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My Favorite

Hashem's Business Card

My cherished friend Nachum Kligman from Ramat Beit Shemesh sent me the following beautiful thoughts that a very special anonymous person wrote:

Hashem doesn't have a Blackberry or an iPhone, but He is my favorite contact.

He doesn't have Facebook, but He is my best friend.

He doesn't have Twitter, but I follow Him nonetheless.

He doesn't have internet, but I am connected to Him.

And even though He has a massive communication system, His customer service never puts me on hold!

And here are a few Lazer additions:

And even though He doesn't have a medical degree, He's the best doctor in the world.

And even though He is King of Kings with billions of servants, He is never too busy to grant me a private audience with Him, wherever and whenever I want.

And even though He doesn't have a PhD in clinical psychology, He understands exactly how I feel and always knows how to encourage me.

And even though He doesn't have a degree in fine arts, His creations are works of art that no master artist can duplicate.

My goodness, we love you so much, Hashem!

The Pep-Talk Selfie

Work on Yourself
The secret of winning coaches and mentors is knowing how to motivate their players, to "fire them up".

Even if you don't have a coach or a mentor, you can fire yourself up with "positive self-talk." Essentially, this is a pep-talk selfie.

Use positive language to describe what you hope to accomplish today, tomorrow and in the future. Tell it to Hashem and pray for it, too.

Unfortunately, people are constantly using statements that cause them to berate themselves, their efforts, or their abilities. What could be greater self-persecution? They need to learn how to turn these around into positive statements instead. That's where "positive self-talk."  You certainly know how to take a selfie with your cellphone camera, right? This is just as easy - give yourself a pep-talk selfie! Make 5 to 10 strong statements that reflect your aspirations and abilities. Share them too with Hashem, and tell Him that you're positive that He hears you and that He'll help you. Do this daily and you'll go a long way.

Don't ever forget though: true personal growth doesn't come easy. In fact, it hurts. But it sure feels great.


A Life-saving Smile

Just one smile
Imagine this scenario: you lived a decent life, but you don't consider yourself the most righteous person in town. Yet, after your 120-year go-around on this earth, you reach the Heavenly Courtroom and you're greeted by an honor guard of tens-of-thousands pearly-white angels, together with an angelic choir singing in 16-part harmony in your honor. You can't believe it. Your Heavenly escort explains to you that all this truly belongs to you. How?

Once, there was a person who was so depressed that he was contemplating suicide. You smiled at him, cheered his spirits and restored his self-esteem, so he shelved the idea. That person later married and had children. All his mitzvas and the mitzvas of his offsping for generations to come will all be accredited to you, for you saved his life. And you did it with one smile...

Advice for a Duckling

Wolves and Duckling
All we want is to live a quiet life of Torah and emuna in the holy Land of Israel. Our enemies from all sides want to swallow us alive. Yet, with emuna, we take everything in our stride with a big smile on our face too. Why? Our enemies will devour one another as they've already started to do...

This all reminds me of a pack of hungry wolves who saw a little duckling. Each claimed the poor little thing for their supper, so they began to fight each other in a ferocious melee of blood and fangs. Each clamping on to the other's jugular, until they all dropped dead in a puddle of their own blood. When everything quieted down, the duckling crawled out from his hiding place under the table, and resumed his happy life as normal.

Advice to all ducklings: hide under Hashem's wing; it worked for King David (see Psalm 17:8) and it'll work for us. 

Never Give Up!

Here is a priceless gem: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory, one of the greatest storytellers that ever lived, tells a story about a banker on the verge of bankruptcy who was saved by Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.

We are facing challenging times. But all we have to do is listen to our holy Rebbe Nachman, may his sacred memory illuminate our lives, and never give up! There is no such thing as despair for a person with emuna.