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Emuna or Coca Cola - Who's More Popular?

Emuna Coca Cola
My dream has always been that the word emuna soon becomes more popular than Coca Cola. We still have work to do, because according to Google, Coca Cola is still 40,000 times more popular than emuna. No wonder that there's so much to fix in this world. There's one big difference though: whereas Coca Cola is disastrous to your health (bone fractures, osteoporosis, tooth decay, kidney failure, low fertility, dehydration, obesity and diabetes risk, just to name a few), emuna is fantastic for body, mind and soul and the best thing in the world for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The job of spreading emuna in the world was much more than I could handle on my own, which I tried my best to do in the first nine years after Emuna Outreach was founded in 2004. Needing much more spiritual fire-power, the "platoon" of Emuna Outreach became part of the emuna army of Breslev Israel, under the auspices of the world's Minister of Emuna, by beloved mentor Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a, 3 years ago in the summer of 2013. Since then, we've spread emuna books and CDs around the globe and have personally visited peoples of all backgrounds in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. This is true Tikkun Olam, rectifying the world. You can partner with us and reap the phenomenal benefits of bringing people of all backgrounds closer to Hashem - Donate to Emuna Outreach - it's USA tax-deductible.

Bright Beams blessings for a beautiful Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

Above the Stars

Above the Stars
Several of our readers have complained lately that the Beams hasn't commented on current events in Israel or elsewhere.

A person must constantly assess him/herself, looking for areas to improve and to better implement Hashem's will down here on this troubled earth.

I don't think that my comments on current events helped anyone be healthier or happier. Sure, they might have been a good read, but my task on earth is not to be an entertainer.

As a rabbi and spiritual guide, I hear people's problems, aches and pains. Helping them is the most rewarding thing on earth. That's where emuna comes in - it's the greatest problem-solver on earth. Through the course of my work, I was finding that people who felt healthier were also happier. Emuna and fitness are therefore a powerfully invincible pair. That's why I became a certified health coach and fitness trainer, for together with spiritual guidance, my training was enabling me to help open new doors for people in their search for overall well-being.

Sure, the wider web audience loves the "action" of politics, current events and Moshiach speculation. That's not our job. Here at the Beams, we want to help you feel great. That's why we're now focusing on "emuna fitness" for a healthy soul, mind and body. By the way, everyone is welcome here, Jewish or not.

I'm sorry if I'm disappointing anyone, but there are great political pundits and much more learned rabbis than me. But, if you're looking to strengthen yourself in emuna and to strengthen your body in a way that's totally consistent with an emuna lifestyle, the Beams is the place for you to visit daily. Together, well not only reach the stars, but we'll go past them. Emuna defies nature, and takes us above the stars.

Focusing on Our Job

Focus on your job
Anyone who works in construction, transportation or industry knows that focusing on one's own job is critically important in order to avoid dangers and accidents in the workplace.

Spiritually, focusing on our own job - the task that we were sent to this earth to perform - is vital for one's spiritual and mental well-being too.

Why? Wasting time chasing inconsequential endeavors is tantamount to spiritual suicide. It takes you nowhere. Worrying about Planet X or what so-and-so said on Facebook, and wasting time reading all the Doomsday prophecies and Moshiach speculations are a tragic murder of good time that can never be replaced. This moment will never ever return. We have 86,400 seconds in a 24-hour day which means 86,400 opportunities to better ourselves and get closer to Hashem.

Our job in this world is to get closer to Hashem. For our own happiness and well-being, let's focus on it.

The Big Winner

Emuna Ball
Add up the winning numbers in the $1.5 Billion Power Ball Lottery this week and you get 102, the exact gematria (numerical value) of emuna. Do you realize what Hashem's message is here? If you have emuna, you're a billionaire, much better off than if you won the lottery. Why? I guarantee you that the lottery winners have lost their peace of mind - their worries are only beginning. Wait and see how many long-lost friends and relatives come out of the woodwork with extended palms. But with emuna, you go through life with a smile on your face, no matter what. So if you have emuna, congratulations! You're the big winner. Blessings for a wonderful Shabbat!

Tremendous thanks to our cherished friend Nachum Kligman of Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph for initiating this post.

Sky Full of Transmitters

Heavenly Transmitters
People have a weird notion that if their prayers are not answered right away, then either Hashem doesn't hear them or the prayers are ignored, Heaven forbid. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not a single syllable goes to waste. Imagine that there's a sky full of transmitters that record every word you say and broadcast them to the Heavenly Throne. But, more thasn you can possibly fathom in your mind, Hashem hears everything, everywhere - He personally and with no static. Just as you don't jump everytime your seven-year-old asks for something, Hashem doesn't necessarily grant our requests on the spot. Remember - Rebbe Natan of Breslev says that wherever you see deficiency, you'll find insufficient prayer.

Everything we ask for is like an item in a store with a price tag. Our prayers are the currency we use to purchase Divine abundance, both material and spiritual. So, if your request has not yet been fulfilled, it means that you haven't yet paid the whole price. Don't be discouraged - keep praying and you'll see big salvations. I guarantee you that Hashem not only is listening to you, but He loves to listen to you.