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Monday, 23 October 2017


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Shimon gangte

To be totally honest, the true person to be accredited with the discovery of the Pashtuns was Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail of blessed memory.

Bar Pinchas

G'd willing, may they return home soon and safely.


Wow you can look at them as some of them mamash look like holy brothers!


Rabbi Brody, that book needs — nay, cries — to be written. We need the courage that could come from it.

I'm also sure it hasn't escaped the Rav's notice how hated the Taliban is!

All blessings...


The linguistic correlations are evidence of nothing. Arroz means rice in Spanish - hardly evidence that Spaniards are a lost tribe. Any people whose language is semitic will have similarities to Hebrew. For example, Eastern Orthodox liturgies will refer to central aspects as the "Qurban".

We shouldn't be surprised either that some Muslim groups have inherited Jewish customs.

Not saying that there is no link, but these linguistic examples, the fact that Pashto are fierce warriors, and the other customs don't really prove anything.

Ra-anan Elozory

Jaacob, you would be right, except that Pashtuns also have an ORAL tradition that they are Bani Israel and their areas in Afghanistan match the same place names as mentioned in Tractate Yevamoth, have names like Mohammed Israel & have historical documents tracing them back to Bani Israel. Google "Pashtun dress" and look at their garment that is a talith gadhol! There's no one else like them on the planet, they're the real deal.

Rooman khan

good article.................


Wow! Me and a friend of mine were just talking about this today, and then you posted this article! I mentioned how you had written a previous article about 10 lost tribes within the Native American community, and she was telling me about the Pashtuns who I had never heard about before. What are the chances...?


We love you all! I am from the tribe of Yosef and Benyamin. My family LOVE Bani Judah and all Jews!!

Fine each other!




The Taliban are hated for a reason. Maybe it's not such a good thing at the moment to try to ally with them.

Alberto sevilla

I read that they asked the Pashtuns if thy were Jewish. They answer that the Jews were Pashtuns

Steven Kressel

Read Suzzanne Olsen's books.

Nadav Sofy

Yes they are the 10 trobes for sure. They r found. One more step to Geula


Zev, no one's trying to ally with them. Rav Brody was just making an interesting case as to the possibility of them being one of the lost tribes. It will be very exciting to see who they all are!

Lisa Liel

Do you know what Taliban means in Arabic? Students.

Lisa Liel

Also... how do we get them to abandon Islam?


Also believe that the pashtuns are from the ten lost Tribes and might be the only ones who are true Jews out of all those that proclaim they are from the lost Tribes. The others have all mixed in with the nations; therefore are no longer Jews; but it seems, the Pashtuns have seen to it never to mix in with the other nations and for that they should be given a big yasher koach. But found it strange that I read here that some consider themselves from the Tribe of Benjamin, the only tribe which remained with Yehudah, as was the blessing of David and Jonathan to each other and their descendants. Therefore, it is incorrect that they are from Binyamin, but are from the other ten tribes. Believe that the Pashtuns will probably be the only ones as a whole Tribe or mixture from within the 10 Tribes that will return because the others are mixed for centuries (millenia) with other peoples. True righteous converts most likely originate from the lost tribes and that is how they return and will return up until Moshiach Ben Dovid comes - may it be speedily.

David Bucker

I see Purim has come early this year.


I believe that other lost tribes are scattered around the world, and you Reb Lazer have written previously about the Cherokee and Blackfoot who have amongst them Jews.

The Igbo in Nigeria and Yibir in Somalia are also worthy of investigation.

Reb Dov Bar-Leib has posted about the Pashtuns.
He has written that some of the Pashtuns are descended from the exiled tribes, from Yoseph.
On his 'End of Days" blogspot he wrote:


"It is no accident that when any Western or even Russian (Meshech, Tuval, and Magog) invasion force found itself going into conquest in Afghanistan, the Yusufzai (Sons of Yosef) Pashtunim never lost a war there. It was decreed from ancient times that the Sons of Yosef as an independent military force would never fall to defeat in battle against the Sons of Esav."


