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Yonatan and Aaron Raz'el: Ibdu

My cherished friends brothers Yonatan and Aaron Raz'el are not only wonderful composers and musicians, they are the finest human beings you'll ever want to meet. In the clip you're about to see, they are helping some special needs young men to fulfill the dream or recording music in the studio. Together, the Raz'el brothers and the young men from "Alei Siach" sing "Ibdu" - serve Hashem with joy! I'm sure that you'll find this clip as inspiring as I did:

Isaac Miracles: No, You Won't Give Up

Some people have average or below average aptitudes and abilities, but they surpass others by far. What's their secret? They never give up. This vital message is put beautifully to song by our dear friend, Chassidic rapper and hiphop artist Isaac Miracles from Montreal. I'm sure you'll enjoy this as much as I do - have a lovely Shabbat and never give up!

"Tattie Hashivenu"

This Shabbat is Shabbat Nachamu, the Sabbath of Consolation. We beg our loving Father in Heaven to bring us back to Him - "Tattie, Hashivenu". Here it is in a lovely new song by Yanky Ausch and performed by Avremi Lunger and child prodigy Nusi Fuchs. Enjoy, and have a fantastic Shabbat!

Yanky Lemmer: Momel'e

Mama Chasia, you're on the other side of the ocean but you're ever so close to my heart. This post is especially for you...

Cantor Yanky Lemmer, who is gifted with a beautifully inspiring voice, sings the song of a loving son watching as his elderly mother lights the Friday night Sabbath candles, her face aglow. In this popular Yiddish/English folk song, he recalls his childhood, and the memories of his intense experience of her Jewish motherly kindness. Cantor Lemmer presents this piece together with the popular Yiddishe Mama, in a gorgeous taste of Jewish nostalgia. Enjoy it and have a wonderful Shabbat!

Lipa Schmeltzer: Nachman ben Faigie

Never a dull moment with Lipa - he's always doing exciting new things. He has a new album coming out soon, where he teams up with DJ Matt Dubb. Lipa, one of my "adopted sons", stays in touch despite the heavy demands on his time and his crazy schedule, and he sent me this brand new clip to share with you. Enjoy this - it's a lot of fun - and have a lovely Shabbat!

I Prayed for This Child

The moving story of Hannah appears in the first and second chapter of Samuel I: Hannah had no children, and she begged Hashem in the holy tabernacle at Shilo that if He gives her a child, she will dedicate this child to the service of Hashem. Hashem heard her prayers, and Samuel was born.

When Samuel was weaned, Hannah brought him to the High Priest Eli in Shilo, where the little Samuel grew up devoting his entire life to serving Hashem. As Hannah presents her son to Eli, she says, "This is the lad I prayed for; Hashem granted me the request that I asked of Him" (Samuel I, 1:27).

In a beautiful age-old Jewish tradition, when we check on our sleeping children at night, and we see them like little angels fast asleep, we repeat the above passage as an expression of gratitude to Hashem, and we continue to pray for their spiritual and physical welfare and development.

Shraga Gold and the Shira Choir sing Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz's lovely rendition of Hannah's moving expression of gratitude in the following beautiful clip, which we hope you enjoy as much as we did. Shabbat Shalom!

Rebbe, Rebbe

Baruch Hashem, the Omer is past and we're back with a special melody.

A Breslever custom is to say a hitkashrut prayer before every mitvza, where we bind ourselves to all the true tzaddikim and particularly our own rebbe, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, osb"m.

Yehudah Green turned the hitkashrut prayer into a beautifully stirring melody named "Rebbe, Rebbe." Here, Chassidic singer Duddy Knopfler with the Meshorerim Choir sing a moving rendition, which I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I do. Below are the lyrics in Yiddish transliteration, in Yiddish and in English translation. Enjoy and have a wonderful Shabbat!

Rebbe, rebbe, mir villen zich mikasher zein Tzu dir

Hinneni mikkasher nafshi, ruchi venishmasi lenishmas adoni mori urabi

Im shaar hatzadikim veha'avos hakdoshim ve'im shaar hatzidkanios vehaimahos hakedoshos

רבי, רבי, רבי, מיר ווילען זיך מקשר זיין צו דיר

הנני מקשר נפשי, רוחי, ונשמתי, לנשמת אדוני מורי ורבי

עם שאר הצדיקים והאבות הקדושים ועם שאר הצדקניות והאמהות הקדושות

Rebbe , rebbe, I want to bind myself to you

I hereby connect the three elements of my soul to the soul of my master, teacher and rebbe,

Together with the other tzaddikim the holy patriarchs and the holy matriarchs.