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Holocaust Day: Mass Graves of Yanov

Today is Holocaust Day in Israel. The following is a short clip of one of my recent trips to Yanov, Ukraine, where my father's family comes from. The Nazis slaughtered 4,000 Jews there in the Spring of 1942. They are buried in two mass graves, one of 2,500 and one of 1,500. May their holy martyred memory - and the memory of all the 6 million martyrs - be sanctified and never forgotten.

Reb Shlomo Carlebach: The Last Seder in the Warsaw Ghetto

Thanks to Neshama in California for sending us the following clip, which is capable of making a stone shed tears. Remember that our return to Hashem in the holy Land of Israel is the only guarantee that there'll never again be a Warsaw Ghetto. Let's hope that this coming Pesach will be the real freedom holiday for our people Israel, once and for all coming home to the Land of Israel and the rebuilt united Jerusalem, amen.