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Looking Up at the Same Night Sky

Night Sky
By now, you know that we here at the Beams are not politically correct. We advocate emuna correctness. What does that mean? It's my life's mission: spreading the knowledge of and belief in the One true God to all of humanity, with no regard to race, color or nationality. We pray for this three times a day, every day, all year long in the Aleinu prayer that concludes the daily services, when we yearn for the day when, "All of living flesh shall call Your Name." Rabbi Shalom Arush's and my greatest joy in life is when another human being calls out to God.

In light of the above, I congratulate US President Donald Trump for his courageous, cogent and candid inauguration speech. Surely, this will go down in history as a turning point for the USA and for the whole world as well. Mr. Trump, in a great act of faith, crowned the Almighty instead of crowning himself like his narcissistic predecessor used to do so often. He invoked the Name of God four times. In his fifth reference to our Heavenly Father, Mr. Trump said "Almighty Creator." By doing so, he created a vessel of abundance for himself and his family, his administration and all of America. We applaud you, Mr. President!

Here are President Trump's references to God from his speech (in the order he said them):

Reference #1: The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity...

Reference #2: And most importantly, we will be protected by God...

Reference #3: And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the wind-swept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they will their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same Almighty Creator...

References #4 and #5: God bless you. And God bless America!

Why is the left panicking?

Had the leftists in America won the election, you wouldn't see a single right-winger demonstrating on the streets. Yet, there is no connection between the left and democracy, whether in America or in Israel. Leftists are in the streets because they can't stand when they don't get their own way. How do we know that they are far away from Hashem? Just listen to their constant whining, complaining and distortion of the truth. People close to Hashem neither whine and complain nor distort the truth. See how the leftist mobsters rob the public to further their own hateful agenda and to pad their own pockets. Just moments before he left office, Barack Hussein Obama ripped off $221 million from US citizens - overriding a congressional holding order - and gave it to the Palestinian Authority! $221 million dollars of American money is now on its way to the Fatah terrorists. Would America want this? Did America vote for this? No way!

On a spiritual plane, the leftists do fulfill a task: they are the opposition force to the crowning of Hashem on earth, the Geula (full redemption of our people) and the coming of Moshiach. In the days of Moses, the left was spearheaded by Dothan and Aviram. In this generation, it's the corrupt, greedy global left with such financial and political leaders as Soros and Clinton. Their downfall, in Hashem's infinite mercy, has opened the door once more to the true freedom of speech, where my esteemed and honorable friend Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama would no longer be suspended for fighting against abomination in public and for putting the Ten Commandments on his state courthouse. Schoolchildren will once more be allowed to say The Pledge of Allegiance and pray for "One nation under God." The left is panicking because hopefully, emuna will now be spread far and wide.

Hopefully, soon, all of living flesh will call Hashem's Name.

Hopefully, soon, all the children of the world will be looking up at the same sky and calling out in praise and thanksgiving to the One Almighty Creator.

Hopefully, soon, every human on earth will realize his or her inalienable right to establish their own personal relationship with the Creator and to speak to Him whenever they choose.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for exemplifying what a world leader should be. May Hashem give you the strength and fortitude to continue in this path. With utmost respect and heartfelt blessings,

Rabbi Lazer Brody, Ashdod, Israel

Inauguration Day!

Today is the day Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States. Although there are many that won't exactly be celebrating his inauguration today, it seems like the entire world is holding its breath in anticipation of what the next four years will bring.

If I were elected President, those that know me would probably be moving to another solar system. I'm crazy, you know. Even though it will never happen, I still want to share my inauguration speech with all of our dear readers out there, because I'm overtired and can't think straight.

Dear Fellow Americans, I am honored to accept your appointment as your newest and most awesomest President in the history of the United States. I promise that there will be no new taxes, separate bathrooms for boys and girls, and the right for parents (especially in California) to refuse to vaccinate their children due to the overwhelming evidence of serious side effects. I promise that everyone will stop getting spied on by Facebook, Google, and the NSA, and will re-instate the inherent right we all have to some freakin' privacy. I will raise the level of education for our children, so they will finally learn that the correct spelling of "you are" is not "u r." 

