Disconnect and Connect

Maybe you think you're having trouble losing weight because you eat too much, you snack too much or you don't get enough exercise. Surprisingly enough, overeating, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise are not always the culprits that prevent a person from losing excess weight. Have you ever heard about cortisol? That's the stress hormone, public enemy #1 to body and soul. Here's how to get rid of it.

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Don't Miss the Train

Now that Tisha B'av is over, the wedding and shidduchim season gets into high gear. The reason people are delayed in shidduchim is because of one of two reasons: either their egos get in the way, or they want something that Hashem doesn't want for them. Hashem wants us to look for a good heart, good character, emuna, piety and modesty. But when a person looks for the wrong thing, they miss their train and end up waiting for the next train and it just might not come so fast. Today's podcast casts a whole new light on the subject of shidduchim, dating and marriage.

Anger's High Price

The anger-prone person occupies the lower rungs of the spiritual ladder, because he or she lacks spiritual awareness and of course, emuna. A person who lacks emuna almost always justifies his or her own fiery behavior. Therefore, one of the only methods to encourage anger-prone people to mend their ways is to show them the damage they do to themselves. That's the focus of today's lesson, where we learn the 12 self-destructive damages of anger.

The Tenth Man

Israeli society has been torn apart since the recent election, and the verbal venom and hate legislation in the government and Knesset are unprecedented. What's worse, this is the time of the notorious Nine Days before Tisha B'av, when we need national unity more than ever. None of Israel's different political parties represent the true nation of Israel or national unity; that's why I don't support any of them. In stark contrast to them, I'll tell you a moving story from my army service days about my unit in the IDF that portrays the real nation of Israel, the Israel that is about to bring Moshiach. 

The Last Laugh

"If we knew that a rare gift was concealed within our difficulties, we could laugh; but with emuna, we start laughing even before we discover the gift." 

Shavua Tov! An old parable about a donkey in trouble gives us a different perspective on life's difficulties. Here's two-and-a-half minutes of encouragement:

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Love, According to Halacha

Here's an important message for  the Nine Days that begin tonight: our sages tell us that we don't have to learn how to hate - that comes natural to a person because of innate egotism. Loving someone else, on the other hand, is something we all must learn to insure our emotional and physical health, as we'll learn here in today's podcast. Shabbat Shalom!

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Generating Joy

The way to generate joy in our lives is to focus on our blessings. We surround ourselves with those gifts in life that we love. For many people, children and grandchildren are at the top of the list. For others, it's their car that they so lovingly wash and shine. Then there are the folks like me who prefer a loyal horse or shepherd dog to a machine anytime. Are we forgetting the apple tree in the back yard? I could go on and on, but you get the message.

Wait a second - there's something much better. Sure, we appreciate life's blessings and try to surround ourselves with them. But what about the greatest blessing that totally surrounds each of us? That's the Almighty's love that wraps our souls like a soft fleece blanket wraps a newborn baby. What's more, just as wool fabrics are organic and all-natural, meaning they have no synthetic fibers, there's nothing synthetic about the Almighty's love - it's always with us. There's a condition, though: a personal must enhance spiritual awareness to feel that love. That's just what emuna does; in the respect, nothing beats emuna in generating joy.

Our new website now under construction, "Lazer Beams" at lazerbeams.com, is intended to be a joy generator, helping people to enhance body-soul health and happiness by way of strengthening emuna, which is a life-long project just like caring for your physical health. G-d willing, we hope to launch ship shortly after Tisha B'Av in two weeks.

Our Wednesday Emuna Hour on Zoom, where our invitation-only group learns together on live broadcast and is able to have direct contact with me after the main lesson asking whatever questions and answers they like, will continue as an important part of Lazer Beams, where you'll find all our web resources at one address that's easy to remember, lazerbeams.com.

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