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Rare Glimpse of Chassidic Israel: Celebration of New Torah Scroll

Here is a rare documentary and inside glimpse of life in the Chassidic community of Ashdod, Israel. The Melitzer Rebbe of Ashdod, may Hashem bless him with health and long life, sponsors the gala celebration of the completion of a new Torah scroll and the festive parade from his home to the Melitzer Synagogue, where the new Torah scroll was received with singing, dancing, prayer and a festive meal, in a total holiday atmosphere with the Melitzer Chassidim dressed in their Sabbath and holiday garb. Enjoy it:

#MeToo - Not You!

Lass with Class
There's a big difference between the Hope Diamond, which weighs 45 Karats and is worth $350 million, and between a broken beer bottle in the street. Whereas the former is a rare gem and heavily guarded, the latter is cheap and rolling around in the gutter for everyone to touch and see. The Hope Diamond is the epitome of class; it conjures up images of a Rolls Royce and Cartier La Dona Watch. Nobody would have the gall to touch or even say something out of line to a woman wearing a Prada tailored-and fitted suit getting of a chauffeur-driven Jaguar XG, especially when the chauffeur and the body-guard sitting shotgun are iron-jawed former MMA stars who weigh 25o pounds each. Why?

The lass has class.

When she gets out of the car with her attache case and walks into her business meeting, people stand up. The young lady looks like royalty; her appearance, posture and speech demand respect. She will make her point and people will listen.

But, if she walks into the meeting wearing her barely thigh-high sleeveless and collarless mini bodycon, no one will hear a word she says. Young lady, you are hereby declaring your candidacy for the #MeToo movement, and the Harveys of the world (which any man who doesn't guard his eyes potentially is) won't be looking to do business with you, any more than one night. Why? Your appearance puts you into the category of a broken beer bottle.

No one said don't look snazzy. No one said don't be attractive. Care about how you look and think twice before you pop the cookies in your mouth. Take care of yourself - eat right and work out at the gym. Take walks everyday and talk to Hashem. But remember that you're His daughter, not Harvey's chunk of meat.

You owe yourself to be a lass with class. If you're a working woman, take 5 short minutes to see how to be a Winning Working Woman. You're success is guaranteed. You'll be commanding more respect and a bigger paycheck. Go for it!

This week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine has plenty more dynamite articles.

My esteemed and beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush gives us an option to lamenting during the Three Weeks, and instead, becoming proactive and building A Beautiful World.

Hashem loves Racheli Reckles (so do her readers and all of us at Breslev Israel); she gets herself into jams that nobody could bail her out of except Hashem. Read The Lost Check to see what we mean...

Hitting cleanup in our team of all-star writers is Alizah Teitelbaum, whose weekly column is especially for women. Alizah doesn't want you to be so quick in blabbing your heart out to your so-called best friend. You've been forewarned in Girl-Friend or Foe.

Breslev Israel's women writers are all young ladies with class. See Yehudit Channen's Prayers People Pray to see what I mean.

The head of Emuna Therapy, Dr. Zev Ballen, is a great guy who knows how to make other people feel great, as he does in All or Nothing.

You met former Golani fighter David Perlow this week on our really moving broadcast, One Person to the Rescue.  His latest article is about being a super husband in Make the Peace, Bro.

David Ben Horin is a breath of fresh air always. He loves Israel and he writes this week about Two Levels of National Miracles.

I want to share this short email with you, from Mrs. Judy Inbal in Israel:

"...I was riveted to my seat when I saw One Person to the Rescue. It was like a gripping 'This is Your Life' show and what an exciting surprise ending. Only Hashem could have produced such a broadcast. I never had any idea about the power of Emuna Outreach. From now on, I want a share in the action..."

Mrs. Inbal, Emuna outreach is happy to have you share with us in spreading emuna far and wide.

You too, cherished friends, are welcome to partner with Rav Shalom Arush and Emuna Outreach in saving lives, like you heard in the testimonies of One Person to the RescueDonate to Emuna Outreach - you'll be glad you did! 

