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A Life of Kiddush Hashem

This morning I (Racheli) was driving to my Zumba class - you know, I really feel that I should get some kind of compensation for all of the free advertisement I'm giving Zumba. Anyhow, as I was driving, I passed a young man who had a very hard time walking. He had some type of handicap that didn't allow him to walk straight or put his feet in front of one another properly.

At that moment, along with feeling terribly sorry for him, can you imagine how grateful I felt for my legs and the rest of my body, that works perfectly? "Thank You, Hashem, that I can walk and run and jump and do any physical movement without pain or struggle!" I said. Well, my tailbone is still killing me after my fall earlier this week. But, other than that... I have tears in my eyes just thinking about him. Do you know what a high level of emuna it takes for a person like him, with a severe physical impairment, to walk around with a kippah and tzitzis on? 

This man, and everyone else with physical and mental handicaps, are spiritual light years ahead of us. Every second of their lives, they make a new kiddush Hashem, a sanctification of Hashem's name. How so? If we see someone in a wheelchair and right away thank Hashem that our legs work, that is a kiddush Hashem. If we see a person with mental disabilities and we thank Hashem for our miraculous brains, that is a kiddush Hashem.

I have a feeling that in the next world, these souls get a very special place in Gan Eden. If we knew what rewards they get for their incredible level of self-sacrifice, we would be jealous. But you know what? We don't need to wait for a disabled person to pass by us in order to thank Hashem. We should be thanking Hashem for everything, every moment that we possibly can! 

Thanking Hashem is the secret to bringing an end to all suffering! This year, may we speedily usher in the new era of lasting peace and health and every blessing, Amen! Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and blessed Shana Tova!

Chakra and Tefillin: The Secret of Divine Illumination

This 6-minute film clip explains the secret behind the Lubavitcher Rebbe's project of encouraging every Jewish man in the world to put on tefillin, beginning in May of 1967. This literally paved the spiritual way for Israel's miraculous victory in June of 1967, when the threat of our hostile neighbors seemed insurmountable. Tefillin is closely related to Chakra and Aura, a fact that has been scientifically proven. We also learn here the secret of Divine illumination. This is a must-see: