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Tuesday, 30 June 2015


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Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem everyone and thank you R"B for the informative emuna qualified proof/ post /blog.
I'm really grateful for this website. I enjoying learning for me and for the gift of sharing with people who want to learn.
I totally hear and share the reality expressed in the "post".
Couple quick thoughts though...
I read and I could be mistaken, an Israeli professional political defense expert, expressed his support for Israel to follow suit in legalizing/ amending criteria for marriages in Israel, in other words, follow America's lead. 😓
On a lighter more interesting note, I was reminded of Hashem creating the rainbow as a promise not to destroy world again by flood -- so even though symbol of gay people's victory/ right to be recognized is a rainbow, we can consider this as knowing Hashem is here with us and this is all a test to foster us conducting ourselves with certainty that he is King and we can let him deal with behavior that challenges his existence.
Writing from America and celebrating for all of you who live in Israel, hatzlacha rabba, good yom tov-:)

comment on matzav


I thank you Rabbi Brody for your courageous and timely post, one I'm sure some will take major offense to! As you have told me before 'some people don't want to hear the truth because the truth obligates them'...

Some quick thoughts - as H" knows the end from the beginning - could this be why America was founded on the 17th of Tammuz (also a Shabbos) in 1776? Is this how it all was intended to play out with it morphing into Amalek? We know Rome and Yerushalayim cannot both be on top at the same time, when one rises the other falls (historical sidenote Washington D.C. was formerly known as Rome, Maryland).

Was the American experiment spiritually the culmination of Esauv's attempt to replace Yakov as leader of the world?

Two major strikes in weeks - ruling Yerushalayim not belonging to Israel (further march toward Zecharia territory) and gay marriage enforcement through all 50 states (levels of Tumah) - all from the supreme court of the land and a major violation of the Noachide Law to establish courts of JUSTICE!

Toda Rabba for the posts that merge spiritual realities with current events! Apathy and disinterest regarding this stuff is also an earmark of Amalek.

- a Yid


We know there were Jewish patriots involved in the American Revolution, like Haym Saloman, who believed the fledgling nation would be a place of safety for the Jewish people until they could return to the land. You may have heard the term, "collateral damage," to refer to unanticipated results of warfare, such as when a bomb earmarked for a munitions factory ends up demolishing a kindergarten. My take is that the US, like other nations in which the Jewish people have sojourned, has been the recipient of, "collateral blessing, as in the Joseph narrative. As the Jewish population of a nation leaves, or is forced out, we can expect to see, "climate change," in more ways than one.

YK, Jerusalem

Rav Brody is spot on - it's time for each person to stop straddling the fence by diluting Torah values with Western values and thinking. Make a decision which side you're on. You can't have it both ways.

July 4, the 17th of Tamuz, is not a yom tov for Jews -not in the States and not in Eretz Yisrael! It is absolutely not a day for celebrating. When I read such Western foolishness, I want to tear kria. Mamash, it's so painful.

Perhaps the biggest tseuvah one can do is to rid oneself of Western nonsense.


then vote for donald trump


Excellent post Rav Lazer: But most American Jews have already told us where they stand. At the Democratic Convention in 2012, a majority of the delegates booed a pair of resolutions on the floor of the convention itself that the United States was a nation under G-d and that Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel. Yet, 69% of American Jews proceeded to vote for that Democratic candidate a 2nd time. Why should I here in Israel feel any sense of brotherhood whatsoever with those 69% who voted for Mister V a second time? I have already disowned them in my thoughts and my prayers. I have cut off all Areivut with them in both worlds, this world and the World to Come. Fine' The most I can pray for with regards to American Jews is that the remaining 31% stay safe during the War of Gog UMagog which is almost upon us.


If a Jew voted for the national Democratic candidate after this display of contempt for our G-d and our holy capital at the Demoncratic Convention, he has sealed his fate with the forces of Tumah:


David Natan Ben Daniel

Great Article R' Brody. I do suggest that you run articles through an editor who has little Jewish understanding so they can relate better to the points made ("who is Achashverosh?"), etc.

Dear Dovbearbarleib: The road is hard and difficult, but we are all obligated for each other. By turning your back on those who are not as wise, you are creating a Hilul Hashem. All of US have to work harder at inspiring lesser knowledgable Jews on the importance of their Religion and how it is only our Religion and support from Above that they are even able to live in this country (US) peacefully. Their leftist views will be their doom and we need to teach that to them with patience, love and understanding.
To further make my point, turn to Tractate Shabbas and look for the following story - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:

At the time of the destruction of the Holy Temple, Hashem said to the Angels to put a mark on the Religious Jews so I can save them from the rest. The Accusing Angel said to Hashem that the religious are responsible for teaching the less religious. Hashem said... but the Religious knew that the lesser religious wouldn't listen anyway. To which the Accuser says "BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN TRY". Hashem answers, you're right, I'll kill the religious first.

We simply need to know that with the right message, they will listen, because they will truly see that we love them fully and if that is done correctly, then Hashem will see to it that they do listen.

Take your negative energy and make it positive and have enough emunah that you won't be deterred.

Morris the Katz

"Rabbi," you're a complete idiot and a shanda fur de goyim. Gai kocken affen yam, putz.

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