One Person to the Rescue

The Torah tells us how the acts of one person, who many people ridiculed, belittled and disparaged, saved the entire Jewish People. If he could, then every person alive today is ingrained with this same power…

The 26-minute vid you're about to see is the replay of this week's live broadcast, which Hashem turned into one of the most powerful broadcasts I ever did. You'll hear about how the suicide of a lone Jewish inmate in a rough Texas state penitentiary was prevented. You'll meet a former Golani sergeant who'll tell you in his own words how someone saved his life and the life of buddies on the Gaza border. This is an absolute must-see:

Can you imagine the reward in Heaven - and one earth - from saving lives? Unfathomable! You can be one of them. Now you can understand why Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a says that there is no tzedakah - no form of charity on earth that can compare to Emuna Outreach. You too can be one of these heroes who saves lives! Donate to Emuna Outreach - you'll be glad you did!

Eight Founding Mothers: Jewish DNA

Jewish DNA
Divine wisdom is amazing. In Jewish Law, one is a Jew if the mother is a Jew.

In an amazing research paper, the American Journal of Human Genetics calls our people, a "female-defined ethnicity"; that's enough to silence the chauvinists.

But that's not my main point here: extensive research shows that all the Jewish People are descendents of "eight small, distinct nuclei of women". And, Ashkenazi Jews alone stem from four founding mothers.

Do you realize what that means?

When one Jew seeks to harm another Jew, he or she is targeting a brother or sister. That's most hateful to our Father in Heaven.

The book "Tana D'Bei Eliahu" is a compendium of Elijah the Prophet's teachings that he says in the Name of Hashem. These teachings were handed down from generation to generation until they were compiled in book form. One of them says: "The Holy One said to the People of Israel: 'Beloved children, is anything lacking in this world? Do I ask you for anything? All I ask is that you love each other, and that you respect each other, and you have awe of each other's dignity. There shall not be swindling, affront or any unsightly interaction among you, so that you don't bring any blemish to the world Tana D'Bei Eliahu Raba, Ch. 28).

Our Torah doesn't need scientific confirmation when it tells us that we're Hashem's beloved children, namely, that we're all brothers and sisters. Since that's the case, let's begin loving one another; it could save our lives. Help put an end to intramural hate.

Like a Rock in Turbulent Waters: The Nahal Tzafit Tragedy

Wadi Flood 26.4.18
Israel this morning is in shock. In one fell swoop of raging flood waters, 10 young people lost their lives yesterday. They were 18 year-olds from the "Bnei Tzion" premilitary academy in Tel Aviv, killed after being swept away in torrential floods (above image) yesterday afternoon during a hike in Nahal Tzafit, a river wadi in the Arava region east of the Dead Sea that's dry most of the year. 

To put things into proportion, and to understand the magnitude of this tragedy, ten fatalities is a number equivalent to the average fatalities of two whole years of rocket attacks from Gaza!

This is a message from Hashem that no one can ignore. What does it mean? 

You can walk in a wadi - a dry riverbed - on a clear day with a blue sky enjoying the desert's breathtaking beauty. Meanwhile, six miles away up in the mountains, strange unseasonal clouds gather and dump their furious downpour. In the space of ten minutes, an inch of rain falls (25mm), half the annual precipitation in the desert. All of a sudden, the waters - fast, mighty and overpowering, become a raging flood with the power to wash a semi-trailer away as if it were a Playmobile toy. The young people who lost their lives yesterday were hit with such a flash flood. They didn't have a chance of survival.

What's Hashem's message here? What does it mean when ten people get washed away like "A rock in turbulent waters" (Nehemia 9:11)? One Israeli meteorologist said that the flood waters in Nahal Tzafit were so powerful that they were washing 3-ton boulders away.

Thinking about this, I finally understood what King David prayed for all the time in a passage that is part of the Tikkun Klali:  "For this, let every devout person pray to You at a time when misfortune befalls, that the flooding, mighty waters not overtake him" (Psalm 32:6). Wow - today's news from the Heavenly newsroom, or not?

What does it mean? 

Nahal Tzafit - one of the meaning of tzafit in Hebrew is, "Did you observe?" Did you open your eyes? Did you search for the meaning?

Try this:

You're going along with your life, hunky dory. You're fine - you go to synagogue, you eat kosher and you give charity. But all of a sudden, a flood of social pressure overtakes you. People tell you that you have to be on a Whatsapp group or on Facebook. You gotta make the Instagram scene. Before you know it, you (and your children) are washed away by the anti-emuna flood of gossip and evil speech. The woman is no longer baking challas and the men is no longer opening a Gemara. Their noses are in their smartphones. Their kids, with their own smartphones, lock themselves in the bathroom or bedroom and are texting on Shabbat.