Just wanted to comment that it doesn't matter who claim they're from the lost tribes because they have all (or most of those we know) integrated with the other peoples around them and, therefore, are no longer Jews. The only way of return is personal conversions. Those who have Jewish souls will yearn to return but on a personal level. We see today, before Moshiach's coming, that there are more conversions than before. The only ones who can come back as whole tribes (if truly proven they are from the ancient Israelites) are the Pashtuns because they have kept themselves pure and not intermarried with others. Anyway, this is a matter for Moshiach to discern who is a Jew. No more conversions after Moshiach!


Marvin, that's fascinating! I'd like to read more about this. Where can I find out more?


Lisa, let's work on getting Jews to accept Judaism first! ;))


one tribe name is Marahni ( Srherani ) sub tribe name Musa Khel ( Moses tribe ) this tribe living in Suleman mountains , this tribe culture 90% related Torah ,
i am anthropologist , and i am not belongs to this tribe etc etc ,
but this is only tribe which is mostly related to ancient Judah .


Rooman, thank you very much for your comment and important input.


after read all the comments ,i want put bit more load .

"""""""" simileraties amongs pashtuns and Israeli """""""""

(hospitality) one of the most important rules of the Pashtunwali, is to be hospitable to every person who comes to your home. At the beginning of the Torah there is a story about 3 foreigners coming to Abraham’s house. Within a few minutes, he is letting them in, serving them with cakes, butter, milk and meat [Genesis (“Bereshit”), 10: 1-8].
(revenge) principle of honor, to revenge. In the Torah, there is a privilege to revenge the death of a person by his family [Deuteronomy (“Dvarim”), chapter 19: 2], under the rule of “eye under eye” – if a person killed your animal, you’re allowed to kill his animal, and so on [Leviticus (“Vayikra”), 24: 17-20]. In other Bibles and traditions we find similar stories [For example, book “Shmuel”].
(asylum) a person may seek a refuge and shelter against his enemy. The Torah lists 6 refuge cities in case a person killed someone and needs protection [Numbers (BaMidbar), 35+ Deuteronomy 19].
(bravery) the protection over the land and family. We see in the Torah that a man must defend his tribe, and not only that but to make sure that his kids are married with partners from the same tribe. A special position is mentioned for widows, in which the man has to protect her [Deuteronomy 25:. 5-10].
(loyalty) to your tribe and family. In the Torah we find the loyalty mostly for God in the Ten Commandments which refers to being loyal to God by keeping the Sabbath [Exodus (Shmot), 20:8].
(behaving in a respectful and decent way. The Torah’s Commandments describe it as “not commit adultery/false witness against neighbor/not covet/not steal/not murder/and etc [Ibid, 20: 2-14].
(Believe/trust in God) in Torah – “I am God.. no other gods before me”[Ibid, 20: 2].
(courage) demonstration of respect. Yaakov’s daughter, Dina, is being raped in the Torah by a foreigner. Her brothers, Shimon
and Levi, in response, murder not only the rapist but his father and all of his town’s residents [Genesis, 34].
(woman’s respect) the Torah refers to the woman as a mom “Honor your mother” (Commandments) and obligates a man to provide his wife food, cloth.
[Numbers, 35: 10] in the case of a man raping a girl, he must marry her in order to protect her honor and pay her father compensation [Deuteronomy, 22: 28-29].
“defend the weak” – this is a key rule in the Torah: the widow and orphan are most vulnerable and the protection over them must be taken under consideration [Exodus, 22: 20-23, as well Deuteronomy 14: 28-29, 17: 9-14 and 14: 17.
Before the marrige pay some money. It's also mentions in Hebrew books. Here is same too.
Pashtuns area mostly dry land even people did knows the fish names but make a new room he will paint fish on Wall and paint 6 corner star. That's in his jeains.
In anciant Hebrews the tribe elder was judges in broblems among them . Here now called is jirga and same . Salt puts on meat before dry it . Two clothes with men one turban on head colour full home made on shoulders using for pray.
Saluhter goat and blood puts on house doors to away the bad things. And save the life.
Qila yahud. dash-t- yahudi.
Solomon throne. Solomon tribe.
Kish mountain.

