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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


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Elena Kuchik

i was wondering why we don't have kombutcha in Israel..One thing I know - that if we don't have it its gamzu la tova - must be better this way...
possible answers: maybe kombutcha is not good for this climate?
Or maybe we need to be missing something physically, because we are not there yet - Mashiach is not here with us yet - and if we had all we needed physically - we could easily forget it and be happy and don't strife for Mashiach so much
Yes, there were more "fish and watermelons" in America - but we shouldn't b jealous of them - they have a lot and we have everything (we need).
Here in Tzefat we have great health food with big variety of American products (chips, salsa etc - the "healthy" kind..no kombutcha though..haha
Really, we just need Mashiach..now!


I didn't know there were products in the USA that you can't get in Israel.
Hmmm...when I come to move in with you for a few days, I'll have to bring you some. 馃槈


Tena, I'm already on Amazon! What's your address?? ;)))) It's so funny, because when my aunts used to visit us from Israel, they would go crazy shopping for the strangest things, like motrin and Payless shoes. I used to make fun of them, but now I do exactly the same thing! It's not only that there are things in the States that aren't here, but stuff is so much cheaper in the States! :(


Ohhhhh...ok, I understand now. 馃槃

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