Yes, this flood of epikorsis - social media heresy - is  washing away the unsuspecting Jewish People. I know that many readers will have a fit about this, but sorry, but you know it's true.

For the last five days already, the Israel Meteorological Service has been warning on hourly radio broadcasts to stay away from Negev river wadis because of the chance of flooding. And the flooding came...

For the last five years, every one of our spiritual leaders - Sephardi, Lithuanian and Chassidic - have been warning of the dangers of the social media flood of heresy, telling people to stay away. And that flooding came raging too.

Is anyone listening?

If King David - King of Israel and Hashem's anointed - had the need to beg Hashem to protect him from "the flooding, mighty waters", which our sages interpret as the major sins of lashon hara, heresy, debauchery and bloodshed, what can we say? Can we nonchalantly stroll down the dry river beds of seemingly innocent social media, then get hit with a flood of lashon hara, heresy, debauchery and bloodshed, all of which washes everything away in its path?

The social media flood is a greater threat than Hamas and Hezbolla, but few people will take this to heart. For the one person who will, and decides to return to the spiritual high ground of prayer, Torah learning and challah baking, then this post was worth it. May are efforts in spiritual strengthening bring gratitude to the cherished souls who were washed away in yesterday's flood, amen! Shabbat Shalom, and may we hear good tidings,

Our Duty and Our Country Israel

Happy 70th Birthday, State of Israel!

The young man in the picture above won't be going on a cookout tonight. He won't be partying. He's preparing for a dangerous mission, scary too. He's the platoon commander of a crack infantry unit that will be laying in ambush on the other side of one of our borders, where the intel suspects/expects an imminent terrorist infiltration. He'll be awake for 8 hours and he doesn't dare doze, even for a second. How does he do it? You might say duty and dedication, but his family lives only a few short miles from the border. He's protecting them.

I have a question for the young, able-bodied men wearing suits and hats, who are hanging around sidewalks and malls, or picknicking today at the beach or the park: what are you doing to protect your family and your people? Why aren't you in Yeshiva today at your duty post learning Torah? You received your exemption from the army so that you could learn Torah, so why are you not manning your important spiritual battle station?

Hashem gave us the gift of our own state. Sure, it's not yet what we dream of: we'd love to have the return of the Davidic Dynasty, the Holy Temple and total Torah law. But meanwhile, we still have the best place on earth and we must protect it from our enemies day and night. The young men in the olive green are doing their job; what about the young men in the black?

I rarely lose my temper but I admit - desecration of Hashem's Name makes my blood boil. Yesterday, on Memorial Day when we mourn our fallen soldiers - many of whom were friends, neighbors, relatives and close comrades who we can never ever forget - a siren calling for a moment of silence wailed all over the country. Cars stop on the highway, people get out and stand at attention in the respect of the memory of the fallen. Sure, this is not exactly a Jewish custom but it has become the national custom and we must honor it. At any rate, last night, when the siren wailed and everyone stopped, my wife was standing at attention at a bus stop. She looks like a Chassidic grandmother (and she is) but she's also a former IDF sergeant who served in the tank corps in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. She saw two young men in black hats and suits continue walking down the street nonchalantly; she motioned at them to stop but they ignored her. I'm glad that I wasn't with her because I'm afraid that I might have done something that I'd regret...

I ask these senseless young men: Why didn't you stop? Why didn't you show respect for those, in whose sacrifice and dedication you sleep soundly in your beds at night? And, if you didn't want to show respect, why didn't you remain in Yeshiva glued to your Gemara like you should be? What are you doing on the street?

The basis of both emuna and common decency is gratitude. Judaism is gratitude. Torah is gratitude. And don't tell me indignantly that the State of Israel tries to uproot Torah Judaism. If I had never come to Israel and served in the army - both of which I thank Hashem for daily - I would have never made teshuva. I would never have appreciated my G-d, my people, our Torah and our country. Thank You, Hashem, and thank you Israel and Happy 70th Birthday! May you be healthy and happy till Moshiach comes!

Meanwhile, we all must do our duty. If one chooses to learn Torah, fine; but, he should learn with the same dedication that those Golani and Givati boys will be exhibiting tonight on patrol. May Hashem protect them.