I want all of my fellow Americans to know that we will stop instigating wars in other countries and sending our troops over for no legitimate reason. I will de-militarize the local police so they will once again dress like Starsky and Hutch, minus the outdated hairdos. I will allow all disciplines of natural healing to be practiced without fear of persecution. The American People deserve access to the most efficient and affordable medical treatments, which are, most times, based in natural, holistic approaches. I will stop spraying deadly chemtrails into the air and poisoning our land and produce with glyphosate. All produce will be organic, and cows will once again be allowed to eat grass and walk around. Chickens will no longer die of insanity due to horrible, cramped cages. All livestock will no longer be injected with hormones and antibiotics. 

I will bring back jobs to the United States and raise the minimum wage. I will stop importing illegal aliens and providing them with benefits. I will bring back traditional values to the American People, and along with that, I will bring back traditional gender roles as well. I will shut down the Federal Reserve so they can stop making crazy amounts of interest by lending money to the government. I will make tax brackets fair, so people can once again have a savings in their bank accounts.

Every year on my birthday, I will give each child $100 towards his continuing education. I will stop letting Universities become breeding grounds for the Liberal movement. I will re-instate the right to free speech, freedom to practice any religion as long as it doesn't promote violence, and freedom of expression as long as it isn't disgusting and in poor taste.

I will build apartments to house every homeless person, and provide them with three meals a day, clothing, and education, so they can work and feel human again. Widows and orphans will receive special financial benefits, and so will single working parents. No single parent should have to work two jobs and take care of her family all on her own, without any financial help.

My fellow Americans, I want to thank you for your support. I hope that the next four years will be years of blessing, of ample sustenance for all, of revolutionary, affordable health care, and peace. Most importantly, I hope that all of us can put our differences aside for the sake of working together to make this country great again. Let's minimize the name-calling, reputation-bashing, and slander, because they serve no practical purpose for the betterment of our society. Let's focus on doing positive actions for one another, and let's begin to care about each other's well-being. 

Most importantly, I hope that we all learn that God is in the picture, and that He loves each and every one of us. As my inauguration gift to you, I am sending each person a free copy of The Garden of Emuna and The Garden of Gratitude. 

I, as your President, wish all of us a bright future, and of course, world peace. 

~President Racheli Reckles ( I really like the sound of that!)

Four More Martyrs

I am heartbroken to hear the news of the tragic murder of four young Israeli soldiers today by an East-Jerusalem Arab. These sweet, innocent young adults had the rest of their lives ahead of them. And in one moment of insanity, a crazy terrorist decided to cut short four lives and injure dozens more. You can read the full story here

We at the Beams mourn for the loss of our beloved soldiers. May Hashem avenge their martyred blood.

-2nd Lt. Yael Yekutiel, 20, of Givataim

-Cadet Shir Hajaj, 22, of Maale Adumim

-Cadet Shira Tsur, 20, of Haifa

-Cadet Erez Orbach, 20, of Alon Shvut

What is the message Hashem is trying to send us through such needless violence? Well, I can't speak for anyone else but myself, but for me, the message is clear: either we can live al kiddush Hashem, or we can die al kiddush Hashem. There is no in between.

May The Almighty comfort their families among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. 



Elor azaria
J'accuse! Yes, I accuse the IDF, the Israeli Defense establishment and the Israeli secular media for the gross travesty of Sergeant Elor Azaria's basic rights.

J'accuse! Yes, I accuse the IDF brass for making a scapegoat out of Sergeant Elor Azaria, who made a difficult decision under pressure when no officer was on the scene.

J'accuse! Yes, I accuse former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon for condemning Sergeant Elor Azaria's shooting of a wounded terrorist even before the facts were known, thus compromising any chance for an unbiased investigation and trial.

J'accuse! Yes, I accuse IDF Chief of Staff Gad Eizenkot for expressing his opinions of Sergeant Elor Azaria's guilt to the media even before the investigation was over.

J'aacuse! Yes, I accuse the IDF Military Court for the gross disregard of Sergeant Elor Azaria's basic rights of sub judice - with his rights breached so terribly by the media, there was no way for him to receive a fair trial.

J'accuse! Yes, I accuse the media and the military court for selectively disregarding the fact the Sergeant Elor Azaria killed a terrorist who was still alive and squirming, and likely to have explosives on his body that could still be detonated.

J'accuse! Yes, I certainly accuse IDF deputy chief of staff Yair Golan for insinuating that Sergeant Elor Azaria is a modern Israeli version of a Nazi.

