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The Opposite of What It Says

Hashem's Greatness
People often ask me how to tell the difference between the evil inclination and the good inclination.

It's easy. The evil inclination is a nag who hounds you endlessly. The good inclination is a tiny whisper or a flashing illumination of the heart and brain.

So how do we handle the evil inclination? Rebbe Simcha Bunim of Pashischa says that if the evil inclination tries to inflate you with arrogance and tells you how great you are, tell it how tiny you are. If it tries to tear you down and tell you what a nothing you are, tell it how great you are - a prince or princess and one of God's favorite children.

In short, whatever the evil inclination tells you to do, do the opposite.

With the above in mind, you are now prepared to have the best Shabbat of your life. Hashem loves you and so do we, cherished brothers and sisters. Shabbat Shalom and warmest regards from sunny Ashdod on the exquisite Mediterranean coast in the holy Land of Emuna.

The 7 Tenets of Belief in Yourself

Believe in Yourself
What is “belief in myself”? Here are the basic seven parameters:

  1. Hashem created me, as He did every other creature, with a unique trait of my own that no one else has, just as my fingerprints are unique; there is no exception to this rule.

  2. The particular attribute, skill, or talent that Hashem instills in me enables me to successfully accomplish my own very special mission on earth.

  3. Hashem wants me to successfully accomplish my mission on earth; I can therefore succeed.

  4. Hashem loves me, for He has no other child like me; He wants to help me and He loves hearing from me.

  5. I am a person of worth.

  6. I have the power to improve myself.

  7. I can be happy.

Repeat the above 7 parameters over and over, daily, until they become second nature. Once you believe in yourself, wait and see how your life takes off.