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Thursday, 26 January 2012


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stop building up your rabbi its unbecoming and eravah . God knows who the truest tzaddikim that hold up the world are . Medinat yisrael is in serious trouble 75 % want 2 states 55% are for homosexual union id worry about Hashems wrath mamash on you !


By the way your a raha saying i quote the sexual union 2 men have behind closed doors is there business therew consensuing adults your sic your off your shecker and your the main student of shalom arush tzaddik or not to me who cares who the tzaddikim are !


1 final thing rabbi nachman is nice its not sod especially sod on mashiach except brief references . I suggest you dont comment on these matters as many sad cases are affected by you . Unless your pious do hitbodedut 12 hours a day and in your sleep and are bucki on the gra ramchal abir yaakov and arizl nachman is for chassidus I suggest you dont comment about succh charged matters . Ariel bar tzadok who is a great tzaddik said dont go to israel he is bucky in abir yaakov chaim vital ramchal and gra your definitely confused and not .

Puah yiska

Yikes ....someones comments are charged....
I embrace the emotional imprints and images associated w/alyiah as well as the sanctity and security of residing in Israel and then, the bubble pops and reality is apparent which at the moment doesn't financially support alyiah ( no nest egg, spouse, language). With that being written, I have not davened(prayed ) for alyiah for at least 30 minutes daily with a minimum of 90 days primarily because I'm unclear if this is my primary purpose (cv I don't want to be selfishly davening. I haven't gotten any materialistic feedback to support this tefillah of my heart so I instead daven for everyone in israel to be safe and have salvations where needed)
So I go-round-and-round, being really unsatisfied spiritually and geographically in America yet longing one day to "go home" to Israel, please hashem soon.
Regarding the Rav: wow:)! Sounds like he was a beautiful neshama:)!
Re: dreams- I definitely believe we can receive messages from significant people in our lives past and / or present and what a gift it is to merit having a dream of this significance.
Kol tuv and Shabbat shalom:)

Iman Weiss

thanks for the nice article on this Holy man,

y w

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