J'accuse! Yes, I accuse the entire political, military and media establishment in Israel for flattering the international left at the price of a young Jewish soldier's basic judicial rights.

Sergeant Elor Azaria doesn't need a pardon. He needs to be set free on the basis of mistrial, because of the gross breach of his basic judicial rights.

Can I Stop Eating Already?

Danger Cream Pie

So I'm sure that there's at least ONE other parent who's thrilled that their kid starts school today. Actually, mine started yesterday, because kids in Israel have school on Sundays, BARUCH HASHEM. Isn't that enough of a reason right there to make aliyah? I mean, what are Sundays for? Sitting around the house with the kids complaining that they're bored while trying to figure out where to drag them to besides the mall or the park? Yeah, sounds like fun. You can keep your Sundays. 

Chanukah is officially over. What a bummer, no? Actually, I'm kind of relieved because I spent the entire week either sick, cooking for guests, tending to sick children, or cooking for more guests. I couldn't stop eating the entire week. Even tonight, I was totally full from lunch, but I just had to eat some of the leftover food that I warmed up for hubby. Why couldn't he have warmed it up himself? Maybe then I wouldn't have felt compelled to eat it. Okay, so that's not true. I feel compelled to eat whatever he makes. 

As I was sitting at the table stuffing my face, I was going over the articles on our latest issue of Brelsev Israel's webmag. And wouldn't you know - Rav Shalom Arush was talking about the exact problem I'm suffering from: lack of self-discipline. Why, oh why, I was asking myself, can't I stop eating if I'm not even hungry? What about the fact that I work out so I can stay in shape? Why would I sabotage my hard work? Exactly after I finished eating, I learned the reason that we don't achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Great. Maybe I'll read it again tomorrow before I continue on with the leftover marathon. But seriously, don't miss Rav Arush's advice if you're Striving for Self-Discipline!

 All of us have those "Ah-ha!" moments, where we finally get the insight that was eluding us. How many situations can we recall that we suffered tremendously through, only to eventually realize that it all worked out for our best? If you're happily married, (hypothetically speaking, let's pretend just for the sake of it, okay?) you could (theoretically) look back on all of your past relationships and think: "Thank G-d I didn't marry that person!" Hopefully you're not thinking the opposite. Okay, if this isn't such a great example, then find your own. In the meantime, while you're searching for one, Rav Lazer Brody shows us that even Yosef Hatzaddik had The Eureka Moment. He may have skipped and danced his 12 years through a prison that made San Quentin look like Disney World, but he didn't really put the entire picture together of how Hashem did everything for his best until... well, you'll have to read the article to find out!

If you're a pregnant mama or know someone who is, you don't want to miss this article. As you may know, I take every "suggestion" from Big Pharma with a Coscto-sized grain of salt. That might be the understatement of 2017. It is 2017, right? There were no fireworks in my town. Anyhow, this time I'm questioning their rationale for giving newborns the Hepatitis B vaccine. I guide you, the reader, through a logical series of questions and arguments challenging their reasons for promoting this vaccine. Your babies deserve parents who are fully informed, because their lives depend on it. Therefore, making decisions based one one side's arguments is short-changing yourselves. Don't miss reading my latest, Hepatitis Babies. And if you know of any pregnant woman that would or would not like more information on this vaccine, please forward it to her as well. 

Is it possible for a violent, drug-addict criminal to have a close connection with Hashem? Can someone who has done some of the most horrific crimes be capable of helping bring others closer to God? Dr. Zev Ballen continues on with the saga of Ray, one of his most special clients. Don't miss what unbelievable developments have been happening in Ray's life in Out At Last. 

Nothing is harder for a parent than to watch his child suffer. Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen opens up about her struggle with the incredibly difficult test that her son and his wife faced with the birth of their first child. Her realizations and insight are things that we can all learn and benefit from. Don't miss her latest, I Second that Emuna. And don't forget - Rebbetzin Channen is our newest Emuna Therapist! Contact staff@breslev.co.il to set up an appointment.

Yehoshua Goldstein is running philosophical circles around atheists in Thoughts About G-d. 

David Perlow gives us some amazing tips from the Noam Elimelech on how to strengthen our connection with Hashem in The Tzetyl Kattan. 

Pinney Wolman's painful muscle injury made him realize that he likes a quick fix. Well, who doesn't. But, not all of us can give us the advice that he gives for Uprooting Today's Idols. 

