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"Chiyuch Echad" - One Smile

In honor of Shushan Purim, I'm going to teach you a new phrase in Hebrew - chiyuch echad, one smile. Rav Shalom Arush uses a slight alteration and says to everyone, tain chiyuch, "give a smile."

Who says that Yeshiva guys aren't cool? Who says that they can't sing and dance? I want to introduce you to Otsar Shalmoni, a very special yeshiva guy from Beit Shemesh, originally from Brooklyn. Here is his exciting new clip, produced by our dear friend Avi Hollander, entitled Chiyuch Echad - you already know what that means! Enjoy and have a marvelous Shabbat...

Midnight Hour: Breslev Motown Purim

In loving memory of my father, Yaacov ben Yitzchak, who loved a l'chaim and a good laugh. It's ever so suitable that his yahrtzeit is on Shushan Purim, tonight and tomorrow. This one's for you, Pop...

Breslevers have a good time all year long, and especially on Purim. Here's what happens when Menachem Herman and I get together on Purim; when we're sober, we turn Sweet Home Alabama into Sweet Home Jerusalem. After a couple glasses of vintage Golan wine, Wilson Pickett becomes a Breslever Chassid, and the Midnight Hour becomes a song about hitbodedut, personal prayer with Hashem in the wee hours. I hope you have as much fun watching this as we did recording it. May your Purim smile last all year long, amen!

Eight Candles Burning: Yoseph Joe Urso

My dear friend Yoseph (Joe) Urso is a magnificent Jewish Country-Western musician and composer. "Down-home" for the both of us today doesn't mean south of the Mason-Dixon line, but west of the Jordan River. So here's Joe's latest down-home ditty, special for the eighth day of Chanuka today, with all "Eight Candles Burning" - you'll enjoy this. Happy Chanuka and blessings for a wonderful month!

Omri Casspi: Higher and Higher

Image courtesy of www.cleveland.com

Hashem controls the NBA, too. In His infinite wisdom, Hashem engineered that the Sacramento Kings traded their 2009 first-round draft pick Omri Casspi (from Yavne, Israel and the NBA's only Jewish player) to the Cleveland Cavaliers last year. Once Omri came to Cleveland, he met our dear friend Tamir "Jewish Jordan" Goodman. They became great friends. Meanwhile, under Tamir's influence and guidance, Omri has been finding his way back to his Jewish roots. He already puts on tefillin every morning and is becoming just as tall spiritually as his 6'9" physical stature. I had the pleasure of hearing this first hand from Tamir when I visited him in his home last week in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, Omri is recovering from an emergency appendectomy that he had 3 days ago during an away game in Florida. We pray for his full and speedy recovery.

Omri Casspi and Tamir Goodman show that you can learn Torah, wear tzitzit and tefillin and still be a cool Jew and a basketball star. Yiddishkeit is definitely cool.