everything bulk and wholesale, a donation of $180 provides an entire family with wine, shmura matza, vegetables, eggs, meat and/or poultry and everything else needed for Seder night. This fulfills for you the two tremendous obligations of Kimcha D'Pischa, providing foodstuffs for the poor on Passover, and Kol Dichfin, opening up your home to the poor on Seder night. This is an easy way to fulfill Kol Dichfin, for when you sponsor a family's Seder night, it's the same as if you hosted them in your own home.

You can make your generous tax-deductable donation to Emuna Outreach's Kimcha D'Pischa Fund by clicking here. May Hashem bless you and yours with a truly happy and kosher Passover!

Remember: do what you can do and leave the rest up to Hashem. That way, we'll truly make a difference.