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Wings of a Dove

People ask me where I get the stamina to hold up under such a gruelling tour schedule, for each road trip is usually 17-21 days with multiple daily engagements and often more than 18,000 miles of traveling. The answer is, I get my energy - and everything else I have - from Hashem. But what keeps me going is my daily hour of personal prayer. I'd like to share with you this pictorial diary of the places where I was privileged to do personal prayer during one of our USA speaking tours two years ago. Yes, you can speak to Hashem in the USA too (only from Israel, it's a local call). The background music is from the Madregot, two fantastic Israeli singers, who sing Ever Cayona, "Wings of a Dove". Have a great Shabbat!

10 Teveth: Rebbe Natan's Yahrtzeit in Pictures

RN 1
Image 1, above: Praying by the holy gravesite of Rebbe Natan Sternhartz, 1780-1845, known as "Rebbe Natan (Nosson in Yiddish) of Breslev", Rebbe Nachman's prime disciple, who wrote down all of Rebbe Nachman's teachings. Today, 10 Teveth, is his "yahrtzeit", the anniversary of his passing from the physical world. The gravesite is located in Breslev, Ukraine.

RN 2
Image 2, above: Rebbe Natan's gravesite, outside view.

Image 3, above: The Bugg River and the view of the Ukrainian countryside from Rebbe Natan's gravesite in Breslev, Ukraine.

Image 4, above: Personal prayer along the banks of the Bugg River, at the same exact spot where Rebbe Natan would spend hours pouring his heart out to Hashem.

May Rebbe Natan's holy and immortal soul intervene in our behalf, amen!

Rosh Chodesh Iyar

Today and tomorrow mark the beginning of the new Hebrew-calendar month of Iyar. This time of the year is gorgeous in Israel, and particularly in my beloved hometown of Ashdod on Israel's southern Mediterranean coast. The air here is perfumed with the fragrance of citrus blossoms. The sky is a clear deep blue. The wheat is ripening. The sea is calm. Let me share a few photos with you, to start off a lovely week and a beautiful new month: 

Image #1: Wildflowers east of Ashdod


Image #2: The late afternoon sun seen through river canes on Lachish River Wadi


Image #3: Wheat ripening in the field, to be harvested shortly before Shavuot


Image #4: Ashdod Marina


Image #5: Wall of Ancient Ashdod


Image #6: Citrus blossoms


Blessings for a wonderful need week and month!