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Welcome to the Breslev Beams Friday Web Yeshiva

BB Friday Web Yeshiva

Welcome to the opening session of the new Breslev Beams tuition-free, everyone's welcome, equal opportunity Friday morning web Yeshiva. We are delighted to feature select lessons, brief and comprehensible, from our distinguished staff of English speaking rabbis. We surely hope you enjoy this, so don't let your day go by without grabbing some Torah, especially ideas that you can say over at your Shabbat table. Blessings for a lovely Shabbat!

Lesson #1 - Rabbi Lazer Brody on this week's Torah portion: "Looking at Each Other" (8 minutes duration):

Lesson #2 - Rabbi Aharon Dobinsky: "Law & Order & Political Correctness" (12 minute duration):

Lesson #3 - Rabbi Ralph Cohen, Parshat Truma (10 minute duration):

Emuna News Roundup: Current Events and This Week's Torah Portion

This week is pivot week both in current events and in this week's portion. Acute threats on Israel's borders coincide with the final week of the "Shovevim", where the evil inclination calls up the reserves to fight against our holiness. Today's broadcast puts the news in its proper emuna perspective. Enjoy, and blessings for a great Shabbat!

Va'era, 5778: The Secret of Creation

Moses complains that Hashem has made life even more difficult for the enslaved Israelites in Egypt. Hashem responds by telling Moses that He revealed Himself to the forefathers by His Name of E'l Sha'ddai, thereby giving Moses the secrets of creation, two of which are: 1, contraction precedes expansion and 2, everything is for the best. Enjoy and have a lovely Shabbat:

Shemot, 5778: Moses and the Snake

Hashem reveal Himself to Moses in the burning bush and tells Moses to throw his staff on the ground; Moses does, and the staff turns into a snake, which frightens Moses terribly. Since when is Moses afraid of snakes? He has spent years in the desert alone and never feared a thing! Enjoy this week's mini-lesson on the Torah portion and have a lovely Shabbat!