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Our Children's Guarantors

A tremendous spiritual awakening is going on now. On the other hand, a world of darkness and negative influences are pulling young people off the path of observant Judaism. What do we do, especially as parents? Today's emuna lesson will illuminate our path. Enjoy it and have a lovely new week!

The Eternal Light

Today is the Tenth of Teveth. Who do we go from the high of Chanuka to the low of today's fast day in a mere week? Isn't that a little extreme? Also, Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a says that anyone who asks, "How was Chanuka?" doesn't understand the power and significance of Chanuka. The light of Chanuka stays with us not only for the rest of the year, but forever. Enjoy today's emuna lesson and have a wonderful and rewarding new week!/p>

The Tenth of Teveth and Beyond

This coming Sunday is a fast day, the Tenth of Teveth.

The Tenth of Teveth is a day of mourning, repentance and fasting, where we refrain from eating and drinking from daybreak to nightfall. What is its significance for posterity? Why do we go from a high of Chanuka to a low of the Tenth of Teveth? Today's shiur from the Chut Shel Chesed English-language Kollel in Jerusalem will give us a lot more insight and help us have a meaningful fast. It will also show the Torah's view of political correctness; we hope you find it enlightening: 

Days of Gratitude

No part of the Torah, including all Jewish festivals and holidays, will ever become discontinued or nullified, for the Torah is eternal. If so, why did our Sages promise that the Chanukah will never be abolished?

You're are cordially invited to join us in the Chut Shel Chesed English-language Kollel to see and hear my Chanuka message to our students there, where I answer the above question and more. Enjoy - Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanuka!

It's Your House

People in the era of iPhones, iPads and iPods have such an "I" way of thinking that they view their spouse as the opposition, someone who isn't letting the "I" do what he or she wants to. Today's emuna lesson connects between the importance of shalom bayit - marital peace - and Chanuka. Enjoy it and have a happy Chanuka and a wonderful new week!