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Sunday, 22 November 2015


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Miriam Sara

Shavua tov everyone.
Thank you for posting this essay R'Brody.
Torah Emes Torah Chaim.
Please Gd, help us now, amen.
Please Israel leadership wake-up and protect your people and Eretz Yisroel, amen.


Lazer, don't get too smug about comparing America to Europe. Europe killed 6 million Jews, and they are reaping what they sowed.

But America has been the kindest country to the Jews EVER, EVER, EVER!! They have done no injustice to the Jews to warrant such an awful fate as Europe.

America is not the core of Esau - Russia is Eliphaz, the firstborn.

America may sit this one out - people living in E"Y need to stop the baseless hatred. The people who should know MUCH better are playing with BIG fire.


America may have been kind to Jews but it has not been kind to God.
America has set out to erase morality from the world and replace it with the "good old American ideal of the pursuit of happiness" - happiness that is defined by each person as he sees fit.
Don't forget that America refused to take in Jews fleeing the Holocaust even when it was totally obvious what would happen to the Jews they turned away.
America has become a cesspit for the Jews unfortunate enough to live there, wallowing in materialism, contaminated by the licentious way of life, challenged at every turn by the pritzus, but it's all under a thick sugar coating to tempt them to stay there and think that "life's good."
Is that really good for Jews? As they say, there are many ways to kill a cat...


Jews went OTD in droves in Europe, without the "gashmiut" of America.

Sure, America has committed sins - it is the behina of Reuel - evil and kindness - but NOTHING approaching what Europe did.

Sugar coating? - Come on - where I live people barely scrape by and are under tremendous economic pressure. Be sensitive!!


Well said Yehudit. Also, the way Obama has been stabbing Israel in the back for nearly 7 years has to be taken into account. It was he who has been orchestrating the collapse of the middle east to the detriment of Israel (so he thinks- but Hashem is using him). I certainly wouldn't compare America with Europe either, but they definitely are Rome and Rome is destined to be destroyed.

Miriam Sara


🤔-- I read all the comments and my impression is that no one read the abc news link which illustrates the connection of America and Europe, I think-:).
I think the point is that here in America the Antisemitism is creeping in which is similar if not the same as how natzism, may their name be erased!, began in Europe, slowly, systematically, politically and socially.
We as Jewish people have the edge on identifying what's really going on in the world because we have been dealing with antisemitism for thousands of years. Have you ever picked-up, opened and read a Jewish history book? It's eye-opening, page-after-page of antisemticsm for thousands of years😓.
Now in 2015 we should theortically be really savvy at calling antisemtism out and protecting ourselves...perhaps a lot of us are still in denial and/or too tired to keep up the fight to survive as a nation.
Well I bless everyone to catch their second wind and realize this fight isn't over and in any competition there can only be one winner, may it be the Jewish people, amen.


Great Comments!
TZ - What if America IS Esav? Esav was originally to partner with Yaakov and support Torah. Esav was always the greatest European Christian Power. America is the greatest Christian nation on Earth and - supported the Jewish State of Israel pretty much lock stock and barrel until - the first perfect duality of Yishmael and Esav became ruler of the largest, most powerful empire that has ever existed....

And, "in light of current events..." Every time Europe tries to persecute or hurt the Jews, they succeed and - then European nations are decimated; bankrupted and destroyed.
And, as Yishmael turns his hand against every man and his face against his brother, his world too is disintegrating into complete chaos while the Jewish State of Israel, for all of it pain and suffering, is an island of Justice; Hope; and Creativity in the Black Hole of the Middle East.
Think about it.


America is a portion of Esau, but not the lead.

To understand, visit www.jewishendofdays.wordpress.com

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