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The Immortal Soul

Immortal soul
Since the soul is a tiny spark of Godliness, it has the same characteristics that its Creator has. Just as the Creator is infinite, so is the soul. They both defy time and space, and neither ever dies. So, the more we live a spiritually-oriented life, the more we overcome the downward tendency of bodily-oriented depression and disappointment. The soul never gets old. If cared for properly, it never degenerates. And, if we provide its needs, we attain both happiness and inner peace.

A Time for Renewal

Sweet Beginning
This coming Shabbat is Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the first day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar. It's a special time that's conducive for renewal, rebooting ourselves and making a new start.

One of the main things I did during my election-day hitbodedut (personal prayer) was to take a good, hard look at The Beams and the direction we hope to be taking during the coming year.

The recent cyber face-lifting of the Beams (I hope you like it) is a reflection of our resolve for a renewed inner dimension as well. Politics and religious debates are a hopeless and utter waste of time; you can see the news, infighting and bashing on dozens of other web sites and blogs. My energies will be dedicated to spreading emuna, inspiring people of all backgrounds and to combine my training as a rabbi and spiritual guide and as a certified fitness trainer to help people maintain healthy minds, bodies and souls.

I believe that Emuna - the pure and unshaking faith in Hashem - is the key to personal happiness, our national survival, and world peace. Most people - clergymen included - have no idea what real emuna is all about. That's why Lazer Beams will be dealing more and more in emuna. Personally, I'd rather have an intimate reader-family of 800 emuna-seekers than the 4-5,000 news seekers I was getting daily when I was writing about current events. 

I'd like for Lazer Beams to be a cyber oasis of emuna and good health, and a place for you to come and just feel good about yourself, knowing that Hashem loves you and that we do too.

As always, feel free to comment and to share your thoughts with us.