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This One's for You, Jherin

Jherin Esther Gorcey (1995-2011) was an angel of emuna disguised as a bubbly sweet teenager who loved life and everyone around her. She was the daughter of our dear friends Rachel and Dr. Steven Gorcey from Deal, New Jersey. Jherin was sent to this world to inspire people, to spread emuna and to bring people closer to Hashem. Her influence on people, especially on her peers, was prodigious. She was just as adept on skis or on a surfboard as she was in her studies. Her heart glowed with love of Hashem, so much so that the words of her poetry that she left us ooze Divine inspiration.

Jherin gathered countless girls together for Torah classes in her home. She never discriminated, inviting every young lady, no matter which school she attended, her background or her religious level - Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or totally secular. She was a magnet of emuna and holiness. Jherin's mission on earth came to an abrupt halt when she had an allergic reaction to anesthesia during routine surgery in April of 2011.  She is buried here in Ashdod, Israel, may her holy, pure and blessed soul intervene in our behalf under the Heavenly Throne, amen.

I have shivers up my spine every time I read Jherin's poem emuna:

He is always there for us
no matter where we go
it is patience we need to give
for us to see that flow

It is the confusion I must overcome
the stupid things it comes from
but only one invincible might can stop that
and that will be Hashem

Bitachon is what we need
emuna is what we gain
the trust and love we have for Him
must empower all our pain

He is always there for us
no matter where we go
it is patience we need to give
for us to see that flow

and that will be Hashem!

Tal Vaknin and Gad Elbaz put Jherin's words to song in a most lovely way - may this be an inspiration for all of us and an eternal credit to Jherin, of blessed memory. You'll love this:

Emuna or Coca Cola - Who's More Popular?

Emuna Coca Cola
My dream has always been that the word emuna soon becomes more popular than Coca Cola. We still have work to do, because according to Google, Coca Cola is still 40,000 times more popular than emuna. No wonder that there's so much to fix in this world. There's one big difference though: whereas Coca Cola is disastrous to your health (bone fractures, osteoporosis, tooth decay, kidney failure, low fertility, dehydration, obesity and diabetes risk, just to name a few), emuna is fantastic for body, mind and soul and the best thing in the world for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The job of spreading emuna in the world was much more than I could handle on my own, which I tried my best to do in the first nine years after Emuna Outreach was founded in 2004. Needing much more spiritual fire-power, the "platoon" of Emuna Outreach became part of the emuna army of Breslev Israel, under the auspices of the world's Minister of Emuna, by beloved mentor Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a, 3 years ago in the summer of 2013. Since then, we've spread emuna books and CDs around the globe and have personally visited peoples of all backgrounds in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. This is true Tikkun Olam, rectifying the world. You can partner with us and reap the phenomenal benefits of bringing people of all backgrounds closer to Hashem - Donate to Emuna Outreach - it's USA tax-deductible.

Bright Beams blessings for a beautiful Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

The Power of Understudy

The Gemara in tractate Berachot teaches that even if someone knows the entire oral and written Torahs by heart, but that hasn't done understudy under a true upright Torah scholar, the person remains inane. I therefore cherish every moment of understudy that Hashem enables me to do under my esteemed and beloved rabbi and mentor, Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a. During our recent trip to North America together, I spent a goldmine of time with my teacher; every word that comes out of his holy mouth, especially in his Torah learning and his giving advice to people, outshines a flawless 5-carat diamond. Here are a few photos that tell a small part of the story; enjoy them and have a wonderful Shabbat:

1 - Rav Arush and I leaving chilly Canada RSA LB Toronto

2 - Listening to pearls of wisdom before takeoff to our next destination Pearls of RSA wisdom

3 - Learning together in the Southern California morning air RSA LB LA

4 - Doing simultaneous translation of the Rav's emuna lesson in Las Vegas Translation booth LB

5- Rabbi Arush utilizing every moment of time - writing his newest book while waiting to be picked up from the airport RSA LAX

The Battle for Eilat - Emuna vs. Gambling

King David said, "It is a time to act for Hashem, they have voided Your Torah" (Psalm 119:126). Recently, I expressed my desire to steer clear of politics and current events and devote the Beams to body, mind and soul health, which we can never have enough of. The Israeli government, particularly the Prime Minister and the Tourist Minister, are forcing me to break my word. I can't sit back and ignore the continued plans to defile our holy homeland and corrupt our citizens.

Let me explain: Prime Minister Netanyahu and Tourist Minister Levin want to turn the Red-Sea resort of Eilat, Israel (photo, above) into a gambling town. This is a double declaration of war on the emuna-hungry population of Eilat. Spiritually-healthy children can't grow up in a place like that.

If that's not enough, we give loads of counseling to addicted gamblers; first hand, I've seen how gambling wrecks marriages, homes and innocent children. Gambling addiction is ugly and painful, one of the worst types of addiction that causes tremendous peripheral damage. The Government, in its lust to imitate the worst aspects of the West, will be destroying more of its own citizens and another Israeli city will sucked into a spiritual cesspool. As it is, the Government prides itself into turning Tel Aviv into the gay-tourism capital of the world, may Hashem have mercy.

The Government has been systematically trampling Torah in multiple ways; on a spiritual level, their actions are what create the stern judgments Above that manifest themselves in rampant terrorism, road accidents and disease down here...

The only way to fight the spiritual contamination of our beloved homeland that's spreading like a government-sanctioned cancer is to spread emuna and more emuna. But we need your help. If you are capable of doing it first hand, then by all means, go for it! If not, give us the backing and we'll continue the fight to spread emuna and to bring our people - and the whole world - back to Hashem. Donate to Emuna Outreach - Rav Shalom says that there is no charity that reaches the shoelaces of spreading emuna. 

