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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


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That's right. You have said it loud and clear.


Rabbi, your emuna slant on things is something we don't get anywhere in the media. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for telling it like it is and please continue to do so.


I welcome your Emunah analysis of current events - needed more than ever now!

Doug Reynolds

someone pointed out to me once, and i have paid attention to it since. whenever the US government meddles in Israels business, God punishes us. shortly after bush and rice complained about building somewhere or some such, God sent hurrcaine Katrina and Rita. The day after BHO called for the restablishment of the pre 1967 Israeli borders, God sent that big tornado to whipe out Joplin, Missouri. pay attention to what's going to happen to us next, it's the atfat principle.


OM G-d, now I remember. You DID call him Mr. V! for V-15! But why V? Could it be a Vav? since 15 is Yud Key? and Vav is the 6 million Jews here who are here zecher nishmot HaShoah who died in the 6 years of the Shoah? Why did you call him Mr. V seven years ago? I know, you will say veneer and victory, but something got in your head to call him Mr. V for another reason.

Frankly I am relieved that this is coming to a conclusion by coming to a head. I could not tolerate Tzippy Livni as Mistress of Justice (blah) for even one more second! As I have been telling my friends, we have 6 more months of Olam HaZeh, and that is it. Hey there is that 6 again!

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