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Thursday, 03 December 2015


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Yakov Butterfield

Remember what the Soviet Union did to Jews who wanted to make Aliyah, for example:
Soviet Jewish Activist Faces Psychiatric Examination; Three Others Fear Arrest http://www.jta.org/1972/05/01/archive/soviet-jewish-activist-faces-psychiatric-examination-three-others-fear-arrest.
or Soviet Jewish Aliyah, 1989-1992: Impact and Implications ...
Clive Jones - 1996 - ‎History
Jews who still wished to leave the USSR. ... enough: by 1985, 26 Jews had been imprisoned or committed to psychiatric wards for the practice of Judaism. Namely arrests, placed in psychiatric hospitals


I respectfully disagree with your choice to post this. I do find it fascinating and will further look into this..but there are people who will read this who have serious "chemical imbalances"- for a lack of a better word"and will possibly consider going off their medications from listening to this. I personally know people with "bi-polar" and without their meds would be highly dysfunctional without it. Just like there are diseases of the body below the brain there are diseases of the brain itself. Just like some diabetes can be managed by self-control through diet , some cannot and require meds. So I'm not really sure why this video was posted.

Miriam Sara

Amen! Thank you R'Brody. Lazer beams has the best remedy's for keeping me on the enlightened path, B"H.
I am so impressed to hear a professional man, a physician name, claim and explain the current medical model.
Kol a k'vod-:)!


ALL aspects of modern medicine are connected to economics and politics. There is prevalent evidence to prove the connection in every area, from pediatrics to oncology, and everything in between. There is a very informative, highly-researched book called "Racketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives" written by James P. Carter, MD. He provides much researched, historical documentation of how modern medicine came about and what its real agenda is. Did you know there is not one nutrition class taught in medical school? I highly recommend that anyone who is fed up with the traditional sick-care approach read this book. Naturalnews.com is a wonderful, informative website as well.


This is the full movie about fraud of psychiatry:


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