As my eyelids close against my wishes and my head slowly nods forward, I'll try to finish this sentence by wishing you all a wonderful, emuna-filled, stress-free, child-in-school week! 


PS: While we're sitting by the fireplace or in our snugly warm homes, there are IDF soldiers shivering up on the Lebanon and Syria borders. Help us warm their hearts and souls with gifts of emuna books and CDs - Donate to Emuna Outreach. Rav Shalom Arush says that there is no greater charity. The blessing will come right back to you tenfold.

No Knife in Israel's Back

Back Stabber
Our good friend Menachem from Crown Heights writes, "Dear Rabbi Lazer, somebody in America should apologize for the knife that Kerry put in Israel's back and for Obama's sellout of our best friend..."

Menachem, nobody put a knife in Israel's back, because we never turned our backs on Barack Hussein Obama or on John (al telech imi b-)Kerry. Our "Emuna News" department here at the Beams, more than eight and a half years ago in an op-ed entitled The Rise of Mister V - four months before the 2008 election - said that Obama would win the election and that he'd be the pits for Israel. Way back then, we said categorically that he'd cave into Iran and why.

And, as far as his unholy and impure Kerry in the unholy and impure State Department goes, we never turned our back on him either. Over three years ago in an article entitled Kerry for Kerry, we wrote that Kerry (the word in Hebrew for sinister is kerry - it also means rebellious or spiritually impure) would become this generation's Neville Chamberlain.

Here are a few Emuna-News spiritual facts:

  1. Obama's meteoric rise to power began on July 27th, 2004; then, the freshman Senatorial candidate Barack Obama spoke to delegates during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.  Some call it "The Speech", a 17 minute star-making turn.  Obama walked on stage an unknown, and walked off as a star. Four months after the convention, Obama won the U.S. Senate seat in a landslide. Now hear this: July 27th, 2004 was the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, "Tisha B'Av." This is a perpetual day of calamity for the Jewish people when among other disasters, both Holy Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.
  2. The USA, represented by Kerry, initially signed the appeasement agreement with Iran on July 5, 2015 - that day was the 17th of Tammuz, the beginning of the notorious Three-Weeks period that culminates in Tisha B'Av.

What do we learn from this? Obama and Kerry, like all the other tyrants, will soon be forgotten. But, as much as we wish success to President-elect Trump, we cannot afford to put any trust in flesh-and-blood. Both Jews and non-Jews must trust in G-d alone. Hashem is waiting patiently for us to make teshuva and strengthen ourselves in emuna, but the sand is quickly running out of the hourglass. Our activism right now should be spiritual only; our fight is against the darkness of evil by spreading emuna far and wide.

Don't worry - lies are short-lived. Soon, very soon, the world will know the truth. We pray for and yearn for that day.

UN Resolution 2334: The Height of Hypocrisy vs. the Light of Truth

UN 2334
On the eve of Chanuka, the UN passed the Obama-initiated Resolution 2334 that delegitimizes Israel's ownership of the Western Wall remnant of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem, our patriarch's and matriarch's graves in Maarat Machpela in Hevron, Joseph's gravesite in Shechem, the site of our Holy Tabernacle in Shiloh and all Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel beyond the pre-1967 borders.

Everything Hashem does turns out for the very best. Ever since Resolution 2334 passed, it has not stopped raining in Israel after a long and difficult drought.

Since the dawn of our people's history, we've suffered from two types of enemies - the tyrants from the outside and the self-deprecating segment of our population from within. Chanuka teaches that miraculously, we always overcome both. This time is no exception.

I want to add one thing: how the USA refused to veto a resolution whose preamble states the unacceptability of acquiring territory by force is an insult to the intelligence of any normal human being. In case anyone has forgotten, our Holy Land's borders and the Almighty's granting of it to us are clearly stated in the Torah. Not so is the case of the entire USA. In 1967 (what a coincidence, huh? No, it's Hashem laughing ahead of time), William C. Sturtevant of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC drew a map (below - click on it to see it in enlarged size) showing how the entire USA belongs to the Native American Tribes, who were brutally and mercilessly forced out of their tribal lands. According to 2334, all of today's USA is one big illegal settlement. Oh, and in case you didn't know, the White House is built on land forcibly taken from the Powhatan Native Americans. See Sturtevant's map below and have a continued Happy Chanuka basking in the lights of truth.

  Smithsonian Map Native American tribes USA