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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


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Did Rabbi Aharon show you the pictures I sent him? I dropped the 6 last pounds so thank you. 214 to 186 which was the target weight. As for Shabbos meals I cut back on the Challah and spreads and drink 3 cups of water before eating. What is funny is only on Shabbos I get really hungry the rest of the week for whatever reason I don't feel much like eating. I do and take vitamins but I do not eat with such gusto as on Shabbos
Thank you again

David Rubin still stuck in Miami


Love your article and link! But I think a couple of things need to be clarified:

1. If (and that's a BIG IF) a person can gain access to dairy coming from a clean, certified small dairy farm, it's better than going to the store. HaShem did not make dairy bad for people; people did. I can't imagine Israeli milk has all those things you said (pus, etc.). Otherwise, how did we survive leaving Mitzrayim and get to Har Sinai to start Shavuoth - for starters?

2. Those artificial sweeteners shown in the picture heading the part you linked to (#9) actually have sugar in them. Look for the word DEXTROSE in the ingredients; it comprises up to 97% of the product, making the "artificial" part practically worthless. It's also the main ingredient in tablets used by diabetics to "pick themselves off the floor" when they have a low. I successfully argued this point with my uncle the chemist a couple of days ago. No wonder people's bodies react to them as tho they're sugar: They are. My uncle says dextrose = d-glucose. He's right about that.

That link also discourages stevia. Thank G-d I found stevia LEAVES. They are my friend.

Now, I'll go read the rest of it. Maybe he has some good pointers for me after all!


Low carbs, low protein? How do you feel full on vegies and fruit?


Rivkah, I basically eat all day! Also, you should check out the websites I linked. Adding fat to your diet, healthy fat obviously, makes you feel full, and it gives your body the energy it needs. Your body can use fat or sugar for fuel, and if you want to keep your weight down, it's preferable and healthier to use healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and foods like avocado, salmon, and other things with healthy fats.
Also, you don't need to eat protein to get protein in your diet. That's an outdated myth. Your body knows how to build protein from the fruits and vegetables you eat, and it's actually a much more efficient way than eating animal protein. When you eat animal protein, your body first has to break the protein down and rebuild it in a usable form, which takes a lot of energy to do. I'm not saying eat no protein; I eat chicken, fish, and eggs. I'm just saying you don't have to stuff yourself on animal meat to get your protein. Plants provide all the protein you need. Read about it. The China Study is a fantastic book. Also look at Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn's diet. There are so many good resources online.


Chava, it's true that Israeli milk is loaded with everything I wrote. I actually went to a dairy farm and saw the cows looking like emaciated giants, while their udders were so big and almost dragging on the floor! It was horrible! Why would you think it would be different? Milk is sold by big (greedy) companies, not small dairy farms. Now, I have no problem with raw organic milk. It's actually super healthy. The problem is, it's so hard to find, and the farm has to be very clean. I actually had a lady that brought it in to my town, but she stopped doing it, so that was the end of that. If you can drink raw milk, that's great. Just remember that milk still has lots of sugar, so don't overdo it.
And how can you compare leaving Mitzrayim to today's world? Nothing is the same. Everything has been so corrupted - even the food isn't real food these days. Just look at the GMO's that are everywhere. And yes, we have them here too.
I also use natural organic stevia, but people should know that there are so many companies that lie and mark their product as stevia, when in reality it has not even 1% stevia in it! If someone wants to buy stevia, they should do so from a reputable health food store.


Hi David! Yes, Aharon did show me them. They were gorgeous! Love those trees - we don't have them in Bet Shemesh. I am so thrilled that you have met your goal weight! Mazal Tov!!! That is a huge deal!
Don't worry, my yetzer comes out on Shabbat full force. I can't resist the challah and rugelach that for some reason I can't not buy for Shabbat. It's so annoying, but I'm getting better. So one day a week you let go a little. It's okay. How do you manage to drink so much water before eating? Don't you get nauseous?
Have you tried to get into any exercise again? Please keep in touch, and you might as well enjoy Miami while you're still there!


I drink a lot of fluids all day mostly coffee black no sugar no milk it's bitter but keeps me awake so 3 glasses water not a problem. On the exercise here goes
Back in day BC before children ha ha my wife and I belonged to many gyms depending on what state we were living in as when u don't have kids u can take a job and move fairly easily. In each gym there was an aerobics class and in each class no matter where after 10 minutes the instructor would stop the class and come to speak with me and ask if I could do another class as the entire room was laughing so hard they had to stop. To this day I still laugh at the sad face of the instructor(s). It happened at 5 different gyms and after number 5 and people pay money for their workout I decided to just walk and walk I do a lot of. Really my wife was so embarrassed but I just had to laugh. As for Miami well yes it's nice but all I think about is making Aliyah I am hoping to close up the firm after my next 3 cases
David Rubin

Christina Smith


First I want to start by saying that you are awesome!

