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2 Forward, 1 Back

Those who climb
Dear Rav Lazer,

I have a master's in engineering from the Technion in Haifa. I spent three years in active duty as an IDF paratrooper. I've had Hizbulla missiles land in my back yard. I've managed to compete for the last 18 years in the dog-eat-dog world of Israeli hi-tech. After having become a Baal Teshuva (newly observant Jew - LB) 2 years ago, I started being a shomer brit (guardian of the covenant, maintainer of personal holiness - LB) six months ago and it's the toughest battle I ever had. After 28 crystal-clear days and feeling great about myself, I blew it. What's wrong with me? Am I back to zero? Menachem from Northern Israel

Dear Menachem,

I guarantee you that Hashem has phenomenal gratification from what you're doing. The biggest tzaddikim have setbacks. True spiritual growth is two steps forward and one step back; don't be disappointed when you fall, because today's fall is higher than yesterday's success. In your corner with a big hug, LB 

Love, Not Lust

Love and Lust
Dear Rabbi Brody,

I was one of the participants in the conference-call shiur you gave our group who are working on trying to break free from sex addictions. I can't thank you enough. For a long time, I was really down on myself and the more depressed I'd get, the worse I'd mess up. You were so positive, encouraging and non-judgmental. I feel like you threw me a rope to help pull me out of the muck. You should know that you helped a lot of us, because the head of our group said that this was a record-breaking shiur with hundreds of people listening in. Thanks so much and may you blessed with continued strength to keep doing what you do. From the heart, Srool the Tool

Dear Srool,

I deeply appreciate your email, but the credit goes to my teacher Rav Shalom Arush, Breslev Israel an Emunah Outreach, for everything I do is under their auspices. You guys are heroes - keep up your good work, and you'll bring Moshiach, for sure. With blessings always, LB

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Heroes of This Generation

If you pay close attention, you'll see that we live in a world of stark contrasts. From one standpoint, the evil inclination has never been stronger. From the other standpoint, our generation has been graced with an unprecedented illumination of emuna and teshuva. The sages of the Talmud feared the era that we now live in, the period that precedes the coming of Moshiach. The great Amora Ula said, "May he [Moshiach] come, and may I not see him!" (Tractate Sanhedrin, 98b). In other words, may Moshiach come, but I don't want to be in the generation that heralds his arrival: Ula, Raba and others like them were afraid that they couldn't withstand the challenges of our generation, especially in the areas of emuna and personal holiness. 

If you're a woman who, despite the social pressure, dresses modestly, you can't imagine the reward that awaits you in the World to Come. And, if you're a man who does his best to guard his eyes and maintain personal holiness, you're in for some very pleasant surprises. The two of you are the heroes of this generation.

Hero of Holiness

The Worst Jail

No jail like lust
People work their entire lives to reach the pinnacle of their career. We all know presidents, diplomats and other seemigly dignified people who throw their entire careers away for a few moments of lust satisfaction. 

The same can be said about the heads of families. They too have thrown marriages, spouses and the future of their children away while fanning the flame of their lust.

What a shame!

One can't be free if he or she is a slave to lust. It's worse than being locked in the worst jail. That's why we put so much emphasis on modesty and personal holiness, for nothing severs a person from Hashem like lust, and nothing enables a person to get so close to Hashem as personal holiness.

Shovevim, Purity and Abundance

This week begins the period of "Shovevim", the 6-week period from the week of Shmot to and including the week of Mishpatim, where we place an emphasis on enhancing personal holiness.

Did you know that personal holiness greatly affects income? 

Making an adequate living is something everyone wants to succeed at. Our sages teach that a man's livelihood comes by virtue of his wife, rather than by talent or hard work. The more spiritually pure the couple is, the more the woman invokes Divine blessing, and subsequently enhances the family’s income. Therefore, for a couple to reach their optimal income potential, it is advisable that they take advantage of the wealth of family purity, which includes the magical Jewish soul-purification tool - the mikva (ritual bath).

The union between husband and wife is far beyond the physical realm, as it contains the Divine attribute of a life-creating power. The husband and wife literally become partners with Hashem in creating life, and as such they must strive for unity and purity.

In the course of my work in emuna outreach I speak with people that suffer from various types of tribulations in life. Today the most common issue that people complain about – and enemy number one to peace in the home – is financial problems. The first thing I tell couples is that the key lays in observing the laws of family purity. This includes the wife's periodic immersion in a mikva, among other mitzvot (laws). Some people balk at this suggestion, mostly out of ignorance and distorted preconceptions. However if a couple has financial problems and they are not yet observing family purity, even winning the Irish Lottery will not solve their problems.

The more we purify ourselves, the more we become worthy vessels for Divine abundance.

Some protest and say, "I know many wealthy people who are the furthest thing away from holy!"

True, but that's dark-side wealth. Unworthy people are rewarded with a bit of money in this world, but lose everything in the next world. Also, money that stems from other than a holiness/wholesome source won't be money with a blessing. Those same rich people are not happy.

Personal holiness will make all of us happy and healthy, and wealthy too! You're no exception.

The Real Deal

Some people think that the spiritual advice we give is rosy pie-in-the-sky; others listen, and realize that it's the real deal. Check out what Itzie from LA has to say:

"My name is Itzie and I live in Los Angeles. I am a religious Jew who grew up in a not-so religious background. I have recently become fond of your teachings through your website and through torahanytimes website and i must say that i enjoy them very very much. Your teachings come from love and have filled a tiny hole in my heart that I couldn't seem to fill on my own. I am a married father of 4 for 8 years now. My wife and I have had good times but mostly tough times and many times I felt like I couldn't continue in the marriage anymore...

"But recently I heard you tell a story of a wife that emailed you saying that without reason, she can't seem to understand why she has recently had a feeling of hatred towards her husband. You then related that you asked the husband to call you and you discovered that he has been viewing inappropriate things on line on his home computer. At that point I realized that maybe that's whats happening to me as I always had that problem as well. Actually it was never really a problem that i struggled with because i convinced myself that there was nothing wrong with it. Whats wrong with just looking at a picture i thought. But after hearing your advice to him, I told myself "What do you have to lose - try for one week not to look at anything inappropriate and see if it helps with anything".

"Rabbi Lazer Brody, I am emailing you 3 weeks since the beginning of my experiment and after 8 years of marriage, I am happy to report that my shalom bayis has DRAMATICALLY improved. True i need more work but at least i found a path thanks to you. Your advice really works!"

* * * * *

During these weeks of "Shovevim", any tiny improvement in personal holiness counts big upstairs. All of us have room to improve in guarding our eyes and polishing up our modesty. And it works, because it's the real deal. Wait and see the improvement not only in your marriage, but in your income too.