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From My Heart to Yours, Thank You!

Laniado with Dr. Amash
I received so many concerned emails from you, cherished friends, asking where I disappeared to last week, because I always inform you when I go overseas. This time I wasn't overseas - I was in the cardiology ward of Laniado Hospital in Netanya. I'm writing now because I'm home, with Hashem's enormous grace. My wings have been clipped somewhat, but I'm strong, thanks to Hashem.

It was a crazy story. I was in the height of fitness, beyond all the "excellent" levels not only for my age, but for people twenty years younger than me. I was working out every day except for Shabbat of course, and doing full-throttle wind-sprints twice a week. But, during recent sprint sessions, my heart rate was hitting 215, 54 more than what my heart-rate maximum should be. Yet, I felt great. I didn't know what was wrong - my heart or my heart-rate monitor. I decided to have a complete athlete's checkup at Israel's national college of sports and sports medicine, Wingate Institute in Netanya. I flew through all the tests with great scores until the final test - the stress test, where you wear an EKG while walking on a treadmill. The tester, a sports cardiologist, turns up the pace until you're totally exhausted, to determine a number of fitness factors. At the outset of the test, he called his two colleagues to come quickly. His face was ashen. The head cardiologist looked at the chart and said to his third colleague, "Go call an ambulance - dachoof - pronto!" I didn't understand what was flying - I felt great. To make a long story short, normal hearts have a steady even rhythm; my heart was showing a rhythm like the syncopation of Chassidic niggun. They said that I had arrhythmia - atrial fibrillation - so bad that I was in imminent danger, Heaven forbid. An ambulance picked me up and the paramedic wouldn't even let me lift my gym bag...

The doctors wanted to treat me with all types of drugs in preparation for electrical cardioversion, which in lay terms are electric shocks to the heart. I wouldn't let them. I spoke to my beloved rabbi and spiritual guide, Rav Shalom Arush, who prescribed different "treatments". The Melitzer Rebbe, well-versed in medical matters, agreed with everything Rav Shalom said. I followed their advice and I'm now home, feeling great. True, my sprint shoes went to the trash can and I must exercise a lot more "softly", making sure that my heart rate doesn't exceed 161. I'll tell you the whole story in my emuna lesson later this week, G-d willing, because this was surely one of the biggest emuna lessons in my life, brought to me by my loving Father in Heaven. As you can see in the above photo from the emergency room In Laniado, I'm smiling (next to me in the photo is emergency cardiologist Dr. Amash, an Israeli Arab from the village of Jasr al Zarka, who was my favorite physician and himself an athlete). This has all been for the best - thank You, Hashem! And, thank you, cherished friends, for all your blessings and concern, from the bottom of my happy heart to yours, which I hope will be strong and healthy until you're 120 years old, amen!