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Human to Human

One of the most profound lessons we learn during the Omer is the weight Hashem places on the mitzvoth between man and fellow man – these are mitzvoth that only He can enforce. Enjoy today's emuna lesson and have a lovely new week!

Human to Human


These two men look too close for comfort for my tastes. What? Are you saying that the monkey is not a man at all, but a monkey? Nonsense! This is most certainly a man! He's a liberal who self-identifies as a monkey who likes to breathe other people's cigarette smoke into his mouth. Don't you DARE call him crazy! It's not politically correct, you know. 

Speaking of humans and more humans, you don't want to miss Rav Brody's emuna lesson TONIGHT at 7pm Israel time! He'll be speaking of the importance of mitzvot between man and man. Or man and monkey. Or man and man who thinks he's a monkey. Whatever.

Have a fantastic day!


Careful Speech

Shavua Tov! Rebbe Akiva's 24,000 students who "didn't properly respect one another" all died during the Omer. What did they do that was so serious and how can we avoid making the same mistake? Enjoy this week's enlightening emuna lesson and have a lovely new week:

Four Cups, Four Worlds

With a mere four weeks until Passover Seder night, we not only must clean our physical domain, but our spiritual domain as well. Seder night is not some mere commemoration of something that happened three thousand years ago; it is the rectification of the entire world in general, and each of us in particular, as we'll learn in Today's lesson. Blessings for a lovely new week, and enjoy the lesson...