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Rich Man, Poor Man

Shavua Tov! King Solomon, the wisest of all men who ever walked the face of the earth, said: "The rich man and the poor man meet - Hashem made both of them" (Proverbs 22:2) – this passage has special significance for Elul, something we all need to know in preparing for Rosh Hashanah:

We strongly recommend sending a A Pidyon Nefesh to Rav Shalom Arush via Emuna Outreach, who'll pray for you in Uman on Erev Rosh Hashana.

Rip Current

Inbal from Rechovot writes: "Rabbi Brody, this is one of the best lessons you ever gave. It rescued me from confusion and a most difficult predicament. I saw the live broadcast and urge everyone who did not to see the replay..."

Thanks so much, Inbal.

Life has many "rip currents", those unexpected situations that pounce on us and even threaten our lives. What do we do? The Gemara describes these very situations…

The Real Benefactor

One of the most amazing concepts in Judaism is that of Ben Mazakeh Av; the parent, long after his or her life in the physical realm, derives limitless benefit from the upright deeds of sons and daughters. Enjoy today's lesson and have a wonderful new week:

Three Weeks, Three Repairs

What does the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples have to do with Adam and Eve? Why so much lamentation on things that happened thousands of years ago? Can't we just move forward?

We have a surprise for you at the end of this week's lesson - a very special guest. Have a great new week and start off by seeing this: