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MY FIRST BOOK!!! (Sort of!)

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For the first time (and hopefully the last time) in my life, I'm speechless. SPEECH-LESS!! This is the happiest day of David's life, I just know it! 

Well, it's one of the happiest days of my life too! Take a good look at the right side of this picture! Do you see my name up there?? DO YOU SEE??? 

Let me tell you about this special little book. About a year ago Rav Brody asked me if I had some extra time to work on a project with him, and I told him that I would do my best to squeeze him in between my massage and mani/pedi appointments. 

Most of you have heard Rav Brody speak, whether in person or online or on a cd. You know how captivating and genuine he is. When I first started listening to his cd's back in Miami, I was hooked. And not just because the information was so amazing. It was more his soothing voice and the way he said things. Everything just made sense. And no one was yelling at me, which I really wasn't used to. 

Over the years, he's come up with more than a few one-liners that can make you go, "Hmmmm." They inspire you. They reset your perspective. They help you through difficult times. 

We took all of these awesome spiritual bullets and put them together, and voila! This cool little book came to life. And after much anticipation, it's finally here! Oh, and I got to write the acknowledgments and foreword. Super cool!

I am in a state of awe and confusion at the same time. I keep running over to the mirror and pointing at myself, saying to my reflection, "Girl, who are you?? What is the meaning of this... book writing stuff? Did you see yourself in the mirror? Look at you, standing there in your fleece robe, all disheveled and confused!"

And I respond to my reflection, "YES! I AM disheveled and confused! But I'm also special! I can spell and use grammar properly! I can write!" And I continue my string of compliments until my reflection gets so annoyed that she turns around and walks away.

Being involved in this special project has taught me something so profound: Hashem has given each and every one of us so much greatness, so many talents.  

And if we're open to the opportunities He sends us, we will be fortunate enough to see how much we can accomplish. We'll see how deeply we can affect the lives of those around us, simply by working on being our best. 

You know what? This isn't just a great book for you, who would appreciate the spiritual strengthening it provides. It's the perfect book to give to someone who is just starting to have questions about G-d and life. It's perfect for someone who is trying to figure out his life's mission(s.) It's also perfect for someone who needs a boost in their self-confidence. It's especially perfect for someone who urgently needs to learn about emuna. 

What makes this book especially great is that it can be read from any page. You can just open up to a certain chapter, or open it up to wherever you feel like. And almost magically, you'll find the exact message you need. 

I encourage each of you to get yourselves a few copies, and not just because I'm trying to get on the New York Times' bestseller list! (Although that would be wayyyy awesome.) 

There is no better time to start making big changes in your life than right now. The great thing is that making big changes doesn't always mean you have to make big commitments. All you have to do is click here

Have a wonderful day, and remember - YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!


Join us in Wales for the Noahide Summit, Sept. 17, 2017

Worcester hills
A personal prayer workshop in Wales? Is Moshiach here already?

Not yet, but we hope so soon. And yes, the personal prayer workshop is the real deal - it's only part of our upcoming Noahide Summit in Worcester, UK. So, if you're in the UK, take a delightful Sunday drive in the English/Welsh countryside and by all means, join us! Here are the details:

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