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Wednesday, 08 March 2017


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Yosef Leib

Continuing the analogies we would infer Ivanka (Jewish) as Esther, Jared as Mordechai, Melania as Vashti and yes Bannon as Haman :-)


Achashverosh was the 5th king of Achaemenid Empire, he was born to royal king Darius being the Fourth King of the empire. How can you compare him to Trump?

Secondly Hash'm orchestrates a revenge through Achashverosh on a Babylonian descendant of king Nabuchenezar of Babylon who destroyed our First Temple in Judah being today's Jerusalem (reference to our Patriarch king solomom's Temple).

Finally Xerxes ( king Achashverosh's) sons ensured the re-establishment of the second Temple in Judah being today's Jerusalem.

I know Achashverosh has never been depicted as a noble king in ancient Greek and Jewish history but I believe, He was a Jewish loving soul and his work was completed by his son, grandson and great grandson to facilitate re-establishment of the 2nd Temple. As Rav Leib Shteinman has indicated let's unite on the eve of fast of Esther and thoroughly desire Teshuva so he the merciful delivers victory to jews as he did in time of Esther and Mordecai.


You left out the beauty pageants and the close advisors (one thought to be a Jew-hater and the other a Jew)


If I may, just a little something to add to your post on Trump and Achashverosh - Ivanka , Trump's daughter's (who is very close to him and wife of his close advisor) Hebrew name is: "Yael" ...the one who killed Sisera in the Haftorah we read some weeks ago Shoftim Ch. 4.


what about the fact an essential theme of the megila was the letters acashverish sent out to his constituents.We see with trump his `letters` are his many tweets...


what about the achaverish had people in own government(bigson and zerash) conspire against him. trump has countless people from the nsa/cia conspiring against take him down..

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