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Uman Jamming

People are sending wonderful letters about the great time they had with us InnUman this past Rosh Hashana. Here's a little scene of the partying after 2 days of intense praying. Lyle Wexler is playing the harmonica and ZZ (my baby brother) is singing and playing the mandolin. Have a continued joyous Chol Hamoed!

Reflections from Uman

Many people still write me asking why I don't stay in Israel for Rosh Hashana rather than traveling to Uman in the Ukraine. Their arguments are logical and well-based, such as the Zohar that states that all prayers ascend from Eretz Yisrael. Nevertheless, my reason is simple - emunat chachamim - I believe in my rebbe, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, and he left explicit instructions for us to do our utmost to be in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

Folks write about Uman as a chassidic version of the Mardis Gras and so forth, stressing the festive atmosphere and the dancing in the streets. In my humble opinion, those are secondary and tertiary details. Uman is all about prayer, for Rebbe Nachman is the master of prayer.

The way to spot a true follower of Rebbe Nachman is by the way he prays. In the kloiz, the main minyan of Uman, you have 8500 people all praying word by word, slowly, as if each word was a delicious delicacy on their lips. Some are laughing and others have tears streaming down their faces, but all are intensely into the prayer. They've spent a mint of money getting there, suffer a long list of trials and tribulations including subhuman treatment by the infamously antisemitic Ukrainians, leaving wives and families behind. For partying? By no means. When the chazan in Uman calls out HaMelech during shacharit, and 8500 people applaud Hashem and His coronation, you feel like your soul is leaving your body. Seeing all 28-30000 Uman-goers swaying together by the river on Tashlich makes you feel the same way.

Some years, I spend time before or after Rosh Hashana traveling around to other tzadikim's graves in the Ukraine. This year, I plan to spend every available minute close to Rebbe Nachman gravesite; it's a holy place where Hashem especially listens to prayers. I have plenty to pray for and plenty of people to pray for. Already, several of them have told me about big miracles they've seen since the last time they asked me to mention their names on the holy gravesite in Uman. G-d willing, I hope to publish a few of these stories in the near future. Whenever I do, the clowns, the spammers, and the agnostics have a fit, but that's nothing new. They're allergic to anything that has anything to do with emuna.

Uman is all about emuna. Emuna is all about prayer, that you believe there's an Almighty that you can pray to and that listens to those prayers.

The Beams wishes you and yours a Ktiva V'Chatima Tova for a wonderful New Year and meaningful prayers. G-d bless.