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Career Opportunity at Breslev Israel in Jerusalem

One of the world's most dynamic Jewish Outreach organizations, Breslev Israel in Jerusalem, is looking for a charismatic, personable, well-organized and self-starting telemarketing representative for a full-time position in Breslev Israel's Jerusalem office. The job entails working in the afternoon and evenings, 5 days a week. This individual must dedicated to the teachings of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a. He or she must have a complete command of English and Hebrew. The qualified person can look forward to excellent terms of employment. Those interested may contact Breslev Israel's General Director, Rabbi Yosef Nechama, at yosefne@gmail.com or call 050-2000292.

For a Strong Israel

EmunaOutreach Poster

Israel has tremendous challenges as we all know. Yet, the only way to contend with these challenges is to build a spiritually-strong Israel, for with emuna, we'll prevail on all fronts. Help us in this sacred task and be a full partner in spreading emuna by making your tax-deductible donation to Emunah Outreach; simply click on the "Donate" button on the upper left-hand toolbar of this site. Thanks and G-d bless!

Master Emuna Coach Rivka Levy Joins Breslev Israel Staff

Breslev Israel is proud to announce that Mrs. Rivka Levy has joined the emuna coaching staff as a certified master level practitioner. 

In addition to being a certified emuna therapist (from yeshiva Chut Shel Chesed), Mrs. Levy is a certified aromatherapist (from the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, Florida, USA); and a certified energy healer (from the Izun Shinui Ripui Institute in Jerusalem). Rivka Levy is also an accomplished writer and author with Breslev Israel web magazine. 

Rivka has been running a very popular weekly emuna shiur for women for four years, based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and Rav Shalom Arush, which has attracted scores of women.

In her counseling work, Rivka has also branched out into combining emuna with a number of alternative therapeutic approaches (see below for more details).

To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Rivka Levy call: 

From USA: 1-718-577-2975

From Israel: +972-2-532-3339 X 1

Hours To Call For Appointments: 3 pm - 11 pm Israel Time

E-mail: staff@breslev.co.il

See more details on the therapies being offered by Rivka Levy here on Dr. Zev Ballen's website. We are happy to wholeheartedly endorse Rivka Levy, and wish her the best of success.

Mommy, May I Have Some?

"Mommy, may I have some milk?"

Meet Malkal'e. She's a kindergartener with big brown eyes like two almonds in chocolate and she just turned five. She has two older brothers, 8 and 6, and she has two younger sisters, 3 and 15 months. Her mommy is a young widow in Jerusalem. Her daddy left this world a year ago after losing a courageous battle with a terminal disease. Mommy ekes out a meager existence ironing and folding laundery for her neighbors. She is an amazing women with a unique nobility of character. She doesn't complain. Despite the slum conditions that she lives in with her five children, they all go to school bathed and well-groomed. Their frayed hand-me-down clothes are laundered and ironed. But they're hungry. There's usually not more than a quart of milk and a loaf of thinly-sliced bread in the fridge. Malkal'e knows that Mommy doesn't allow anyone to partake of the refridgerator's contents without asking permission, for maybe her other siblings haven't had anything yet today.

Malkale's mommy has plenty of work before Passover, but all the ironing she does barely covers the rent and the electricity in her two-room hovel in the old Bucharian quarter of Jerusalem. Some people dream of a new car or home - Malkale's mommy dreams of giving each of her children a cherry tomato and a hard-boiled egg once a day. Were it not for Rebbetzen Miriam and Rav Shalom Arush, Malkale's family couldn't dare dream of shmura matza, wine, vegetables and poultry for Passover.

You think of Israel with all the high-tech, the startups, and the Tel Aviv luxury skyscaper penthouses. But there's another Israel, the one of families like Malkal'e and her mommy, of widows struggling to raise their children in dignity. While so many people turn a blind eye, the Chut Shel Chesed Institutions - with no government help whatsoever - helps dozens of widows like Malkale's mommy all year long.

There is no greater mitzva on Passover than hosting a widow and her children, especially if they're poor. But if you don't have access to such families, you can still fulfill the mitzva. Partner with Rebbetzen Miriam and Rav Shalom, and give your generous donation to their Kimcha D'Piskha, or "Flour for Pesach" fund. Your sponsorship is just like having a Malkal'e, her mommy and siblings at your Seder table, or better yet, as your guest for all of Passover. A $72 donation provides one person's needs for the whole holiday, while a $360 donation is sufficient to sponsor a widow with five young children.

Hashem has compassion on those who have compassion for others. You can't imagine the importance and magnitude of feeding the poor on Passover. Don't miss this opportunity - you can literally buy yourself an honorable place in the world to come. Please make your generous donation online here, or call 972-2-532-3339.