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Loving the Torah

Moishie and LB
Every year on Shavuot, we receive the Torah anew.

If we want our children to love Torah, we have to love the Torah and we absolutely must love them, no strings attached, and give them as much attention as we possibly can.

Lately, with the school year coming to an end, many parents have been seeking my advice as to their children who are unhappy in their current Torah schools. My blanket answer is to search for a school where the teachers love every child in the class. My grandchildren here in Ashdod are fortunate enough to learn in such schools. As such, they look forward to each new day at school. In the Vishnitzer Cheder where my grandson learns, the report card is a 4-page handwritten personal letter to the parents, addressing every aspect of the child's academic, spiritual and social growth. The caring teacher does that for all the 22 boys in his class!

No one said that teaching is easy. Every profession has its difficulties and challenges. But, if a person wants to teach Torah, says the Vishnitzer Rebbe shlit'a, he has a solemn obligation to love every child in the class. If he can't, then it's best for everyone involved that he engage in a different line of work.

Don't ever forget what Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a teaches: "If you don't live it, you can't give it." When our children see us lovingly engaged in Torah, they'll want a peace of the action. A parent has no moral or ethical right to tell his child to sit down and learn when he himself is not. And don't ever forget - if we want our kids to love Torah, we must love them. Blessings for a lovely Shavuot!

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The Holy Shelah's Prayer

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Chodesh Tov, y'all!! I'm so excited, because it's Sivan, which means it's a full month of birthday celebrations! Yup, I'm expecting a gift every day, from someone. Anyone. Any takers out there? (Besides myself?) Judah? Tena? Rivka?? Anybody???

This stunning pink diamond ring is from my favorite jeweler, Graff. They make the most unbelievable pieces in the world! Ladies, check out this 0utrageous diamond and sapphire cuff! I'm not exactly holding my breath for any million dollar jewelry, but if you really feel the need... tizku l'mitzvot!  (Just a little fyi- I'm a size S in clothes and size 7 in shoes. I love anything Nike and Adidas, and I'm very proud to show off my bling-bling. Hahaha.)

But seriously, today is a very special day besides from the fact that it's Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Today is a very auspicious, suspicious, and nutritious day to say a beautiful prayer written by the Shelah Hakadosh. It's a prayer for our children's success in life. 

Here's the prayer

Have an amazing month!



Happy Lag B'Omer!


That's one crazy fire. I'm not surprised by the insanely dangerous look of it, because my husband made it last night. Turns out he was quite the pyro in his day. Lucky for me, my oldest son is proudly following in his footsteps. Can I blame in on hubby's mutated genes?  What a silly question! Of course I can!

Faulty genetics aside, today is Lag B'Omer! It's the anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest sages of all time, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zy"a. Rabbi Shimon composed the Holy Zohar, which contains the deep Kabbalistic secrets of the Torah and all of creation. Today is a very auspicious day to wish for anything you want (assuming it's good for you,) and in the merit of Rabbi Shimon may you receive it!

Here is a short article explaining the significance of this holy and joyous day. PLUS, you can listen to music today, which is a great reason to do some serious partying!*

Great. I totally erased the paragraph that was here a second ago, and I have no idea what it said! Anyhow, don't forget that Rav Brody and crew are on their way to North America for his incredible, ground-breaking, astounding, awesome, mind-blowing "Break Through" tour! Here's the full tour schedule.  Have a fantastic day!


*no drinking, smoking, hand-holding, flirting, ogling, eating carbs, sugar, dairy, fat, or juicy, delicious medium-rare steaks unless I can have one. Ditto for the drinking. I'd love me a cold glass of crisp, sparkling champagne. Gotta adjust to the "two weeks alone with my five wild animals who happen to be the loudest ones on the block" thing. Of course, the fact that their mother is a roaring lioness with an Iraqi temper doesn't help things. 

A Torah for Everyone

For hundreds of years, Hashem revealed Himself to the Prophets of the Jewish People. But, when it came to giving us the Torah, Hashem revealed Himself to the entire nation. Today's emuna lesson explains why we renew our personal connection with Torah every single year. Enjoy and have a lovely new week!

And Even Though He Tarries...

All the preconditions that our sages have stipulated for the coming of Moshiach have been fulfilled. The time is especially ripe now. Nevertheless, despite all the eager anticipation, and even though he tarries, we still wait for Moshiach innocently and patiently with simple faith. "And even though" in Hebrew is Ve'af al pi.

The Rambam's 12th principle of emuna is, "I believe with full and complete faith in the coming of Moshiach; and even though he tarries, I shall still wait for him whatever day he comes."

Let's hear Rav Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory put the Rambam's above principle to music in one of his most soul-stirring melodies. Enjoy it, and may you have a wonderful Shvii shel Pesach and may we all soon - together - merit to greet Moshiach in our rebuilt Holy Temple in Jerusalem, amen. 

Matzo Man

Important Pesach notice: Sadness and depression are the two worst forms of spiritual chametz. They have no place in our house or in our hearts! If you're not smiling, G-d forbid, go have a look at Matzo Man - this is one of our perennial favorites. May Hashem bless you with the happiest Pesach ever!