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Thursday, 11 December 2014


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Angelica Goldschmidt Hannah

what a beautiful music, all creation praise HaShem with his onw song and declare the glory of God.

Puah yiska

... just a Torah thought which is fresh in my mind because I learned a little bit about the significance of the red heffer last week. The shiur was based on the commentary of R. Shimson Rafeal Hirsch and we just touched upon the topic for 45 minutes... seems like there may be a relationship between pereq shira and the red heffer (para aduma (may have misspelled that, sorry, and it sounds and looks so much better written in hebrew)
In the after blessing of pereq shira it seems to be describing , illustrating in detail this fusion of all elements/ kingdoms of heaven and earth affirming Hashem's soverginity and then we humans have the opportunity to request help/ salvation from Hashem which is really similar to the significance/ possibly some the meanings of the customs associated with the red heffer...
Hope this maybe accurate correlation...

Mack Weinstein



Shalom! We are currently on tour in the USA, and therefore cannot promise a personal response to your letter. For information about our tour schedules or to arrange a private appointment, please contact Yosef Nechama at breslev@breslev.co.il. Blessings always, LB

Robert G van Dijk


From my own experience I can highly recommend this; I've been reciting it from my copy of Pearls of Gratitude and have been noticing it's effects on my well-being, peace of mind, sense of closeness to, and awareness of Hashem Yitbarach and His everlasting Holy Kingdom since about the 10th day. I recommended it to friends and they too felt it's miraculous effects, B"H!

A big thanks to the all the Breslauer Rebbes that brought me closer to Hashem!

With love, blessings and gratitude, always,

Robert G van Dijk, Amsterdam, Holland.

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