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The Beams Friday Web Yeshiva: Shabbat Devarim-Chazon

BB Friday Web Yeshiva

We here at the Beams are delighted to feature select lessons, brief and comprehensible, from Breslev Israel's distinguished staff of English speaking rabbis. We surely hope you enjoy this, so don't let your day go by without grabbing some Torah, especially ideas that you can say over at your Shabbat table:

Lesson #1 - Rabbi Lazer Brody on Parshat Devarim: "Tell, Don't Yell" (15 minutes duration):

We learn from Moshe Rabbenu and the great tzaddikim who is qualified to give reproof and how:

Lesson #2 - Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen: "Who Are We?" (35 Minute duration)

Lesson #3 - Rabbi Aharon Dobinsky: "Joy Forever!" (12 minute duration):

Lesson #4 - Rabbi Ralph Cohen: "Shabbat Chazon" (14 minute duration):

Enjoy, and have a lovely Shabbat!

One Person to the Rescue

The Torah tells us how the acts of one person, who many people ridiculed, belittled and disparaged, saved the entire Jewish People. If he could, then every person alive today is ingrained with this same power…

The 26-minute vid you're about to see is the replay of this week's live broadcast, which Hashem turned into one of the most powerful broadcasts I ever did. You'll hear about how the suicide of a lone Jewish inmate in a rough Texas state penitentiary was prevented. You'll meet a former Golani sergeant who'll tell you in his own words how someone saved his life and the life of buddies on the Gaza border. This is an absolute must-see:

Can you imagine the reward in Heaven - and one earth - from saving lives? Unfathomable! You can be one of them. Now you can understand why Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a says that there is no tzedakah - no form of charity on earth that can compare to Emuna Outreach. You too can be one of these heroes who saves lives! Donate to Emuna Outreach - you'll be glad you did!

Parshat Balak: Bilaam's Donkey

In his lust for money, prestige and power, Bilaam wouldn't listen to anyone, not even Hashem. Hashem therefore opened the mouth of Bilaam's donkey, something the evil soothsayer could no longer ignore. What does all this have to do with a person's marital relations? If you care about your marriage, you must see this:

Shabbat Shalom!

Parshat Vayikra: The Heroic Bava ben Bota

Our great spiritual leaders teach us that political correctness and truth have nothing to do with one another. Neither the Chafetz Chaim or the Steipler, both of saintly and blessed memory, gave a grain of thought to political expedience when they made Halachic decisions. Although the courageous and holy Bava Ben Bota was a student of Shammai, he bravely shunned “partisan interests” and admitted that the halacha was according to Hillel's opinion. Today's lesson is a must-see, because it's ever so relevant to our generation as well. Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom!