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The Emuna Blossom


We here at the Beams don't want the gross hypocrisy in the news to bring anyone down. We are therefore happy to report that the sabra cacti in the fields east of Ashdod are beginning to flower in all their magnificent splendor. This is very symbolic, showing how exquisite beauty - emuna - blossoms particularly in an environment of dangerous thorns, symbolic of the trials and tribulations of this world that are testing us.

If you click on the above image, you'll get an enlarged version which you can use for wallpaper, courtesy of your friends here at the Beams and Emuna Outreach.

Rebbe Natan's Yahrtzeit: This Week

Shavua Tov! This coming Wednesday night and Thursday mark the 10th of Teveth, the 170th yahrtzeit of Rebbe Natan (Nosson) of Breslev. Here are some photos we took in Breslev, Ukraine a few summers ago:

Photo 1: Rebbe Natan's Gravesite


Photo 2: View of the Ukranian countryside from Rebbe Natan's gravesite


Photo 3: The River Bugg, here Rebbe Natan would pour his heart out in personal prayer


Photo 4: Lazer praying at Rebbe Natan's gravesite