It is so important that people know the truth about what they're eating! I myself slacked off on the healthy eating for half a year and now I'm getting back into it. It really does make a difference on how you feel and your energy level. Keep up the great work!


David, that's hysterical! They actually kicked you out of the class?! OMG. I'm talking about weight training, which you don't need much coordination to do. That will slim you down and build up your muscles, and you'll feel so good working out.
I'm so excited that you want to make aliyah! BE"H your last three cases should be successful and profitable, so you can get over here quickly!


Christina, you are so sweet for writing in! I really appreciate it so much - you made my day! If you ever have a question about eating or whatever, email me at racheli@breslev.co.il. I wish you much success on your journey to perfect health!


The funny part was the look on the instructors face when they spoke with me it was part embarrassed, sad and part hard to describe but I was glad I could provide a laugh. As for weights I think I will go back to Rabbi Brody's exercise routine. I saved the routines. Waiting with final client that would allow me to shut down the firm and make Aliyah. The problem is I have such poor clients that other attorneys won't take over the cases. BH prayer works and hope to be studying with Rabbi Aharon soon and going to Rabbi Brody English lectures
David Rubin in Miami


I've lost 12 pounds over the last year just by watching the calories I eat.


What you say is true. I know it is because I do tons of research and reading too about how to consistently stay healthy. Thank you SO much for encouraging us all and for sharing information. Please never stop. 馃槂

For me, getting healthy and keeping a weight of 130-135 @ 5'7" for many years, has been a process; a journey. I didn't get to this place over night. I used to eat ice cream or some type of dessert almost daily. Now I rarely eat sugar and never eat ice cream, but I had to wean myself. Same with processed foods and meats. I had to gradually change. Now I crave broccoli. Lol! And never sweets. (My weakness is Salt & Vinegar chips, but I just don't buy them often).

I want to encourage your readers to not be too hard on themselves. Take it slow and gradually remove unhealthy foods from your diet and replace them with healthy foods. As long as you're consistently improving, you'll look back each year and realize how far you've come and how much better you're doing and feeling.




Poor cows! That must be the downside of being the most productive milkers in the world, eh? Starving them doesn't help either. We need to solve the lack of grass and hay and stop importing that stuff, if what I heard is true.

I can't find raw milk at all. I try to minimize the "whole" milk and use more cream (is my memory going bad or is the cream more like half-and-half?), butter and coconut oil.

What you explained to me is more like what I would like people to explain when they talk about food. What G-d created, people have ruined, including meat and milk and all kinds of things. I only want to encourage homesteading, making more healthy food available and not so much "factory" farming and dairying. But that would take more land...and that seems to be what the whole world doesn't want us to have. G-d will have His way about this; may it be, speedily in our days!


By the way, I really liked the rest of that article, and I found Dr. Fung's site through it. Really terrific! Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom.


Shavua Tov Racheli!

I found this 34-slide presentation by the Israeli Dairy Board from 2015 explaining recent improvements they've made in milk quality control. You might want to review it and let us know what you think.

(I hope the link works.)



Great, Chava! I'll take a look at it. But just because I can't keep my mouth shut, even if it turns out that dairy is healthier than was previously stated, it is still highly insulogenic and is better avoided. If you can find raw, unpasteurized milk, that's great. I'll get back to you. Thanks so much!


By the way, Racheli, I did sign up at dietdoctor.com for emails, and I'll probably be visiting all the doctors' individual websites too. Thank you for bringing it to us!

Love you!


You know what, Racheli, dietdoctor.com needs some kosher recipes!!! I can skip the seafood, but the mixing of meat and milk is just too much! How can a low-carb, kashrut-keeping girl cope on Shabbat and Hagim???!!!

I did see your coconut muffins a few articles ahead of this one (Racheli's 1,000 Calorie Gluten-Free Coconut Lemon Muffins). Sounds like a great start. I'm still perfecting the art of making ice cream with stevia leaves, without the ice-cream maker.

Shavua tov and hodesh tov!


Hi Chava! I referred people to this website because it has great info. Obviously I don't think people should be using these recipes! lol But the fact that it's so clearly written and easily understandable is what's important, especially the diabetes info. As for recipes, every LCHF website will be filled with heavy meat and milk recipes, because that's the bulk of what they eat. I just keep it simple - grilled chicken breast, salmon, roasted chicken, eggs, and lots of whole fruits and veggies, roasted veggies with seasoning and olive oil, soup, etc. And of course, depending on where you're holding, you can substitute pareve stuff for either milk or meat. I personally don't do it, but there's no halachic problem with it. Thanks for all of your comments!

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