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Four Cups, Four Worlds

With a mere four weeks until Passover Seder night, we not only must clean our physical domain, but our spiritual domain as well. Seder night is not some mere commemoration of something that happened three thousand years ago; it is the rectification of the entire world in general, and each of us in particular, as we'll learn in Today's lesson. Blessings for a lovely new week, and enjoy the lesson...

Chocolate-Covered Poison

Amalek is the snake. A lion or a tiger attacks with a roar, yet the snake attacks silently. Frequently, one can't even feel the pain of the snake-bite until it's already too late. In preparation for Purim, let's get to know the enemy Amalek so that we can defeat him once and for all. Enjoy today's lesson and have a lovely new week!

A Tale of Two Wolves

A wife's wrath gnaws at a husband's confidence and self-image, two of his major emotional tools for coping with the commercial and professional world. Even worse, anger destroys income as we learn in today's emuna shiur. After you hear about the two wolves, you'll enjoy reading about Racheli's encounter with the "Chutzpa Cat" in the post directly below. Enjoy both and have a wonderful new week!

Aleinu and Donald Trump

What's the connection between the Aleinu prayer and Donald Trump? Hopefully, soon, every human on earth will realize his or her inalienable right to establish their own personal relationship with the Creator and to speak to Him whenever they choose. Enjoy today's emuna lesson and have a lovely new week!