Am yisrael chai . Same pronunciation.( in lower and central areas pashtuns )


"from the book of Iqbal khan Niazi "

There are different tales and traditions for pashto language but according to researchers, it is the summation of different languages. Pashto language includes words of Hebrew, Persian and Sansikrit languages but it is a Semitic language which is one of the ancient languages "According to Mr.Jostan (Italian historian), Ghauris, Pashtuns and Ashkanis are all Bani Israelis.
According to Alfinston, "Afghan is a modern name. They are the descendents of the Afghana who was the son of the King of 'Bani Israel'. And their history is coupled with the history of Jews. After prison, the children of Afghana were separated into two groups, one got settled into Ghaur (Afghanistan) and the other near the suburbs of Makkah."
Exile & Prison of "Bani Israel":
In 771 B.C.E ., the first group of 'Bani Israel' were exiled which included the descendents of 'Robin' and 'Jad'. Their King was "Ghauria". They were known as 'Ghauri' due to their king Ghauria. First of all they were brought to Nanwa. Then they were sent to Eastern Iran, Kharaman and the valley of Indus. The Pashtuns tribe originated from this Ghauri family, who were the descendents of Hazrat Bin Yameen bin Jacob bin Isaac bin Abraham.
In 680 B.C. E 200000 one hundred and fifty (2,00,150) people of 'Bani Israel' were sent to Iran, Kharaman and Sinah. One hundred years later in 580 B.C.E 100000 'Bani Israel' men were exiled and they settled in Babul and Nanwa. They spent 70 years as slaves and then left their country towards eastern countries as nomads. The Pashtuns (Pathans) became nomades in 580 B.C.E till now. These were the people who were first called Bani Pakht, then Pakhtoon, Ghauria, Pathan, Afghan and all Pashtuns tribes .
King Sirus sarted sending 'Bani Israel' to their homeland Jerusalem in 550 B.C.E. 42,360 Israelis came back to Jerusalem. Remaining were living in Iran till 330 B.C.E It is to be noted that at that time Iran had 22 provinces. Kabul, Zabul, Ghaur, Kharasan, etc. were its distinct provinces. In this way the grand fathers of the pashtun tirbe got settled in Kharasan and Ghauristan. The history remembered these nomads, ( refuges ) and exiled people as "Ghauri". The valley of Ghaur is present in Syria. In pashto language, mountains are called 'Ghur' & 'Ghauroona' while 'Ghauri' means mountainous people. all the Jews went back to to Jerusalem after Sirus gave them permission.Only about 50 000,as stated earlier.The rest moved East towards Iran and Afghanistan.
"According to Nawab Akbar Khan Hoti ("Pathan a misname for an Afghan"), "The words Afghan and Pashtun are used together which is a delusion. The word "Afghan" is used particularly for the Israeli tribe. However, Pathan is a word of Sanskrit language which was used for the 'Parthees' by the ancient individuals of Sub-Continent. 'Afghan', being the descendents of Jacob, resembled in dress, habits and physical shape to Parthees. Thus the words 'Afghan' and 'Pathan' are in use."
From Ethnic historic references, they are the descendents of Sarooog bin Bin Yameen bin Jacob (Israel). All Pashtuns (Pathan) and Afghan tribes are Bani Israelis. The historians think that Ghauri are Pashtuns (Pakhtoons) by race and their language is Pashtu.
According to Afghans, a group of 'Bani Yahooda' tribe ran away from the prison of Bakht Nasr and came to Ghaur valley for refuge. "
The homeland was Jerusalem Their second homeland was Nanwa and Babul as prisoners. and From Nanwa to Eastern Iran. From Iran to Kharasan, Kabul, Ghaur, Ghazni, Logar, Shalgar and Pagman. . They migrated from Kharasan and Ghauristan to United India.
The Ancient Language:
The historians have no doubt in recognizing the ancient language of Pashtuns tribes. The original language of the tribe was "Pashtu ". Language is always affected by the regional atmosphere. The language of the natives tribes changed from time to time for many reasons.
During the B.CE. eara Hebrew was spoken. And for some time, Arabic was spoken when they were in Syria.
When King Bakht Nesar sent them to Iran, then their language turned to Persian instead of Hebrew and Arabic .
When these people settled into Afghanistan, Kabul, Ghazni, Ghoristan etc. their language was changed to Pashtu.

Note ( i am not from Niazi tribe etc etc )

Lazer Brody

Rooman, we really appreciate your important feedback and comments. Every blessing, LB

Rooman khan

Sir ,thank you so much ( todo Raba )

Pashtun Zalmay

Interesting article

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