Sewing Up the Hole

Hole in the Sack
There was once a Ukranian peasant who worked all day long in the hot sun harvesting potatoes. At the end of the day, he looked inside his sack and lo and behold, there were only a dozen or so potatoes. Where'd they all go? He looked behind him and saw a trail of potatoes along the entire length of the field where he had been picking. What happened? There was a hole in the sack! Every time he put one potato in the sack, another potato fell out of the hole...

In recent years, I've sometimes felt like that peasant. We travel around the globe devoting our lives to bringing people closer to Hashem, yet loads of kids born into observant families are falling off the derech, the way of Torah Judaism.

In my humble opinion, the "off-the-derech" kids are the number-one problem that the Jewish People face today, not Iran or ISIS...

The kids themselves are not the problem. Having done extensive research into the subject and having spoken to hundreds of such young people, I've come to the conclusion that the problem is rooted in three main causes:

  1. The kids grow up in a home where the parents practice a stringent form of hellfire and brimstone Judaism, devoid of the joy that Judaism really offers.
  2. The kids grow up in a home where the parents honor material and/or secular values more than they honor Torah values.
  3. The kids never learn emuna, not from parents or teachers, so they have no motivation for Torah and mitzvoth, and no support system for life's challenges.

Fortunately, many of these young people are discovering emuna and the joy of their own personal relationship with Hashem by way of the teachings of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a, which Hashem has given me the privilege of spreading in the English-speaking world. It's our goal to sew up the hole.

Operation Emuna


Lazer explains to a Nachal Haredi soldier at a Jordan-border checkpoint about saying Tikkun Klali and Perek Shira.

No rest for the weary. Just like harvest season is the busiest time of the year for a farmer, Elul or "teshuva season" is a rush time for Emuna Outreach. We are doing our utmost, with Hashem's loving grace, to help enhance our soldiers' emuna, for emuna is not only Israel's best defense, it's Israel's only defense.

Emuna Outreach reaches certain places that we're not even allowed to publicize, such as our recent meeting with a special group of Israeli airmen to pump some high-octane emuna into the Israeli Air Force.

Emuna Outreach wants to thank all of you who have been donating your pidyon nefesh to Emuna Outreach. By the way, there's still time to Donate to Emuna Outreach and have Rav Shalom Arush perform a pidyon nefesh for you in Uman. May Hashem bless you and yours with a happy and prosperous New Year 5776.

Emuna Outreach at the Hotspots

By Breslev Israel Staff

Outreach Jordan border

It's the end of summer and the hottest month of Israel's year. Where do you find Rabbi Lazer Brody? He's in the hottest place in Israel, down on the Jordan border where daytime temperatures are reaching 111F. What's he doing? He's strengthening IDF soldiers in emuna.

Emuna Outreach is well-accustomed to hotspots, as you'll see in the following clip:

Emuna Outreach has grown tremendously, so much so that Rabbi Lazer Brody could no longer handle the entire organization on his own. But, as they say in Hebrew, the bitter has yielded the sweet. Emuna Outreach is now an integral part of Breslev Israel and the Chut Shel Chesed Institutions, under the auspices of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a. Scroll down to read the whole story:

Above video: Emuna Outreach in action during the Gaza War last summer, 2014

Weapons won't guarantee a strong Israel; emuna will.

For nine years, from August of 2004 until July of 2013, Emuna Outreach was virtually a one-man operation. With the help of dedicated volunteers and supporters around the globe, Rabbi Brody did his utmost in spreading the concept of emuna - pure and simple faith in The Almighty - in places where it was needed most: in combat zones, in prisons and in hospitals.

Tirelessly, Rabbi Brody personally spent extensive time with soldiers of the IDF on all of Israel's borders, teaching them how emuna enables them to function better under extreme stress. He spent weekends away from home and family just to be with IDF soldiers on the Jordan and Lebanese borders.

He regularly visited the wounded in rehabilitation centers and prison inmates in the process of rebuilding their lives. To places where he couldn't be personally, such as among the US Forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan, he'd send care packages of emuna books and CDs. Emuna Outreach has also worked extensively with the Aleph Institute, spreading emuna both in the American military and in the US prison system.

If that's not enough, Emuna Outreach sponsored emuna-awareness programs for as varied segments of the population as senior-citizens, toddlers and members of the International Noahide community, reaching as varied places as the Noahide community in Singapore and the native Americans of Texas, Tennessee and northern Canada.

But the job just became too prodigious for one individual to handle. So, in July of 2013, Rabbi Brody turned to the Minister of Emuna himself, his beloved teacher and spiritual guide Rabbi Shalom Arush, and asked for help so that the spread of emuna would not stop, Heaven forbid! As a result, Breslev Israel and the Chut Shel Chesed Institutions, both under the auspices of Rabbi Arush, have since taken Emuna Outreach under their wing. No longer a one-man organization, Emuna Outreach began to spread emuna on an even greater scale, as you see in the above film clip.

Rabbi Brody today is exclusively employed by Breslev Israel and his work in Emuna Outreach is completely under the auspices of Rav Arush, Breslev Israel and the Chut Shel Chesed Institutions.

With Rosh Hashana only a week and a half away, you can accumulate double merit for this awesome Day of Judgment. When you Donate to Emuna Outreach (recommended $180 per family, or as you can afford), Rav Shalom Arush will personally perform a pidyon nefesh (see video below) for you and your entire family. You gain a prodigious chunk of merit that insures a wonderful New Year and you become a full partner is spreading emuna around the globe. What's more, your generous support of Emuna Outreach is IRS-recognized and tax deductible.  As Rav Shalom Arush says, there is no greater mitzva.