The Wisdom of Grandmother White Eagle
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Inspiring prison inmates

Grandmother White Eagle, a Cherokee elder, does a lot of inspirational speaking. She also counsels Cherokee prisoners in Texas prisons. She has a method of spiritual rehabilitation amazingly similar to the method I developed as rabbi and director of spiritual rehabilitation at Ramla prison several years ago. Grandmother White Eagle is a staunch supporter of Israel and a firm believer in every iota of Torah. She always knew in her heart that the Cherokees had Jewish roots, and after the Trail of Tears series, she was doubly sure. Since then, she calls me Wa ya Udo, or Wolf Brother in Cherokee.

Here's another moving letter she sent me, with an amazing drawing:


Osyio Wa ya Udo (Peace Wolf Brother - LB),

I have attached a photo of a card that came to me over the weekend.  It is from an incarcerated Cherokee.  He hand drew this with colored pencils.  Inside about 35 of the 50 men that I counsel signed the inside of the card with blessings from the Creator.  It is a thank you for the words of wisdom I have been sharing.  These words have all come from the book of Proverbs and they have been blessed - to some it is the first time they have heard these words.

As you can see, when I saw this card I was reminded of my Wa ya Udo.  As you also know, the Cherokees believe that the eagle and the wolf work closely together and are brothers. The eagle represents the link between the Creator and man. The wolf has the gift to teach the ways of the Creator - giving out this wisdom to those in need.  I saw where you have been involved in prisons as well and I hope you are blessed with this card too - he did not know that we have been communicating - this prison is about 150 miles from here - I will share with them of their new Wa ya Udo and your words of wisdom.

Osyio and Wadoequa (peace and thank you tremendously - LB)

Ulisi Unegv Wohali  (Grandmother White Eagle)