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Moshiach's ETA


The Geula is surely gaining momentum.

Two months ago, I urged people to get out of Wall Street. Many scoffed and said that the market has never been better...

This week, world stocks had their worst week of the year. Dow-Jones fell 358 points and the US stock market tumbled across the board more than 2%. US oil is at its worst in 29 years, with supply accumulating and no one to buy.

Meanwhile, North and South Korea are on war footing. Russia and the Ukraine are on the verge of war, something that could ignite all of Europe.

Amazingly, other than Reuters, the mainstream US media has totally ignored yesterday's Wall-Street crisis. Is this the Nero syndrome, fiddle while Rome is burning?

Moshiach has an ETA - not estimated time of arrival, but Emuna, Teshuva, and Aliya. We can all strengthen ourselves in the first two; if you can't make aliya now, at least help spread emuna wherever you are. With ETA, we'll all greet Moshiach with big smiles on our faces, soon, amen!

Geula and The Sellout: It's Official

Cat guarding the Cream
Like we say in Hebrew, the cat will now be allowed to guard the cream...

Two weeks ago, when we showed you US Senator Tom Cotton grilling Secretary of State Kerry about the UN IAEA's secret side agreement with Iran, we wrote that the US Administration was hiding vital information from its citizens. Today, details of the agreement have become public knowledge. Iran will be allowed to police its own Parchin site, the center of her nuclear weapons development. As we have stated here numerous times, Iran already has nuclear weapons capability.

One of the major preconditions of Geula - the full redemption of our people, the ingathering of the exiles, the coming of Moshiach and the rebuilding of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem - is that Israel will stand alone. This means that Israel's so-called friends will sell her down the river. Whether or not the USA backs Israel is meaningless to those of us who are fortunate to trust in Hashem rather than in any wobbly reed. Soon, the USA won't be able to help itself, much less anyone else. Yet, today the US Administration's sellout of Israel is official. Looking at current affairs through eyes of emuna, we should all be delighted, for this is one additional quantum leap toward Geula and the type of world we dream of. 

Moshiach and Mount Zion

Har Tzion Mezuza
And saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the Mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be Hashem's
(Ovadiah 1:21).

Our sages elaborate on the above prophecy and say that Moshiach and his colleagues will exact retribution from the descendants of Esau, Zion's arch-enemy. Then, everyone will acknowledge Hashem.

Before this happens, Moshiach will enter Mount Zion. With this in mind, I want you to keep a very special image in front of your eyes - the mezuzah on the Zion Gate (image, above), at the entrance to Mount Zion. I was there yesterday, when I visited King David's holy gravesite atop Mount Zion. This is the mezuzah that Moshiach, King David's descendant, will place his hand on and kiss when he comes to fulfill the above prophecy. Some people say that they can see an image of Moshiach wearing tefillin on this mezuzah - can you?

May we all soon greet our holy Moshiach, may he come soon, amen!

Yonatan and Aaron Raz'el: Ibdu

My cherished friends brothers Yonatan and Aaron Raz'el are not only wonderful composers and musicians, they are the finest human beings you'll ever want to meet. In the clip you're about to see, they are helping some special needs young men to fulfill the dream or recording music in the studio. Together, the Raz'el brothers and the young men from "Alei Siach" sing "Ibdu" - serve Hashem with joy! I'm sure that you'll find this clip as inspiring as I did:

You Stand Alone

Lone Rock
It's ever so exciting to see the prophecies materialize before our very eyes. Hashem is hastening the Geula, putting it into high gear. I therefore thank the President of the United States for his contribution to expediting the imminent full redemption of our people; in a speech yesterday at American University in Washington, Obama sent the following message to Jerusalem: You stand alone.

Thank you, sir! We know that, but we sincerely appreciate your reminding us.

We'd also like to thank China and Russia for selling advanced weapons systems to Iran. Thanks to Mr. Obama, all the sanctions are already defunct, whether or not Congress approves the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The prophet Zecharia (12:3) told us exactly what would happen before the Geula: "On that day, I will make Jerusalem a burdensome rock for all the nations, and they will become lacerated, and all the nations will gather against it."

It's all coming down, folks. It's exciting, but we must prepare ourselves. Emuna and teshuva are the key words.

Iran Bakes Under 164F Heat

Burn Like a Furnace
It's hot here in Israel, with 100+F temperatures. But, with a heat dome hovering over the entire Middle East, temperatures in Iran are hitting a searing  heat-index of 164F! We don't have to worry about their nukes, for if Hashem wants, He can melt them...

Is this an indication of the imminent Geula?

The prophet says that right before the Geula, "The day will burn like a furnace" (Malachi 3:19). Our sages elaborate and say that as Geula approaches, "Hashem will remove the sun from its covering. The righteous shall heal in its heat but the wicked shall be doomed in it" (Tractate Nedarim 8b).

What can a person do to spare himself and his family of the birth-pangs of Moshiach and of the Gog-and-Magog turmoil? If you're Jewish, begin to observe the Sabbath. If you're not Jewish, accept the Seven Noahide Commandments. There's no better insurance.