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Matzo Man

Important Pesach notice: Sadness and depression are the two worst forms of spiritual chometz. They have no place in our house or in our hearts! If you're not smiling, G-d forbid, go have a look at Matzo Man - this is one of our perennial favorites:

Bibi a Breslever?

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's time in putting together a coalition is running out. Before Shabbat, he received a 2-week extension and now he only has 12 days left. The negotiations are like a short blanket - if he covers his head, his feet are outside; if he covers his feet, his head is outside. In like manner, when he pleases one prospective coalition partner, his displeases another. What should he do?

If Bibi were to ask me, I'd take him out to the beach south of Ashdod after sundown, and teach him how to talk to Hashem. If he'd throw the whole problem in Hashem's lap, he'd see how fast he gets a solution...

Bibi a Breslever? Am I pipe dreaming? For sure, not! Wait and see how many people will be making teshuva in the coming six months. Big things are about to happen, and no one will be able to sit on the fence anymore.

A bright Beams blessing and thanks to Rosy Afriat and the Doniger Family for sharing the following image with us...

Bibi Breslever

Midnight Hour: Breslev Motown Purim

In loving memory of my father, Yaacov ben Yitzchak, who loved a l'chaim and a good laugh. It's ever so suitable that his yahrtzeit is on Shushan Purim, tonight and tomorrow. This one's for you, Pop...

Breslevers have a good time all year long, and especially on Purim. Here's what happens when Menachem Herman and I get together on Purim; when we're sober, we turn Sweet Home Alabama into Sweet Home Jerusalem. After a couple glasses of vintage Golan wine, Wilson Pickett becomes a Breslever Chassid, and the Midnight Hour becomes a song about hitbodedut, personal prayer with Hashem in the wee hours. I hope you have as much fun watching this as we did recording it. May your Purim smile last all year long, amen!