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Thursday, 20 August 2015


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fanie Fourie

Did you expext anything else from the Deals for Dummies by Obama Kerry and Moniz?

Miriam Sara

I'm not hearing Hashem here on Earth. I relate to the intellectual Geula and profetic truth but practically if we are Hashem's children we need our father super close now to protect us.


We always need our Father in Heaven to protect because nothing or no one would survive a second if not for His Chesed &Rachamim on us. But, as the Geulah is now in its B'Itah time, H' promised He will hasten it. Agree with above by Rabbi Brody. 'Exactly' how and when, only He knows.


Miriam Sara He is super close now.
Happy Purim everyone!


I believe Iran already has nuclear weapons. They are being stored in North Korea. Obama knows this, and so had little leverage to enforce a deal, his cards were weak. He basically begged the Iranians to pursue peace. The Iranians agreed only because of the state of their economy. The West no longer has the upper hand.


With Respect, Rabbi Brody, I don't believe we should rejoice in bad things (potentially) happening to Israel just because it brings us closer to Geula. It sounds too much like the days before the Holocaust, when Europe's Rabbanim told the people to trust in Hashem to save us. To this day, I hear survivors speak angrily about how those Rabbis helped facilitate their loss of emuna.

Although, perhaps the unfolding of recent events may indicate the steps toward a future Geula, this doesn't mean that many of our people won't suffer and even die because of decisions being made by world leaders. To sit back and take joy in these events seems irresponsible and contrary to the teachings of Judaism (tzeddek, tzeddek tirdof!).

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