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Wild Asiatic Parakeets

Wild Parrots Ashdod 2
During a recent hitbodedut (personal prayer) session in the citrus groves east of Ashdod, I spotted something I've never seen in Israel - wild parrots (see image above, which I took). At first, I thought they were some escaped parakeets from the nearby neighborhood, but that seemed odd because they were so large. When I came home, I did a search and happily discovered that they are wild Asiatic parakeets, aka as "Ringneck" or "Long-tailed" parakeets. I spotted a male and female that exactly resemble the ones in the prototype photo below. Our beloved holy homeland is a haven for all types of exquisite birds and wildlife. For sure, such sites inspired King David to compile Perek Shira. Our sages tell us that he knew the language of the birds, flaura and fauna. Thank You, Hashem!

Ring-neck (Asiatic) parrot

The Jellyfish

Jellyfish Ashdod Beach
Hashem speaks to us by way of His creations.

For all types of reasons, I hadn't had a chance to swim in the Mediterranean all summer long. Here in Ashdod, we have a "Mehadrin" beach with separate hours for men and women. But, during the summer vacation, it's packed. Now, with vacation over, I took advantage the empty beach and went for a swim one late afternoon. When I came back to the shore, I saw an immobilized jellyfish that a wave had thrown onto the sand. I contemplated that if we could photograph the evil inclination, it would probably look like a jellyfish - gooey and unsightly.

The world is like a stormy sea. All kinds of waves throw you all over the place, no matter how strong a swimmer you are. You get stung all the time and you can hardly sea what's stinging you. But, when you walk into the study hall and begin learning Torah, your soul is on dry land. Now, like the jellyfish washed up on shore that you couldn't see so clearly in the water, your evil inclination becomes apparent in all its ugliness and it becomes immobilized.

But, if you do go for a swim, beware of the jellyfish. Likewise, the moment we close our Gemara, we must keep our eyes open for the evil inclination; its tentacles can really sting.

The Battle for David's Tomb

Moshiach is right on our doorstep. The prophets tell us that the final battle for Moshiach and Geula will begin on Mount Zion; Mount Zion is the site of King David's holy gravesite. The Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church are claiming this holy place for themselves. The Pope has laid tons of cash on the tables of Israel's highest officials to further their sinister designs. Earlier this week, the xtian idolators tried to enter King David's holy gravesite with their incense and crosses (image #1, below) to hold their mass. These are the very emissaries of the Dark Side, trying to delay Geula and Moshiach while defiling holiness, Heaven forbid.

Hashem kindled a holy spirit in my beloved teacher, Rav Shalom Arush, who stood up like a lion to protect King David's gravesite against the profane intruders. He came with a Torah scroll and prayed there (image #2, below). When the young men of our yeshiva tried to prevent the idolators from entering the holy gravesite area, they were carried off and arrested by Border Police (images 3 & 4, below). Ultimately, Rav Shalom, in his courageously peaceful manner, came to a compromise with the Police; only ten of the xtians would be allowed to enter, but with no incense or crosses and with no religious service.

Today, you can find Rav Shalom and a minyan of our students at King David's holy gravesite almost every day at 7 AM. The fight for the sanctity and the mandate over this sacred site is the very fight for Moshiach. We won't give up. As in boxing, we'll see who's standing when the final bell rings. With Hashem's help, it will be us, not them (see image 5, below, from earlier this morning).

Things are happening very quickly. G-d willing, we'll be sharing more Geula news in the near future. One thing I can say - the next best thing to greeting Moshiach is to pray on King David's holy gravesite. It's Heaven there, literally. No wonder the Dark Side wants it so badly. We don't depend on power of any sort - only emuna in Hashem, something that no one can ever take away from us.


Image #1, above: Idolators trying to enter King David's holy gravesite, escorted by Israeli Border Police


Image #2, above: Rav Shalom Arush leding prayers by King David's gravesite.


Image #3, above: Border Police disrupting prayers at King David's gravesite


Image #4, above: Border Police arresting yeshiva students who refused to allow the idolators to enter the sacred site of King David's tomb

LB David Hamelech

Image #5, above: Lazer Brody in a personal prayer vigil at King David's sacred gravesite

The Blessing of Isolation

Gazelle - Joshua Gedalia
This exquisite photo of an Israeli Ibex ("Yael") near Ramon Crater courtesy of Joshua Gedalia

Israel's leftist politicians are trying to garner votes by whining that Israel is isolated. We owe them our sincere our gratitude for the great news.

Moses blessed the People of Israel before he died, "And Israel shall dwell in security isolated." This is one of the best blessings of Torah, if only we'd heed it...

In the south of Israel in the Negev Desert, lives an amazing creature, the Yael - the Ibex, or Israeli mountain goat. You won't find a more sure-footed animal in creation. It's breathtaking to see the Yael walk along steep and narrow mountain ledges, where the slightest slip means plunging down hundreds of meters to the canyon below. But the fact that the Yael lives in such rugged and trecherous terrain is also his protection. He dwells alone, where no predator or enemy can reach him.

When we the people of Israel dwell on a spiritual high of unshakable emuna, no predator or enemy can reach us either. Perhaps one of the reasons that the Shofar is made from the horn of a Yael is to teach us to be like him. When we put all our trust in Hashem, we too are surefooted and never fall.

The important news is that Chanuka reminds us to rid ourselves of any and all foreign influence and dependence. The insignificant news is the West is caving in to Iran. At this very moment, sanctions are being loosened which will pump at least $11 Billion to Iran, and thereby to reinforcing Iran's proxies of Hizbulla and Hamas. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wouldn't act the same way if hostile Venezuela was enriching uranium. And, Iran is a lot closer to Israel than Caracas is to Miami. Thank goodness, we lead lives of Torah and emuna, and we don't lead two-faced and immoral governments.

Any person with emuna should be delighted that the administration in Washington, DC has blatantly betrayed Israel. Any occasion in our history when Israel depended on a foreign power led to submission and tragedy. It's about time we did what Hashem wants us to do and not what foreign governments want us to do. For example, the cowardly building freeze in Israel during the last few years as a capitulation to the White House did not bring peace; it only created a shortage of at least 20,000 housing units and drove apartment prices here through the roof. The 3,000 units that the Israeli Government is currently planning are certainly welcome, but still a drop in the bucket.

Don't be afraid as the nations of the world isolate us - Hashem is doing this for our very best and as preparation for the imminent redemption of our people - the Geula. You'd like to be part of the Geula, wouldn't you? Or do you prefer to continue hiding your kippa in your pocket and wearing a baseball hat or a beret so that your hostile neighbors won't know that you're Jewish?

Live like a Yael, with no fear of anyone but Hashem. Vayishkon Yisrael betach badad - "And Israel shall dwell in security isolated." Happy Chanuka from the Land of Emuna.